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  • 1. ESCOL A SECUND ÁRIA DE CA RVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Assessment – Test correction February 2012 Listening Test Correction – The Media and Global CommunicationThe term “Media” identifies the main ways that are used by a large number of people to receive (and emit) information; it alsoprovides people with entertainment.Read the texts you heard and correct the listening activities A. The global Communication revolution is gathering pace. The Internet is not only a good information medium but also frequently used for entertainment; a lot has changed since the print medium was the only form. Many of my friends read the news online when they arrive at the office. Personally I prefer watching the news bulletin on TV while I have breakfast. However I really love listening to the radio when I am travelling to work, it’s very entertaining. My friends also like listening to the radio for entertainment, but when they have free time, they love playing Internet games, too. I dislike online games I think they are addictive, but then I am addicted to watching crime series on TV in my leisure time. The newspaper is not very popular with my friends; I don’t like reading the newspaper either. However most of my friends read informative magazines to get political and international news. I love doing puzzles in magazines at the weekend. What about you? What is your relationship with the media? Self madeIdentify the forms of media usage mentioned. Identify the correct option with a tick (√). Narrator’s Media Usage Preference Information Entertainmentnewspaper magazine radio TV Internet newspaper magazine radio TV Internet x x x xB.1910-1920, the first AM radio stations began to broadcast sounds; 1940s television was broadcasting both soundsand visuals to a vast public; 1943, the world’s first electronic computer was created; 1970s, invention of themicroprocessor – computers become accessible to the public; 1990s, widespread use of the Net; 2010 (2002),blogs – the most important Internet development. Adapted from Almeida T P, Sousa T C and Araújo P M, Links 10, Porto: Porto Editora, 2007Complete the timeline about the evolution of the media. Communication over the Years – A Timeline 1875 Invention of the _____telefone_______ 1910 - 1920 Broadcast of the first AM radio station 1940s TV broadcasts sound and visuals to a large public 1943 Creation of the world´s first electronic computer Invention of the microprocessor - computers become accessible to the 1970s public 1990s Widespread use of the net 2010 Use of the most important Internet development - blogs