The Social intranet


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what means a social intranet? Why a social intranet? What are the busisness benefits of a social Intranet?

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The Social intranet

  1. 1. Social
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. 2 Most of big companies are fragmented, what blocks theircapacity to spread good ideas. Andrew McAfee, in his book «Collaborative tools for your Organization s toughest Challenges»
  4. 4. 3
  5. 5. 4 When we face challenge at work we tend to rely closely on our closest colleagues. If we want novelty & innovation we need to look further. Mark Granovetter author of «The Strenght of weak ties; the network theory revisited
  6. 6. 5
  7. 7. If knowledge of its employees is the mostimportant asset a company has……but people cannot share it efectively because… …their company is highly fragmented… …and their internal systems don t help to locate & share knowledge…
  8. 8. …THEN, they need to spend a lot of time and effort… …figuring out where to find the right people/information/answer…
  9. 9. …forced tobecomedetectives…
  10. 10. …because time is thescarcest asset they have……they rely only on their TEAM… …obtaining always the same answers…
  11. 11. MyWorld
  12. 12. …limiting creativiy & innovation…
  13. 13. …and reinventing the wheel…over, and over, and over again
  14. 14. THE GOAL
  15. 15. Foster creativity,innovation &productivity in theworkplace with a SocialIntranet
  16. 16. Col.laboration
  17. 17. 80% of people withInternet access in hasThe average user UKuse different accounts,2,2 Social Media Sites69 friendsConnects Several timesa dayComscore, february 2010
  18. 18. Only 5% of companies have a Social Network for their employees
  19. 19. Col.laboration
  20. 20. Document Ping-Pong People try to collaborate by sending & Replying e-mails with different versions of the same document
  21. 21. Managers become bottlenecks inemployee to employee communication C
  22. 22. The CC: Effect
  23. 23. But why...Employees don´t use social media toolswithin their company, to share with theircolleagues… …the same way they use Social Networks in their private life to stay connected with their friends and contacts
  24. 24. 90% is people10% is Technology
  25. 25. Early adopters tended tobe isolated from each other
  26. 26. But you have totake care of the soil
  27. 27. Let them Empower Create a yourParticipate. people trusted environmentContribute.Connect.Rate. Encourage Lead byComment. dialog example
  28. 28.  Make sure that anyone thatEmpower can participate can do so.  Create a your Promote transparency. trustedpeople environment  No censorship.  Freedom of opinion Encourage Lead by dialog example
  29. 29. Empower Create a your trusted people environment Recognize de most Encourage Lead by active users. dialog exampleRecognition is the primary driver for sharing.
  30. 30. Now let s talk aboutthe sexy partTechnology
  31. 31. Ease of useand learning
  32. 32. Reach