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  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 1 This is what we do best in our Leisure TimeWhen people do their hobbies they are having fun! Let’s find out about the leisure time activities of the other people in class. A. Take some notes about the free time activities mentioned by your classmates. (Then turn the sheet over.) Classmate Leisure Activity name hobby / most interesting hobby interesting observation 1 Ana Micaela T Cunha Watch TV, read, computer Go out with friends/path finders 2 Ana Sofia P Mourão Watch TV, Being with friends Party person/drum parties 3 André Filipe C Dias swimming He loves swim 4 André F M Coelho ---- ---- 5 Avelino A V Araújo Play Games, STUDY!! He had a girlfriend 6 Bruno Daniel S Silva Listen to music Watch TV series 7 Bruno F V R Teixeira Talk with friends Ninjutsho 8 Daniel A J Cardoso Mountain bike Mountain bike with his father 9 Daniel Filipe C Silva Play computer, football matches Don’t like watch TV10 Diogo F A Pereira Computer games, play football Music: pop, rock and house11 Diogo F C Cardoso School and roller hockey Don’t have much free time12 Fábio E C Esteves Play football, listen to music Play football13 Hadassa S S Libânio Play piano, watch TV Play piano14 Ivan Sukhadolski Cinema and beach Water polo15 Joana Barbosa Pinto Path finders Camping with path finders16 Joaquim J T Correia Play football17 Luciana M M Gomes Play guitar Taekwondo18 Luís Filipe C Póvoas19 Marta S F Estevão Photography Professional photography20 Patrícia R R Correia Write blogs Roller hoquey21 Pedro M P Lopes Play computer games Football22 Rui F M Silva Ride a bike, computer games Don’t have time23 Sofia A P Rodrigues Listen to music Study piano24 Sofia M S Teixeira ---- ----25 Marta I S Teixeira26 Joel David J Oliveira Play computer games NEVER watch tv27282930Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  2. 2. B. Give your opinion on their presentation – be sincere. Vocabulary Fluency Pronunciation Creativity /Grammar Total 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 Ana 1 Micaela x x x x 16 Cunha Ana Sofia 2 Mourão x x x x 16 André Filipe 3 C Dias x x x x 17 André F M 4 Coelho - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- Avelino A V 5 Araújo x x x x 14 Bruno 6 Daniel Silva x x x x 13 Bruno F R 7 Teixeira Daniel A J 8 Cardoso x x x x 16 Daniel 9 Filipe Silva x x x x 12 Diogo F A10 Pereira x x x x 14 Diogo F C11 Cardoso x x x x 11 Fábio E C12 Esteves x x X X 11 Hadassa S13 Libânio X X X X 13 Ivan14 Sukhadolski X X X X 14 Joana B15 Pinto x X X X 14 Joaquim J16 Correia X X X X 10 Luciana M17 Gomes X X X X 13 Luís Filipe18 Póvoas Marta S F19 Estevão X X X x 15 Patrícia R R20 Correia X x X X 15 Pedro M P21 Lopes X X X X 13 Rui F M22 Silva X X X x 11 Sofia A23 Rodrigues X X X x 11 Sofia M S24 Teixeira - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- Marta I S25 Teixeira Joel David26 Oliveira X X X x 122728Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  3. 3. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 2 A World of Many LanguagesWe have been discussing the importance of the English language in the world today. In the film you are about to watch this isone of the themes; you will see how difficult communication becomes when there is no common language. Let’s practiceEnglish and have fun in class!Take down some notes about the film by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: _The Terminal____________________Duration : +/- 120 minutesMain Character – name: ______Viktor Navorski________ nationality: ___Krakozhia__________________ personality / characteristics: He is a very hardworking person. He is romantic andvery brave. He never quit of his objectives. He is a patriot.Setting – where the story take place: _____John F. Kennedy International Airport_____ when the story happens: the story happens when a revolution had started inViktor’s country _______________________Plot (story) – Why is he travelling? What happens? While he was going to the U.S., a revolution startedin Krakozhia. Due to the civil war, the United States don’t recognizes Krakozhia as a sovereign nationand denies Viktors entrance to the U.S. territory. He is unable to leave the airport, but he is also unableto return to Krakozhia so Viktor had to live in the terminal. Situations of difficulty in communication: The airport boss asked Viktor to interpret a desperate Russian man with undocumented drugs for his sick father. Viktor claims it is "medicine for goat," barring the drug from confiscation and resolving the crisis. In the film, Viktor had lots of situations where he had problems in communication and some of them are very funny. How does he try to survive? How does he fit in? How does he communicate? Viktorcollected money for food by retrieving vacant baggage trolleys for the 25-cent reward from the machine,but the boss prevented him.Comment / Observation: I loved this film because it’s very funny and creative.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  4. 4. