Marine risk topic heavy lift cargo 2013


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Marine risk topic heavy lift cargo 2013

  1. 1. Risk Topic Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Corporate customers Luis Vitiritti ZRE Marine and Fleet Consultant +55 11 99945-2376 Sept 2013
  2. 2. Size, weight and CoG matters 2
  3. 3. Total Project Cargo Risk • Cargo design • Characteristics • Needs Cargo Infra • Equipment's • Means of transportation • Route / Soil / weather / tides • • • • Process People • • • • Quality Control Review Risk management What is the Risk? High ?? Moderate Low Manager Training People skill Commitment 3
  4. 4. General recommendations • • • • • • • • Request basic information related to cargo specially for the critical items Request to customer and/or broker the schedule and project agenda Customer should be prepared – Plan for the Project Request assistance for Risk Engineer support, specially for calculation lift, stability and transport CoG – Center of Gravity information is the main topic for heavy lift cargoes – Lifting, Lashing, Dunage and Protection The critical points should be well prepared, such as: – Loading, unloading, lifting, transport in camber surfaces Route, parking and soil surfaces should be analyzed prior voyage or parking An engineer should review all equipment and means of transportation
  5. 5. Basic info from Project Cargo Specially for critical items • • • • • • • • • • • • Length X width X height of overall cargo Weight per piece of cargo Value and quantity of cargo Dispatcher and where should be loaded End destination and where should be discharged (site destination) When / Agenda Total volume (m3) / weight (ton) and heaviest piece Lifting points and transport saddles Foundations on which the load has to be set Packaging and CoG (center of gravity) Infra structure of the job site Quay heights, strength, tidal differences and levels in relation to top quay 5
  6. 6. Topics to take care • • • • • Wind forces and speed Route path, bridges, land scape, hills, friction forces, etc Weather reports (heavy rain, rain, flood, etc) Tides and heights NATHAZ and Earthquake history 6
  7. 7. Another important cares 7
  8. 8. Plan your project Why we make a planning schedule? • To create an overview of the work we plan to execute • By placing all tasks in a row, we can identify which tasks can be execute in parallel to each other to save valuable time • Watch out the project and prepare for weather circumstances and force majeure • Most accidents happens due to human error • Divide workforce in teams and skills • Help for cost reduction and prepare • To track and help memory • Simple method to inform 8
  9. 9. Recs to avoid accidents • Be alert and think well about actions. Avoid sudden movements • When lift loads be aware which load will be suspended in the crane. The correct weight is therefore essential. • Ask yourself again and again which forces will act on the load due to certain actions. • Be aware of the consequences of an accident and always work safely • Always use your proper PPE equipment (Personal protective equipment) • Do not a work in heights without a proper protection • Make your risk analysis • Stays within a vertical plane • Watch our for the right position • Before a fob make a toolbox meeting 9
  10. 10. Wind and water forces 10
  11. 11. Different cargo = different solution 11
  12. 12. Conclusion • We need to analyze each project and think about risk prior going further • Use the Marine Grading methodology to discuss with customers and brokers prior accepting Project Cargo shipments and policies • There are a lot of engineering solutions for different size and types of Project Cargo • Project Cargo is an opportunity to learn about customer profile and risk appetite • Project Cargo is also a Cross Sell opportunity for other LOBs such as construction and property • Following customer in the whole process of Project Cargo makes customer feel secure 12
  13. 13. References • A special thanks to Mr. Richard Krabberdam from who teach and share a lot of knowledge about Project Cargo and Break Bulk 05-06 Sept 2013 13
  14. 14. Video and info experience • • • • • • Many Thanks! 14