Sustainable Impact Findings And Insights


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Social innovation is a key initiative of entrepreneurial nonprofits. This national survey highlights current practices and presents proven methods to enhance your organization\’s innovation process.

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Sustainable Impact Findings And Insights

  1. 1. + Sustainable Impact Study of Nonprofit Innovation Presented by: Luis Pablo Martinez Principal and Founder
  2. 2. Sustainable Impact - Findings and InsightsYou’ll learn  How you compare to other nonprofits  Ways to enhance your innovation
  3. 3. + Executive Summary
  4. 4. Nonprofit Innovation Survey  81%launched a new service in the last two years  Adopt marketing tools to:   Build new products   Refine existing product lines   Increase social impact  Strategy development and value proposition will protect funding, volunteers and talent
  5. 5. + Methodology
  6. 6. + Methodology   Nationalsurveys of nonprofit senior executives and board members study:   Nonprofit innovation practices and   Experience using custom marketing research services
  7. 7. Sustainable Impact is a unique study that examines service development in the nonprofit sector. This initial survey polled 110 nonprofit executives and board members from a wide range of organizations. Nonprofit Types Nonprofit by number of employees National Responses Nonprofit by annual revenue 67% Midwest 11% East Coast9% West Coast 13% Southwest
  8. 8. + Findings
  9. 9. + Findings Did your organization evaluate the viability of its new service prior to launch? Yes 33% No 67% Launching untested products risks diluting your social impact.
  10. 10. + Findings Has your organization launched a new service in the last two years? No 19% Yes 81% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  11. 11. + Findings Top 3 sources for new service ideas 80% 70% 67% 60% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 20% 10% 0% Survey constituents/ Employees submit From market trends clients. ideas. reported in the media.
  12. 12. + Enhancing your innovation
  13. 13. Ways to enhance your social innovation  Conduct market testing prior to launch  Integrate your constituents experiences and motivations into your new product development and marketing strategies.  Use segmenting techniques to build viable products  Select an innovation strategy
  14. 14. Conduct Market Testing Prior to Launch Market testing benefits Two-thirds in the following ways: (67%)   Product Positioning of nonprofits surveyed  Capitalize on do not test the viability constituents’ hot of new products prior to buttons market launch.  Identify unmet needs
  15. 15. Integrate constituents’ experiences and motivations Successful companies build products centered on users’ experience Involving users mitigates market risks Market testing can be any of the following:  Constituent’ perceptions, preferences, prioritized needs Markettesting empowers nonprofits to build winning products
  16. 16. + Use segmenting techniquesSegmenting allows nonprofits to build viable products for specific groups. Every group willhave different needs and segmenting allows nonprofits to enhance their respective socialmissions and avoid mission creep. Below are a handful of segmenting techniques. Demographic Behavioral Values, Attitudes, Lifestyles Nonprofits can Can be separated This category is enhance their social by : Outcome-driven, impact by building therefore nonprofits   Age products around any need to categorize of the following   Gender according to: categories:   Family lifecycle   Brand loyalty   Activities   Experience with the   Occupation   Interests nonprofit   Generation   Occasions that   Opinions stimulate participation   Values
  17. 17. Select an innovation strategy Each type of innovation strategy requires a different tool These products create a whole new market.  Some  examples are social venture funds New-to-the-world and social enterprises.  This category accounts for  about 10% of new products.  The products take the firm into a new category.  The products are not new to the world, just new  New to the to the firm.  Examples are conferences and social media. They account for about 20% of new  organization products.  Product Current products are improved or modernized.  Some examples are new and improved Improvement programs.  This category accounts for 26% of new products.  These are line extensions designed to flesh out the product line offered to the firm’s current mar Product Line ket.  Examples include a career conference to compliment a job-training Extension program.  They account for about  26% of new products.  Product Products that are targeted for new use or applications.  This can be used when participation is Repositioning waning.  They account for 7% of new products.  These products replace existing lines but provide the same performance at a lower cost. These Cost-savings comprise about 11% of new products.
  18. 18. + About Virtuin A marketing research and strategy firm servicing nonprofits and social enterprises
  19. 19. About Virtuin Vision: Build sustainable enterprises Mission: Advance its clients’ social impact via strategic product management and business development. In operation since: 2008 Client focus: Nonprofits, educational institutions, social enterprises, and foundations
  20. 20. + Contact Information www.virtuinstrategy.comLuis Pablo Martinez Email: luis@virtuinstrategy.comPrincipal & Founder Cell: (312) 730-3613 Austin   Chicago
  21. 21. + Appendix Survey Questions
  22. 22. + Survey Questions 1.  Are you an executive (manager, director, CEO, COO, etc.) or board member at a nonprofit or social enterprise? 2.  Is your organization based in the United States? 3.  Has your organization launched new services in the last two years? 4.  Approximately how many new services has your organization launched in the last two years? 5.  Did your organization conduct custom marketing research to evaluate the viability of your new services? 6.  Please tell us who leads new service development at your organization. 7.  Please tell us how your organization identifies a new service opportunity. Feel free to select more than one answer. 8.  In which state is your organization located? 9.  Which category best describes your organization? Please feel free to choose as many as apply. 10.  How many employees work at your company ? 11.  What is your function? 12.  Does your organization have earned income initiatives? 13.  Does your organization have experience hiring a marketing firm to conduct custom research? 14.  What were the primary reasons your organization hired that particular marketing firm? 15.  What is your organizations annual revenue? 16.  Seven features of a marketing research and strategy firm were tested for preference among diverse nonprofits.
  23. 23. Copyright © 2011 Virtuin. All rights reserved.