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 3 Internet Communication - The NetCommunicating is a part of our life; the internet has made it easier. However, “our whole lives are on the Internet”. Who hasaccess to all this information? What we do and say in virtual world can influence our life. Can it really?Getting Started 1. Here is a “computer” challenge for you to solve. Find the words in the following conundrums. a) mybolss - symbols e) terpucom lystana - computer analyst b) suriv - virus f) eletetummoc - telecommute c) plopfy kisd - floppy disk g) itityden - identity d) gudeb - debug a) bercy ristteror - cyber terrorist 2. Now turn to page 186 in the student’s book and do ex 1 and 2. (This vocabulary may be useful!)Watching the ThrillNow enjoy the film – you will find some excitement and adventure in this story of modern piracy.Take down some notes about the film by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: The NetDuration : +/- 120 minutesType of film: Cyber thrillerMain Character – name: Angela Bennett_______________________ job and employer: _software engineer____________________ personality / characteristics and interests (hobbies and leisure):She is a very unsocial person who never go out of her home. She work at home and she just have 1 friend. Theothers are only online friends.Other Characters – name: _Jack Devlin______________________________(important for the plot) job and employer: ____Hacker_______________________ personality / characteristics: He is a very bad person who do everything to win what hewant. name: Dr. Alan Champion_____________________________ job and employer: ___Psychologist____________________________ personality / characteristics: He is the best friend of Angela Bennett. He is a Medicineaddicted.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  5. 5. Setting – where the story take place: Mexico_________________________ When the story happens: When Angela Bennett was in her vacanciesPlot (story) – What is the film story? (short summary of the story Angela Bennett is a computer expert. She never go far from a computer and the only activity shehas outside of computers is visiting her mother. A friend, Dale Hessman, sent her a program with a weird glitchfor her to de-bug and he was killed in a plane crash. Angela discovers secret information on the disk that she hasreceived when she was in vacancies. Her life then turns into a nightmare and her identity was stolen. Shestruggles to find out why this has happened and who has it in for her. Problems brought on by the internet: Hers identity was stolen.What was this? What does it mean? 1. What did you think about the film? Express your opinion.Comment / Observation: I liked this film because it speaks about the danger of internet. 2. Digital footprint!? Read and think.“On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leaveonline. This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploadingvideos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information — all of which leaves traces of personalinformation about yourself available to others online.” ( )How should you use the Internet?We have to use the internet with carful without give information to strange persons.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  6. 6. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 4 The Media, Global Communication and IWe spoke, read and wrote about the world of communication in class. How do you relate to the different means of communication? Let’sfind out more by listening to what the people in class have to say. A. Listen to your classmates speak about a theme. Take note of the topic area and give your opinion on their presentation – be sincere. Evaluating Use of English – Topic – Means of Communication pronunciation, Creativity, Interest Total grammar/ vocabulary 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 51 Ana Micaela Cunha Forms of communication x x 62 Ana Sofia Mourão Social Media x x 83 André Filipe Dias Newspaper x x 74 André F M Coelho ------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - -----5 Avelino A Araújo Communication x x 56 Bruno Daniel Silva Social Networks x x 67 Bruno F V Teixeira Social networks x x 68 Daniel A J Cardoso Print Media x x 69 Daniel Filipe C Silva Teens/relationships x x 610 Diogo F A Pereira11 Diogo F C Cardoso Mobile Phones x x 612 Fábio E C Esteves Reality Shows x x 613 Hadassa S S Libânio Music Media Evolution x x 814 Ivan Sukhadolski Piracy x x 715 Joana B Pinto Films x x 816 Joaquim J T Correia Piracy and hackers x x 617 Luciana M Gomes Picture about TV shows x x 618 Luís Filipe C Póvoas19 Marta S F Estevão Internet and social network x x 520 Patrícia R R Correia Television x x 621 Pedro M P Lopes Newspaper x x 522 Rui F M Silva Internet x x 523 Sofia A Rodrigues Reality shows x x 724 Sofia M S Teixeira ------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - - -----25 Marta I S Teixeira Social networks x x 526 Joel David Oliveira Multi-tasking x x 427282930Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  7. 7. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 5 The World of Technology and Innovation“An innovation is one of those things that society looks at and says, if we make this part of the way we live and work, it will change the waywe live and work.” (Dean Kamen in A. Listen to the other groups speak about their picture. Take note of the gadget and give your opinion on their presentation – be sincere. Evaluating Topic – Technological Message – clear andgroup group members Creativity, Interest Total Innovation informative 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 André Avelino A Bruno T. Tourism x x 6 Joel Ana Micaela Joaquim Food evolution B Luciana x x 8 Cook Sofia Hadassa Fabio C Bruno s. Music x x 6 Ivan Ana Mourão Joana Evolution of D Luís Póvoas transportation Patrícia Marta E. Daniel S. Evolution of E Rui x x 8 television Diogo Casanova Marta T. Daniel C. F Pedro Evolution of writing x x 6 Diogo GLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  8. 8. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 6 Technology and Innovation – I, RobotWe live in a world in which technology plays a very important role; the development of innovative technological gadgets has becomesomething with which we live daily. Robots have frequently been associated with changes in the way we live. Let’s see how techn ologymay affect life in the future.Extensive viewing / Reading Project A. Pre-viewing Tasks 1. a) Look at the pictures below. Where and when does the story take place? b) Can you guess what the film is about from its title and the pictures above? 2. Robots are characters in the film that follows. a) What adjective(s) would you use to describe a robot? Select from the list below or suggest new ones: useful nervous _Useful, trustworthy, aggressive, competent____________________ trustworthy intimidating ________________________________________________________ powerful friendly ________________________________________________________ aggressive competent ________________________________________________________ b) What tasks do you believe they will be constructed to perform? __house Working__________________ c) Do you think they will govern man? Why/Why not? __No because man is a strong being do they will destroy the robots if it appends_______________________________________Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  9. 9. 3. The film you are about to watch refers to the “Three Laws of Robotics” in Isaac Asimov’s book. 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Do you think they protect humans? Justify. I disagree with the three laws because I think that robots should have enough intelligence to choose whats right. In the film, the robot helps the cop instead of helping the child and, for me, thats wrong. In my opinion robots should follow the principles according to the theories of Kant. That is, all human behavior is based on maxims - reason and moral action. I agree with this! In this case, maxims and laws arent the same. Maxims are ideas that we believe in and fight for, like "Dont kill" or "Dont steal". Laws are a bit different. A maxim cant be broken and laws can be broken - like in the film. B. While Reading/ Viewing Tasks Now pay attention to the film and enjoy it! 1. Take down some notes about the film by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: I, RobotDuration: +/- 120 minutesType of Film: science fiction / actionDirected by: Alex ProyasStarring: Will Smith; Bridget Moynahan; Bruce Greenwood…Setting - where?: Chicago when?: 2036 technology - similar to present day: Radio in Dell’s house and guns________________ ___________________________________________________________ innovative: _Cars, computer, Buildings________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________Plot and CharactersMain Character – name: Dell Spooner occupation: _Cop________________________________________________________ objective / function: Protect people and investigate crime scenes___________________ personality / characteristics: _Suspicious, Unfriendly, convicted_____________________ ________________________________________________________________________Other Characters – name: Susan Calvin occupation: _Robot Physiologist/programmer_________________________________ objective / function: __Comprehend robots and program them______________________ _______________________________________________________________ ________ name: Sonny occupation: Lanning’s Robot__________________________________________ objective / function: Protect Lanning and protect the human being__________________ ________________________________________________________________________ name: Alfred Lanning occupation: ______Robot’s criator______________________________________ objective / function: _Create robots and alert for the revolution__________________Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening
  10. 10. ________________________________________________________________________Plot (story) – Differences between man and robot: _Robot cant think ( except sonny) and human aren’t so strong._______________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Why did the robots revolt? Because VIKI wanted to protect the creator so she tell to other robots to do the revolution. C. Post-reading / Viewing Tasks Comment. VIKI’s attitude – “The Created must Protect the Creator”I disagree because, if that’s was true, the babies should protect their moms too. I think that the creatormust protect the created.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening