Opportunity analysis


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Opportunity analysis

  1. 1. Opportunity Analysis Platform Online Education
  2. 2. Business Model
  3. 3. TOTAL LEARNING Aprendizaje en linea (Version1)
  4. 4. TOTAL LEARNING Aprendizaje en linea (Version2) Webinar Cursos gratuitos Profesionales Contenido Nuevos egresados de Operacion Aprendizaje Sitios de programas institutos Metodologia I+D pracitico, sencillo y Educacion Atendiendo su superiores rapido necesidad de Docentes de capacitarse Hombres y Educación en cursos cualquier momento, Mujeres entre 20 especializados. de calidad y precio a 30 años, de adecuado ciudad,Ellos nos brindan interesados en material y Onliine, educaconfeedback. Yo les Web semipresencial , brindo un fee Financieros Desean recibir certificable, Colaboradores capacitacion de moderno Centro de datos calidadWhat are the most important costs inherent Cobrando un valor mensual fijo por usuario.in our business model? Fixed? Variable? El modelo de ingreso es fijo La tactica de precio es descuentos por cursos.
  5. 5. Market Size
  6. 6. Total Available Market College graduates among 20 to 35 years. People need the product 200.000 graduates. The market size of each course if theyTotal Available Market buy at $ 20 = 4 MM/month Would sell 200,000 units per month
  7. 7. Served Available Market • The number of people who need and can buy my product is 10% - 20,000/month • The market size if all of them would buy = 400 K/month Total Served Would sell 20,000 units per monthAvailable Market Available Market
  8. 8. Target Market • During the first year, I will sell to customers monthly 5,000. Market Size: 100 K/month Total ServedAvailable Available Market Market Target Market
  9. 9. Opportunity (Annual) Market= 48 MMEducation for Education Targetgraduate online for 1.2 MM= 48 MM graduate = 4.8 MM
  10. 10. Hypotheses and testing
  11. 11. Week 1-2. Interview target market(24 customers)
  12. 12. Business Model Test ReviewCustomer Segment Customer Interview We focus on a segment more receptive to the proposal. Graduates from 22 to 30 yearsValue Proposition Customer Interview Save time, feedback, practical. Redefine MVPChannel Customer Interview Sales Force WebRevenue Model Customer Interview Evaluate monthly fee
  13. 13. Survey Questions How interested are you in receiving training in technology with a practical approach and certifiable? How would you be to pay for it monthly? Other payment that comes to mind? If you choose Free, why not you willing to pay? Which means of payment have? Youd be a returning user or only for specific courses would you use? You be interested in courses in other areas other than technology?
  14. 14. Survey Questions On the training assistance, which model do you prefer? Virtual or blended Have access to a computer? How valuable is having a teacher at your disposal? In which language do you prefer the training? Age? In which college or university you studied? In which district you live? Much would you be willing to pay for the course? What method of payment you prefer? What career you studied? How many hours a week devoted to the course?
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