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Lco Axxon Introductory 2010 Sales
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Lco Axxon Introductory 2010 Sales


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Created August 2010 complete overview of AxxonSoft product range

Created August 2010 complete overview of AxxonSoft product range

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  • «Интеллект» – многофункциональная программная платформа, предназначенная для создания комплексов безопасности любого масштаба. «Интеллект» объединяет разрозненные системы – ОПС (охранно-пожарную сигнализацию), СКУД (систему контроля и управления доступом), видеонаблюдение (в том числе IP -камеры и IP -серверы различных производителей) и многие другие – в согласованно работающую инфраструктуру. Благодаря «Интеллекту» комплекс различных систем безопасности превращается в единую информационную среду, в которой реализованы функции обработки и интеллектуального анализа информации, обладающую способностью гибко реагировать на различные события. Решения, созданные на основе «Интеллекта», позволяют тысячам предприятий различной отраслевой принадлежности во всем мире снижать издержки и поддерживать высочайший уровень безопасности.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Luis Coello – July 2010 Winning Video Management Technology
    • 2. Company Overview
      • Axxon is one of the worlds leading provider of Video Management (#2 EMEA)
      • software
      • 300 Employees
      • 160 Software Engineers
      • Turnover of 28million USD
      • 250,000 channels shipped in 2010
      • EMEA Head office in Barcelona, Spain
      • Head Office in Moscow
      • Additional Offices in Bulgaria, USA, Frankfurt, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, India and Singapore
    • 3. Offices Worldwide
    • 4. Product line Performance Massively scalable Integrated Solution Price DVR/NVR Replacement Small To Medium Business
    • 5.  
    • 7.
      • An advanced IP-based physical security management platform.
      • A single environment combining intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities.
      • Benefits:
      • Higher security with less cost, and less effort.
      • Easily scaled and extremely flexible.
      • Recognize and responds to events as they occur.
      • Reporting capabilities to support smart, timely decision-making.
      • Works with existing legacy systems.
    • 8. USP´s
      • Hybrid system
      • Infinatly scalable
      • Fully modular architecture
      • Pop up system scripting
      • Linear pricing
      • No additional cost for IP camera plug in´s
      • Customizable interface
      • Dispersed network archiving
      • Innovative video gateway system for bandwith management
      • Video Anlaytic Modules available
    • 9. Hybrid Functionality Simultaneous use of analogue and IP hardware of different vendors HYBRID SECURITY SYSTEM IP devices Analog cameras
    • 10. IP Integration
      • Simultaneous use of IP-devices of different manufacturers.
      • Support the majority of network cameras and video servers
      • Simultaneous usage of different codec's.
      • Save all video in chosen formats.
      • Driver pack allows seamless integration to 100’s of IP devices
    • 11. Vertical Modules CCTV Module Access Control Face Recognition License Plate Recognition Wagon Numbers Recognition POS Security Traffic Monitoring ATM Security
    • 12. Competitve Analysis Using different servers for monitoring, configuration and database storage - Each server must be configured locally - System failure with Management server stoppage
      • Server/server architecture
      • - Separate servers for failover and redundancy
      - Remote configuration of any server in the system - Failure-proof multiserver system Configuration and Architecture License plate recognition License plate recognition License plate recognition
      • License plate recognition
      • Face recognition
      • Container/railcar number recognition
      • Traffic monitoring
      Recognition modules
      • POS
      • ATM
      • POS
      • ATM
      • Access control
      • POS (only at database level)
      • POS
      • ATM
      • Access Control
      • Fire & Intrusion Alarm
      • Third party software and devices
      Integrated devices Limited rules system Limited rules system Limited rules system 1. Macros rules system; 2. Advanced programming – possibility to create actions sets of any complexity Event management Limited support. No possibility to work with legacy system SeeTec Enterprise Limited support. No possibility to work with legacy system Milestone XProtect Corporate Limited support. No possibility to work with legacy system Genetec iOmnicast Enterprise Complete Support. Full connectivity with legacy systems Axxon Intellect Legasy systems support Feature
    • 13. CCTV module
      • Cameras: Up to 100,000 cameras in a distributed system.
      • Display: Up to 64 cameras per computer on a single virtual screen. Number of virtual screens is unlimited.
      • Monitor: Connect multiple monitors to a single video server
      • Remote Control: Internet-enabled display and control over all cameras and PTZ devices. Built-in web server.
      • Backup: Archive on local and network drives. Manual or automatic backup mode.
      • Export Options: Export images to JPEG and AVI.
    • 14. Access Control
      • Integrated Access control modules:
      • APOLLO AAN-100, AAN-32, AIM4, AIM-4SL
      • TSS-201, 207, office
      • Sigma-IS. Rubeg -07-03, Rubeg 08, Rubeg-060
      • Neuroinformatica. NAC-51
      • PERCo. PERCo-SYSTEM 12000, PERCo Card Reader
      • APACS 2.5
      • ADEMANT 500V
      • EM-Reader
      • Operation interface: Map, event log, security passes, reports, timekeeping, alarm messages, operator request window, photo user identification.
    • 15.  
    • 16. Tactile User Interface
    • 17.
      • Axxon Smart 2.0 is a professional entry level video surveillance system featuring most of the characteristics of advanced AxxonSoft products.
      • Unique OpenGL based user interface
      • Touch screen optimized
      • Video analysis capabilities
      • Complex event response scenarios
      • Separate video archives for different alarm types with
      • Individual archiving settings
      • Unparalleled range of capabilities for its price range.
    • 18. System Schematic
    • 19. Main Characteristics + Macros Number of video channels to 1 server Up to 64 Number of audio channels to 1 server Up to 64 Support for IP-cameras from different manufacturers More than 130 models Support for mega-pixel IP-cameras + Supported video formats H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4, Motion Wavelet, Support of pre- and post-alarm recording + Video analytics + Video quality analysis + PTZ support + Support of several archives with different settings for each camera + Alarm Analysis mode + System audit functionality + Supported resolutions from 320x240 to 2560x1600
    • 20. Supported OS
      • Windows 7
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows XP
      • Server 2008
      • Server 2003
      • 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported
    • 21. Video Analytics
      • motion detection
      • image quality monitoring
      • background/scene change
    • 22. Advanced Video Analytics
      • abandoned object
      • line crossing
      • motion in area of interest (AOI)
      • loitering in AOI
      • stoppage in AOI
      • entrance in AOI
      • exit from AOI
    • 23. Line crossing
    • 24. Area of Interest entrance
    • 25. Audio analytics
      • Noise detection
      • Silence detection (audio signal loss)
      • Audio trigger (volume level)