Only one more degree   global ignite week 2010 v3
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Only one more degree global ignite week 2010 v3






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Only one more degree global ignite week 2010 v3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Only one more degree… Luís Cochofel March 2009
  • 2. Do YOU know what happened? YOU didn’t WANT it… Just like waterYOU needed ENERGY to reach YOUR potential!
  • 3. At 5 degrees water is cold At 40º water is warm
  • 4. At 75º water is hotAt 99º water is really HOT
  • 5. At 100º it boils It generates ENERGY!It helps YOU CLEAN deeply what ever YOU need to clean!
  • 6. May I take a look at how YOUR IDEAS work?
  • 7. At first they don’t seem to have any chance. They’re as cold as cold water…
  • 8. Some of them, though, Do not leave YOUR mind.They are as comfortable as warm water.
  • 9. Has YOUR idea started to generate images in YOUR brain? Does it assault YOU everytime YOU stop at a red light ?Do YOU feel as if there is hot water (75º?) running through YOUR body…
  • 10. It feels great because YOU start to see the images take on motion. Green light! YOU need to move forward!
  • 11. When YOU’ll tell the world about it…YOUR best friends might say: ‘what a great idea…’,they smile… and go away, Or: ‘are YOU crazy…?!?’and go away, smiling…
  • 12. Even though, IT persists:The motion has turned into movement; The images are clearer;YOU SEE where YOUR dream might take YOU… YOU feel HOT !!!
  • 13. Doubts…Is it innovative? Is it feasible?Do I have what it takes? Will it be profitable?
  • 14. Do YOU know what happened?YOU’ve just poured cold water into YOUR kettle
  • 15. It will take longer now to get back to the temperature YOU were feeling. YOUR expectations will increase that sense of delay. YOU’ll start adding negative pictures to YOUR dream… It will get colder…
  • 16. Next day, YOU wake up and THERE IT IS!!! It has found the answers forthose questions YOU were asking YOU feel HOT Again!
  • 17. YOU know that’s what YOU NEED to do!YOU know YOU’ll have to GO and DO IT! YOU know that’s what YOU WANT!
  • 18. Just take one moment to draw an ACTION PLAN Do YOU BELIEVE in it?
  • 19. That´s what it takes for YOU to MAKE IT HAPPEN! A small amount of ENERGY!
  • 20. Everything YOU decide to DO… will take…Only one more degree… Luís Cochofel March 2009