Building a-store-with-shopify


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Seminar on eCommerce

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Building a-store-with-shopify

  1. 1. eCommerce Building a store with shopify Luis M Cordeiro prof@luismcordeiro.netLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  2. 2. 1 GET STARTEDLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  3. 3. Create a free accountBuilding a store with shopifyShopify offers five plans, which correspond tothe number of products you want to sell, and allof Shopifys plans come with a 30 day free trial.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  4. 4. Choose your web addressBuilding a store with shopifyDuring the sign up process, you choose the webaddress where you and your visitors will accessyour store. You arent able to change this later.Keep your web address short, easy to spell, andeasy to remember.Eg: myshop.shopify.comLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  5. 5. Choose your layoutBuilding a store with shopifyYou choose your shops layout during the sign-up process. However, your layout can bechanged later. There are currently nine layoutsto choose from, and they all look veryprofessional and clean.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  6. 6. 2 ADD PRODUCTS TO YOUR WEBSITELuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  7. 7. Create Products CollectionsBuilding a store with shopifyProduct collections determine how yourproducts are organized and displayed in yourstore.Dont worry about not adding any products toyour store yet: you first need to create thecategories your products will fall under.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  8. 8. Add ProductsBuilding a store with shopifyAdd products to your store by clicking on the"Products" link and then on the "Add a newproduct" link. Dont worry about resizing yourproducts images: Shopify does that for you. Ifyou need to create variations of your products(i.e. different colors or sizes), check the box nextto "This products variants have multipleoptions that distinguish them."Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  9. 9. Organize your products into collections.Building a store with shopifyOrganize your products into collections byclicking on the "Products" link and then on theeach individual products page. On the rightside of the page, choose which collections yourproduct should belong to. The Frontpagecollection is made up of the products that areshown on your stores homepage.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  10. 10. 3 ADD PAGES TO YOUR WEBSITELuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  11. 11. Customize your Home pageBuilding a store with shopifyThe homepage is the most important page ofyour website and should tell your visitors whattypes of products youre selling and showcaseyour stores popular products. Fill out yourhomepage content by clicking on the "Blogs &Pages" link and then on the "Welcome to myShopify store” link.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  12. 12. Customize your About Us page.Building a store with shopifyYour About Us page can help form arelationship with your customers by lettingthem put a name and face to your business. Fillout your About Us page by clicking on the"Blogs & Pages" link and then on the "AboutUs" link.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  13. 13. Add Supporting PagesBuilding a store with shopifySupporting pages and a blog can add value toyour store by allowing your customers to stayupto-date with your latest product offerings.Add pages and blog posts to your store byclicking on the "Blogs & Pages" link and then oneither the "Create a new page" link or the"Write a new article" linkLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  14. 14. 4 CREATE LOGICAL NAVIGATIONLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  15. 15. Create main navigation linksBuilding a store with shopifyNavigation is how visitors get around your site.Have links to your product collections in yourmain navigation to increase their visibility andmake them easier to access. Create mainnavigation links for your product collections byclicking on the "Navigation" link and then the"Add Link" link in the Main Menu section of thepage. Give the link a name and link it to one ofyour product collections.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  16. 16. 5 SETUP YOUR WEBSITE TO PROCESS ORDERSLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  17. 17. Select your regions and taxesBuilding a store with shopifyShopify sets up default taxes for your country.To change your regions or taxes, click on the“Preferences” link and then on the “Regionsand Taxes” link. You can change the taxpercentage of a region or the tax percentage ofa state in a region.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  18. 18. Change your shipping prices.Building a store with shopifyShopify sets up default shipping prices for yourcountry. To change your shipping prices, click onthe “Preferences” link and then on the“Shipping” link. You setup shipping prices basedon the weight or price of orders and thelocation you’re shipping them to.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  19. 19. Setup Payment ProcessorBuilding a store with shopifyYou need to setup a payment processor toprocess your store’s orders. Select a paymentprocessor by clicking on the “Preferences” linkand then on the “Checkout & Payment” link.Choose whether you want to use PayPal,Google Checkout, a credit card gateway, or acustom payment method as a way to acceptpaymentsLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  20. 20. 6 ENHANCE YOUR WEBSITELuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  21. 21. Customize your header and logoBuilding a store with shopifyCustomize your header and logo to personalizeyour online store. Add a logo to your store bycopying it into your themes ‘Assets folder.Open up your theme and delete the followingcode: Replace the code you just deleted withthe following code: StoreLogo.gif is the imagefile name of your logo. If your logo has adifferent name, rename your file asStoreLogo.gif. Save your themeLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  22. 22. Change your layoutBuilding a store with shopifyIf you would like to change the layout of yourstore, go to the ‘Assets tab and then the‘Themes Gallery. Find the layout you want touse for your store, and click on the "Update mytemplates to use this theme" link.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  23. 23. Change your color scheme.Building a store with shopifyIf you would like to change the color scheme ofyour store, go to the ‘Assets tab and then the‘Theme Editor. You can change the colorscheme by either typing in the hexadecimalcolor code or by clicking on the color box andmoving your cursor to the color you want.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  24. 24. ContactsMy contact informationE-mailYou can contact me atprof@luismcordeiro.netOn the luis_marco_cordeiroLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures