Manual de motos


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Trabajo Final del Alejandro López y German Castro. CEFIT

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Manual de motos

  1. 1. USER GUIDE YAMAHA RD350LC By :German Castro LopezAlejandro Lopez Velez
  2. 2. Sumary:1-Description2-security and confort3-Instruments and controls-4-instrumentions for onperating5-service and maintenence
  3. 3. Descriptionthe bike has :-tail lamp-intermittent rear lamp-Exhaust silencer-new monotransversal suspension-starter pedal-front fender-brake pedal-foot rest-helmet-front fork-headlight
  4. 4. Description-cover-Fuel tank-seat-shift lever-Clutch lever-Handle switch-speedometer-tachometer-temperature sensor-Brake lever-throttle grip Note:-Flashing light front The motorcycle you have purchased may differ partially from that shown in the photos.
  5. 5. SECURITY AND CONFORT-Rear suspension:lubricate joints with the recommended lubricant is lithium basedgrease -Dynamic Damping Control : This is a system whose origin can be found in the rocker "Paralever", whose mission was to improve the transmission of force to the rear wheel.
  6. 6. Brakes:1-Make the lever and the brake pedal work properly2-check the brake fluid level3 - Check the disc five tapesNote: when you sit on the brake lever is a feelingspongy signal system failure brakes .visite a Yamahadealer immediately to make immediate repairs.
  7. 7. CONTROL FUNCTIONS-switch : controls the ignition and lighting system measuring engine temperature This gauge indicates the temperature of cooling when the main switch is ON
  8. 8. • indicator Lights 1. flag indicator light turn "TURN" this light comes on intermittently to be turning the switch to "ON" 2. Neutral indicator light "NEUTRAL" Lights when the transmission is in neutral 3. high beam indicator light when using the headlight high beam this light comes on 4. Oil warning light "OIL" Lights when the oil level is low
  9. 9. speedometerthe odometer and trip meter are located within thespeedometer. use the odometer to calculate how much contentcan go with fuel before check empty. tachometer this model has an electric tachometer so that the driver can monitor the engine speed has.
  10. 10. instructions for operatinghaving Read the entire owners manualnote these instructions What you dobefore starting a motorcycle trip is veryimportant towell will determine whether yourdestination. Before leaving, a safe driverensures:1. Use the proper attire. Driving withpermission, must wear a helmet andeye protection.2. Familiar with the motorcycle.3. Check the motorcycle equipment.4. Being a responsible driver.5. properly follow traffic signals
  11. 11. SERVICE AND MAINTENANCEPeriodic inspection, adjustment and lubricationwill keep your motorcycle safely and maximumefficiencies. security is an obligation of theowner to program maintenance and lubricationmay be considered strictly as a generalmaintenance and lubrication intervals.