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Piper alpha

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DEL GOLFO DE MÉXICO C ciencia y Tecnología que Transforman “PETROLEUM ENGINNERING” NAME: Luis Roberto Ovando Rueda DEGREE: fifth GROUP: “A” SUBJECT: ENGLISH V TEACHER: Lic. Fernando Montejo Perez PIPER ALPHA
  2. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION Event: Explosion of an oil rig Location: To 177km of Scotland, North Sea Company: Occidental Petroleum Corporation OPCAL Platform:Piper Alpha Height:198 meters above sea level Injured People: 61 people Dead People: 165 people Production:30,000.00 tons per day Date of the Tragedy: July 6, 1988
  3. 3. PREFACE Safety in the oil industry has a key role in the performance of any activity. It allows the successful drilling. When we talk about the industry, and the processes that it pass, we understand why the importance of industrial safety in the oil industry. Even when doing simple tasks like changing a valve, which would have a major impact on the results of the final work, and the safety of the operators involved. Large companies have reported amazing results, even claiming hundreds of thousands of staff hours worked without injury. An incident is an event that results in an accident or has the potential to cause an accident (there is an incident, injury, illness, injury, or other loss.Unsafe conditions are facilities, teams, machinery and tools are not able to be used and do work.
  4. 4. SPIRAL TOWARD DISASTER To 177 km from Scotland in the North Sea was the Piper Alpha oil field. was gigantic platform to its maximum capacity production was thirty thousand tons of crude oil daily, but the night of July 6, 1988 the unexpected happened platform 198 meters above sea level in less than three hours, was destroyed by a big Bang. The accident piper alpha I can be avoided the unsafe conditions that had where due the big bang. An oil platform, facilities and equipment on an oil rig systems to be installed in low risk areas in case of an emergency, then put machinery in high- risk areas can be fatal. Work performed on a platform must be done with caution, safety and responsibility to prevent a tragedy from the beginning in the Piper Alpha bad decisions and unsafe acts were presents. In the oil industry communication is the foundation for success in the Piper Alpha was not enough communication between shifts and not perform the correct operations on time and cause problems.
  5. 5. WORK PERMIT SYSTEMS Security of the facilities and the staff working in oil industry is a risky, their damage incidents and operations in the industry requires a system that aims to secure a working system. Permission to work with risk is not simply an application is an essential part of the system that allows a secure job. In the platform piper alpha had a work permit system disrupted since months ago, this was an element key the accident In the oil industry the hours of job is frequently twelve by twelve therefore the both shift have that know about all job made by the previous shift. Most oil rigs have a system safety in case of an accident; the Piper Alpha was no exception The Piper Alpha had a sprinkler system that sucks salty sea water in case of a incensed, activated manually or automatically, the day of the accident was manually selected, in that they were doing work on pipes.
  6. 6. RISK ANALYSIS Always necessary to conduct a risk analysis in any situation that requires it, because you never know what might happen. Sometimes invest too much in the fire wall is not suitable for the enterprise, but it is unknown if someday there will be an accident. Companies do not spend money on what is not useful; to do an analysis of how important it can be to have a security system useful. One problem was that the Piper Alpha platform security did not inform the flat they had to evacuate workers and no safety instructions I provide lifesaving The Piper Alpha was the center of a network of platforms in addition to the Piper Alpha platform were "tartan" and "claymore" that pumped the oil into the Piper Alpha that increased pumping pressure in the pipeline. A risk analysis for the oil industry is very important at any time; the analysis of unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and handling equipment and systems of work is paramount
  7. 7. SAFETY A PRIORITY AND INTERRUPTION OF COMMUNICATIONS The safety in the industry is a priority for all people that worked in unsafe conditions in oil production there is always a conflict, the losses are in the millions in profits when making a bad decisionrecover the level of production may take three or four days. In the piper alpha the bad communication was an element important for the Origen the big explosion, the platforms Claymore and Tartan not act of correct way in the decisions, the safety system in the piper alpha was bad. In all industry the good communication is the most important for achieve the objectives. After enduring the intense heat but most of the platform fell into the sea, of the 226 men who were aboard the Piper Alpha platform only 61 survived the tragedy and survived mostly by taking the risk to jump 30m from the platform to the sea. The only part of the platform Piper Alpha which resulted undamaged area was the most dangerous to the other end of the room module, 75% of the original platform disappeared; extreme temperatures generated by the flames were 1000 ° C pillars melted platform
  8. 8. CONCLUSION (LESSONS LEARNED) The case piper alpha is an example of the not safety in the system install and the not have a criterion definite can cause a big catastrophe. A system of work permits is the basis of a proper functioning of the activities undertaken. An audit of work could have avoided the critical situation between maintenance and production personnel In the oil industry communication and authority has an important role in making good decisions in an emergency using the accident control system had changed the course of the tragedy, the use of accident and evacuation drills I can be identified the need for machinery and to confront a sinister entry workers. Use a command system during the accident, emergency and evacuation drills. Policies and safety procedures are effective only if they are fully understood; it is a commitment of all employees. in the oil industry the safety is a priority for the all people in the job dangerous, the unsafe condition, unsafe act and incident can be the signals to avoid an accident.