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dBLab presentation: we listen to the environment

dBLab presentation: we listen to the environment



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    Ap1_dBLab-2012_en-v01 Ap1_dBLab-2012_en-v01 Presentation Transcript

    • acoustics vibration environment safety quality www.dblab.pt dblab@absorsor.ptLISBOA PORTO MADRIDR. Carlos Lopes, ALBAPARK, Edifício A2, R. Frederico Ulrich, 1583, 1 Esq. C/ Lopez de Aranda, 35Albarraque 4475-130 Maia, Portugal 28027 Madrid, Spain2635-209 Rio de Mouro, Portugal Tel: +351 229 435 930 Tel: +34 913 208 070Tel: +351 214 228 950 Fax: +351 22 9 824 232 Fax: +34 913 202 535Fax: +351 214 213 555 we listen to the environment
    • BUSINESS AREAS AREA What we can do for you Noise Mapping and Action Plans for noise reduction for Industry,ENVIRONMENT Power Generation, Transportation and Local Authorities. Air & SAFETY quality mapping. Consultancy for environmental impact studies and strategic environmental assessments. Consultancy on reduction of Noise and vibration exposure in the workplace. Architectural and Building Acoustics consultancy and design – BUILDINGS from the preliminary design to construction follow-up and final testing. Room acoustics for auditoria, theatres, concert halls and other public buildings. ISO 17025 accredited lab for measurement and testing onLABORATORY Acoustics, Noise, Vibration and other physical parameters in the domains of Environment and Health and Safety. Technical & QUALITY and quality management and internal auditing and training forMANAGEMENT acoustic laboratories. Product development and quality control in the domain of Noise and Acoustic Quality. we listen to the environment
    • ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETYNOISE MAPS AND ACTION PLANSINDUSTRY AND POWER GENERATIONOur added value proposal:• Advanced computer simulation technology• Accurate predictions,• Noise source identification and ranking• Noise control action plan, • solutions specification • cost estimation • procurement • turn-key projectsExperience in sectors such as:• Cement ● Pulp and Paper• Automotive ● Wood and Cork,• Food ● Textile• Chemical ● Power Generation• Siderurgy ● Utilitiesin countries such as:• Portugal ● Angola• Spain ● Venezuela• Morocco ● USA• Mozambique ● Uk we listen to the environment
    • ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETYNOISE MAPS AND ACTION PLANSURBAN PLANNING AND TRANSPORTATIONdBLab• one of Europe leaders in Noise Mapping,• specialized team of 15 people,• noise mapping computation centre Noise mapping experience: • > 100 municipalities in Portugal and Spain • > 30.000 Km2 • > 3 million people • > 10.000 Kms of roads and railways • > 10 international airports (partner Accon) we listen to the environment
    • CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDINGARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICSACOUSTICAL CONSULTANCY AND DESIGN Our experienced team of acoustical engineers, works with you to integrate acoustics in any building projectModelling tools:• CATT-Acoustics: ray tracing software for room acoustics• Acoubat ISO12354 building sound transmission calculations• Insul: sound reduction index calculation and optimization• CadnaA: outdoors noise prediction software• Other tools developed in-the-house.Experience:• Residential, retail or office buildings• Special acoustic requirements buildings: • Auditoria and Concert Halls; • Theatres and Opera Houses; • Museums; • Cinemas; • Schools, Courts, Hospitals; • Recording studios.Projects in:• Portugal ● France• Spain ● Russia• Switzerland ● Italy• Libya we listen to the environment
    • CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDINGACOUSTICS INTEGRATED SERVICES FOR THE BUILDING INDUSTRY• Building materials development;• Noise mapping for urban planning;• Urbanization projects;• Preliminary design, construction permits;• Detailed design and construction follow-up;• Final tests on the building;• Refurbishment and maintenance. we listen to the environment
    • LABORATORY AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT ISO 17025 ACCREDITED TESTS European accreditation▪ Environmental noise (ISO 1996)▪ Noise and Vibration exposure at the work place (DL 182/2006, ISO2631-1, ISO 5349-1, ISO 5349-2)▪ Sound power level of noise sources (ISO 3744, ISO 3746)▪ Sound power level determination of multi- source industrial plants (ISO 8297)▪ Sound insulation in buildings (ISO 140/717)▪ Reverberation time measurement (ISO 3382)▪ Noise from common equipments in a building (ISO 16032)▪ Vibration evaluation in buildings (ISO 4866)▪ Other environmental monitoring: electromagnetic fields and air pollution (*)▪ Other H&S measurements: heat, light, air quality (*)(*) through partner labs we listen to the environment
    • LABORATORY AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT QUALITY CONTROL / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT▪ Acoustic and Energy efficiency certification of buildings▪ Acoustic quality consultancy for product development▪ Noise and vibration design and quality control for new products and equipments development ▪ modal analysis, finite-elements and boundary-elements modeling and statistical energy analysis▪ Acoustic testing procedures and facilities design and development we listen to the environment
    • SOME REFERENCE CLIENTSIndustryEnergy Transportation Building Services we listen to the environment