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    Export modes Export modes Presentation Transcript

    • Definition
      It is the exit of merchandise from national custom territory going to a foreign country
      It is also considered an export, the exit of merchandise to a Free Trade Zone (Zona Franca Industrial de Bienes y de Servicios)
      Art. 1. Decreto 2685/99
    • Modes
      Exportación Definitiva
      Exportación temporal para perfeccionamiento pasivo
      Temporaryexportforreimporting in thesameconditions
      Exportación temporal para reimportación en el mismo estado
    • Modes
      Export for postal traffic and urgent delivery
      Exportación por tráfico postal y envíos urgentes
      Exportación de muestras sin valor comercial
      Exportaciónes temporales realizadas por viajeros
      Exportación de menajes
      Programas especiales de exportación PEX
      Art. 263. Decreto 2685/99
    • 1. Definiteexport
      “Es la modalidad de exportación que regula la salida de mercancías nacionales o nacionalizadas, del territorio aduanero nacional para su uso o consumo definitivo en otro país; así como a una Zona Franca Industrial de Bienes y Servicios”.
      Art. 263. Decreto 2685/99
    • 1. Definiteexport
    • 1. Definiteexport
    • 2. Temporaryexportforpassivecompletion
      “It is the export mode which regulates the temporary exit of national or nationalized merchandise from national custom territory, for transforming, manufacturing or repairing abroad or in a FTZ”.
    • 2. Temporaryexportforpassivecompletion
      Essential elements:
      Custom determine the merchandise permanence term abroad, according with the application presented by the exporter.
      Document stating that the merchandise will be object of a manufacturing, transforming or repairing process abroad.
    • 3. Temporaryexportforreexporting in thesameconditions
      “It is the export mode regulating the temporary exit of national or nationalized merchandise from national custom territory, to attend a specific purpose abroad, in a fixed term, during this term merchandise has to be re-importedwithout undergoing any modification”.
      Art. 297.Decreto 2685/99
    • 3. Temporaryexportforreexporting in thesameconditions
      Essential elements:
      It will be done as definite export with definite data and as unique shipment.
      Normal deterioration is excluded
      Document stating the contract giving origin to the export.
    • 4. Reexporting
      “It is the mode regulating the definite exit from NCT of merchandise which were under a temporary import mode or a transforming and assembling mode.”
    • 4. Reexporting
      Essential elements:
      Goods which have been under temporary imports.
      Unique Shipment with definite data.
      Supporting Documents: DIM & mandate.
      Arts. 303, 304 y 305. Decreto 2685/99
    • 5. Reshipment
      “Itisthemoderegulatingtheexitfrom NCT of merchandisecommingfromabroadwhich are beingstoraged and havenotbeenlegalyabandonednorundergoneanyimportmode”
      Art. 306. Decreto 2685/99
    • 5. Reshipment
      Essential elements:
      Not legaly abandoned nor any import mode.
      Chemical substances controlled by ConsejoNacional de Estuperfacientes are not authorized.
      Open a Warranty for the Custom Dities Value.
    • 6. Exportfor postal traffic and urgentdelivery
      “Postbags, Mail and UrgentDeliverieswithno highervalue of USD1000requiringurgent and fastdeliveryfortheirconsignee can beincluded in thismode”.
    • 6. Exportfor postal traffic and urgentdelivery
      No higher Value than US$ 1.000.
      Only enterprises authorized by DIAN.
      Cartas, tarjetas postales, impresos, inclusive las impresiones en relieve para uso de ciegos y los envíos fono postales.
      Son paquetes enviados por la red de correos con un peso no superior a 2 kilos.
      Toda mercancía que requiere un despacho expreso a través de empresas de mensajería especializada.
    • 7. Non-commercialvaluesamples
      Simplified DEX has to be presented.
      Those merchandise declared as samples which total FOB Value does not surpass the limit established by DIAN.
      Fedecafé and Proexport have no restrictions.
      Art. 319 Decreto 2685/99
    • 7. Non-commercialvaluesamples
      Value not higher than US $10.000 yearly.
      Products requiring approvals and permissions will hace to fulfil this requirement by the time of presenting the Simplified DEX.
      Companies can sign up in a Non-commercial value program.
    • 8. Travelers
      “ Export of National or nationalized merchandise which are taken by travelers going out of the country and want to be reimported once they get back to the country, without payment of duties”.
      Art. 322. Decreto2685/99
    • 8. Travelers
      Essential elements:
      Support Documents: Simplified DEX, passport and ticket.
      Personal Belongings taken by travelers going out of the NCT are not included in this mode.
    • 9. Menageexport
      “Serán objeto de esta modalidad de exportación los menajes de los residentes en el país que salen del territorio aduanero nacional para fijar su residencia en el exterior”.
      Art. 326. Decreto 2685/99
    • 9. Menageexport
      Simplified DEX must be presented and subscribed by the menage owner or an authorized person.
      Merchandise has to be presented before DIAN together with a detailed list indicating quantities and description.
    • 10. Specialexportprograms - PEX
      “It is the operation in which a person living abroad buys raw material from a local producer in Colombia, demanding the merchandise delivery to another producer also living in Colombia who is contracted to manufacture and export the goods made out of the raw materials according the instructions given by the foreign buyer”.
      Art.329. Modificado. Art. 29, Decreto 1232 de 2001.
    • 10. Specialexportprograms - PEX
      Essential elements:
      The raw material or inputs delivery to the final good manufacturer is considered an Export.
      Final good manufacturer recieves the raw material or inputs as a temporary import.
      The limit term to export the final good is 6 months. It can be renewed by DIAN just once for maximum 3 months, with a justification from the interested.