Hyundai veloster

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  • 1. Daniel Felipe Orozco Ayala
  • 2.  The Velosters unique 3-door design with glassrear hatch and available panoramic sunroofcombine to impressive effect by giving Veloster aroomy and enjoyable interior. Theres also splitfold-down rear seatbacks to make room for gearfor those great adventures.
  • 3.  Its dual front air bag safety system ABS andEBD complement the best result in bothactive and passive safety.
  • 4.  One of three elements in Velosters Vehicle StabilityManagement system (VSM), Electronic StabilityControl (ESC) uses sensors in the steering systemand at each wheel to compare where you want togo with where the car is heading. If a differencebetween the two is detected, ESC slows theappropriate wheel to redirect the car and help keepyou on course.
  • 5.  Brake Assist (BA) helps detect emergencybraking situations and ensures the maximumbraking force is immediately applied tominimize stopping distances.
  • 6.  Veloster comes complete with steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, cruise control, and anintegrated Bluetooth hands-free phone system withvoice recognition and phone book transfer. Thecontrols you access most often are right at yourfingertips, so you can get the most out of everydrive and keep distractions to a minimum.
  • 7.  Get emergency assistance via Blue Link® bypressing the dedicated SOS button in the vehicle.Specially trained response specialists receive yourvehicle information and location, then immediatelysend appropriate emergency assistance. Theresponse specialist remains on the line untilassistance has arrived.
  • 8.  Have a seat and youll notice the substantialcushioning and purpose-built side bolsters.Comfortable for the long haul, these bucketseats hold you tight through the corners andare always supportive.
  • 9.  Some people were just meant for the bigscreen. Access all of your information andentertainment options via a multimedia LCDtouchscreen that measures 7 inches—thelargest in its class.