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How Social Media technologies and paradigms could help ERP to better help Business

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Social ERP [English version] - Luis Carrasco

  1. 1. Social ERP
  2. 2. Social ERP Concept Goals Boost the collaboration among business peers. Capture in real time the Information Stream from the Business Processes. Get the best information. Just an example About me Disclaimer 2Luis Carrasco ‐
  3. 3. Social ERP Social ERP: enable in the ERP the CONCEPTfunctionalities and practices of social networks to: o Boost the collaboration among business peers. GOALS o Capture in real time the Information Stream from the Business Processes. o Get the best information 3 Luis Carrasco ‐
  4. 4. Social ERP GOAL Boost the collaboration among business peers.o Synchronization of workflows and information among the people of different teams/areas of the company and, in certain scenarios, even with customers, suppliers and other third parties.o Integrate the Business Processes between departments and with other companies to make them more efficient, at both, operational flow level and information sharing.o Tools as virtual boards, collaborative building documents, blogs to capture the tacit knowledge of the organization, Wikis for teams, polls to make shared decisions, … 4 Luis Carrasco ‐
  5. 5. Social ERP GOAL Capture in real time the Information Stream from the Business Processes.o Facilitate the capture of the Business Stream, so the people know, in (almost) real time, the information flow related to the business processes.o Examples: o Visualization and tracking of the activity stream of a team o project through tools as Yammer (Microsoft), Twitter, Chatter (Salesforce) , etc. o Mashup of information coming of heterogeneous sources not only from ERP o Crowd recommendation: as the “I Like it” of Facebook or the “+1″ of Google Plus. Business users can recommend to follow events that happen in the system. For instance, if an important customer post an order is marked with a “+1″ so it is more visible in the system. 5 Luis Carrasco ‐
  6. 6. Social ERP GOAL Get the best informationo Make easier the capture, register and access the information happening around the business processes.o Examples: o Multi-device: Extend the access to the corporate information system beyond the typical workstation/laptop to alternative channels as smartphones, tablets, even industrial equipment… where the information is created and consumed o Subscription to business events that happen in the system, as the Customer X is making an order above Y Euros. Using RSS technologies for example o Tagging: allow users to tag the information objects of the systems (master data, documents, transactions, etc.), so they are able to link and follow the business events while they happen (as worktags of Workday) 6 Luis Carrasco ‐
  7. 7. Social ERP [Just and Example] ACME Co, designer and manufacturer of industrial equipment,  receives a RFQ from an important client 1 ACME Sales&Engineering teams configure with the client the  commercial proposal by using collaborative tools as document  The proposal is finally accepted. The client and amount are  sharing, virtual boards, chats, etc. integrated with the ERP to  important so when the sales order is posted to the ERP, the  capture info as prizes, material refs, etc. CFO and Purchasing Director of ACME receive an alert as they  2 both are subscribed to any event related to that client. They  “+1” the order to enhance visibility to their respective teams  and tag it using its own classification taxonomy 3 The Production Order is automatically created and the  production process begins Due to a machine problem the production stops. The Plant  4 Maintenance Director receives an automatic alert and he  assigns a team to fix the problem. The reaction of the team is  Maintenance team search for the symptoms of the machine  fast because they are geolocated in the plant. The CSO receive  problem in a mash up built from the internal knowledge Wikian alarm so he can react on time in case of order delivery delay and external Web pages (suppliers, professional forums, web  5 search, etc) until they find the best solution to the problem.  The CSO, in real time, has been following in the internal  They fix the problem and update the internal Wiki with the  new knowledgecorporate microblog/twitter, all this activity stream as it is feed  automatically by the ERP with all the automatic events, alarms  6 and notes from all the teams and equipments involved. The  The Lean Champions team of ACME, in the monthly continuous  hashtag used to tag the events is #OrderNumber. Sales team  improvement retrospective meeting, analyze the process and the  and CEO are enabled to make decisions with the most accurate  origin of the problem using all the related tagged and classified  information. information (documents, transactions, messages, alerts, etc.).  7 Lessons learnt are shared using collaborative blogging and the  conclusions are consolidated in the corporate Wiki. 8 Time 7 Luis Carrasco ‐
  8. 8. Social ERP My name is Luis Carrasco and I am Engineer on Telecommunications from the Universidat Politécnica de Cataluña, CPIM certified by APICs and Executive MBA por EAE Barcelona. Currently I use to work in Delphin Project Hunting, where, as ABOUT ME business consultant and project manager, I help my clients to improve their business through technology. If you think I may help you don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail to luiscu [AT] gmail [DOT] comI blog in about trends in enterprise information systems.You can also find me at: @nodotic 8 Luis Carrasco ‐
  9. 9. Social ERP DISCLAIMERPresentation under Creative Commons sa-by license. For detailsplease visit: presentation is based upon the ideas and work of manypeople. And while I’ve tried to recognize copyrights and give creditand attribution where possible, I cannot possibly list the mall, so ifyou feel like there’s some thing that should be added, changed orremoved from this presentation, please drop me an e-mail 9 Luis Carrasco ‐