American Tribes


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American Tribes

  1. 1. American Tribes<br />TheCherokees<br />Sofia Alves nº18 11ºF<br />
  2. 2. Summary<br />Introduction<br />History<br />Oddities<br />Gallery<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />The Chrokees are an Amerindian people of North America, the nation Iroquois tribe that until the sixteenth century, inhabited the present territory of the eastern United States, until driven out to the Ozark Plateau. In the U.S., are known as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes."<br />
  4. 4. History<br />The Cherokee nation was unified from an interrelated society of city-states in the early eighteenth century under the "Emperor" Moytoy, with the help of an unofficial English envoy, Sir Alexander Cumming. In 1730, the Head of Moytoy Tellico was called "Emperor" by the chiefs of the largest villages Cherokees. Moytoy also agreed to recognize the King of England, George II, as protector of the Cherokee people. A decade before this treaty, the Cherokee had fought the government of the colony of South Carolina for several years. The title of Cherokee Emperor, however, did not involve so much power over the Cherokee, and the title ended up losing the direct lineage of Moytoy. <br />
  5. 5. History<br />At the time of the War of Independence (1776-1783), disputes over the accommodation of white settlers on indigenous lands in repeated violations of previous agreements, led several Cherokee to leave their original territory. These early dissidents moved across the Mississippi River to areas that once were the Yankees states of Arkansas and Missouri. Around the year 1800, their settlements were established in the basins of St. Francis and White. Later, there were so many Cherokees in these areas that the U.S. government has just established a Cherokee Indian Reservation in Arkansas, the Arkansas River north to the south bank of White River. Several of these Indians were removed from the tribe known as the Chickamauga. Led by Chief Dragged Canoe, the Chickamauga allied themselves with the Shawnee and made attacks on the white colonies. Other Cherokee leaders who lived in Arkansas were Sequoyah, Cool Frog and The Dutch. <br />
  6. 6. Oddities<br />In this tribe we can recognize a few names as:<br /><ul><li>Ace Frehley- former guitarist for the rock band Kiss
  7. 7. Austin Kincaid- Americanpornographicactress
  8. 8. Jimi Hendrix- Americanguitarist
  9. 9. Joey Demaio- Contra-bassist of the band Manowar
  10. 10. Johnny Depp- Actor
  11. 11. Quentin Tarantino- Hollywood director
  12. 12. Scott Stapp- LeadsingerofCreed
  13. 13. Steven Tyler- Aerosmith'sleadsinger</li></li></ul><li>Gallery<br />
  14. 14. Gallery <br />