Norut ICT 2009 Jornada con Fidetia (Univ. Sevilla)


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This is a presentation about NORUT ICT for students willing to do a practical training in Tromso, Norway.

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Norut ICT 2009 Jornada con Fidetia (Univ. Sevilla)

  1. 1. Encuentro Norut-Fidetia Luis Fernandez Luque (PhD Student) Norut Tromso Tromso Telemedicine Laboratory
  2. 2. • Norut is located in Tromsø, Narvik and Alta in northern Norway. The company in Tromsø has group functions. • The Institute is majority owned by the University of Tromsø. • Norut’s history goes back to 1984. Today the Institute has more than 100 researchers within the fields of technology, social science and innovation. • Applied research, contracted research, dissemination and innovation • More than 90% project funding
  3. 3. Campus i Tromsø Universitetet i Tromsø Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge Norut Nasjonalt Senter for Telemedisin Helse Nord IKT DIPS Norsk Helsenett Telenor R&I
  4. 4. Northern Research Institute is a national research group with activities within technology, social science and innovation. Norut Tromsø Norut Narvik is a multidisciplinary research institute Norut Narvik has two areas of research: with a focus on information technology materials technology and and social science research. Our four construction engineering. The Institute research groups are: Information develops and applies mathematical Technology, Earth Observation, modeling in its R&D work. Culture and Society, Industry and Innovation, and Biotechnology Norinnova Norut Alta- Áltá Norinnova is an innovation company is a multi-disciplinary research institute with the main objective to rooted in the North and the Barents commercialize new business ideas Region, doing R&D related to regional based on research activities and new policy analysis, social planning, technologies through the use of natural resources, and GIS analysis. competence, contact network, capital and creative environments.
  5. 5. Information and Communication Technology Research, development and innovation within: • Robust networking & peer-to-peer technology • Networked media • Environmental informatics • Serious game based learning and e- learning • Personal e-health technology and services
  6. 6. Earth Observation (Tromsø) Special skills within signal analysis and image processing particularly related to: • Detection of wind and waves in ocean areas • Snow and ice mapping • Vegetation mapping • Environmental and resource mapping • Climate and time studies • Oil/gas – related electromagnetic modelling • Modelling of electromagnetic waves in different mediums
  7. 7. Robust networking & peer-to-peer coping with variable and weak infrastructures Background Research focus 2001-2006: Seamless services (NFR) • peer-to-peer and distributed computing • wireless and ad-hoc computing 2004: Dualog off-line web caching and perfecting • online / offline services server (Priv.) • seamless and mobile computing 2005-2006: Peer-to-peer • delay tolerant net-centric computing network based on socialized peers (NFR) 2005-2007: Cross Border Co-operation Pilot Networks (Interreg) CROCOPIL Current projects 2005-2008: Cost efficient electronic data transport (Priv.) 2006-2009: Decentralized Storage of Multimodal User Data (NFR) 2006-2009: UAV robust and seamless communication (RDA, NFR, ..) 2008-2013: Next generation Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content delivery platform (EU FP7 ICT) 2008-2012: N4C Networking for Communications Challenged Communities (EU FP7 ICT) UAV operations Crocopil geo-blog Dualog® Connection Suite Key partners
  8. 8. UAV System for scientific observations and sampling. Operational platform Instruments and algorithms System and networking Applications • Satellite product validation • Infrastructure inspections • Operational monitoring (algae, vegetation, fauna, meteorology, hydrology, sea-ice, icebergs, oil-spill) • Civil Security
  9. 9. Robust datakommunikasjon i Nordområdene UAV-SAT UAV-UAV UAV-SKIP BFT UAV-DTN Delay DTN-DTN Tolerant Networks Hikers PDA
  10. 10. Networked Media Electronic media in a networked society Background Lava (1997-2004): Learning with audio and video over ATM (NFR) Research focus • media creation, storage and distribution Peer-to-peer network based on socialized peers • social network technology (2005-2006) • user created content & SME involvement • intellectual property rights Picybu (2006-2008) Creative Youth (EU Interreg) • new businesses models Current projects 2006-2009: Decentralized Storage and Retrieval of Multimodal User Data (NFR) 2008-2011: NoCry – Northern Creative Youth (EU Interreg) 2008-2013: Next generation Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content delivery platform (EU FP7 ICT) 2008-2011: P2P Media Bridge (RDA/FIFT) NoCry Key partners U.Lancaster Orginalfilm partners
  11. 11. Peer-to-peer and Networked Media Distribution Shaping the next generation of internet Regional research funding TV P2P-Next is an evolutionary extension of the existing P2P Media Bridge is bringing the results from P2P- media and entertainment distribution systems. P2P-Next next and utilising them in a local and reginonal will develop an open source, efficient, trusted, setting. personalized, user-centric and participatory television and media delivery mechanism with social and collaborative connotations using the emerging P2P paradigm Norut’s role • Responsible for requirements • Technical research and delveopment of P2P and social technology Partners The consortium consists of high-profile academic Partners and industrial players with proven track records The main partners are Norut and in innovation and commercial success – 21 Original Film partners in 12 countries: VTT, BBC, EBU, Pioneer, Norut, Lancaster university, TUDelft,, Associated partners are TVIBIT and Univ of Klagenfurt, University of Rome, AG P2P means distribution amongst peers other small local creative people and In stead of downloading from a server Projects, Dacc, FabChannel, IRT, JSI, KTH, enterprises Markenfilm, First Oversi, RTV Slo, STMicroelectronics, Polytecnical Important motivations for the local university of Bucharest, Kendra partners are to find ways of distributing their products (films and music) and to utilise new business models.
  12. 12. Environmental informatics Spatial data management, retrieval, and visualization Background Marine Geographical IT Research focus MarGIT (NFR) • real-time services • net-centric computing Geographical Information Networks – GIN (NFR) • multiplatform • data fusion • open source and standards 4x EU FP5 Projects Current projects mSurvey Geo (2007) Open Location Services supporting Customer Experience EnviMon / UAV (2007-2010) net-centric geo- Management data management and visualization on multiple platforms of UAV remote sensing information ArcticWeb (2007-2008) a iNord (2008) Surveillance and early warning Geo-portal for the oil sector system in the high north and other stakeholders. Key partners University of Norsk iNord Tromsø Polarinstitutt partners Spacetec
  13. 13. Serious game-based Background learning and e-learning Lava & ProjectLink (1997-2004) : a multimedia web-centric tool to enable pupils to make presentations and share contents HØIDIS: High speed connection for Research focus district schools (1999-2001): testing broadband connections and services to • Game based learning schools in the district • Serious games for • education Breifilm (2004) : documentary films with learning material • personal health • healthcare HØIKOM (2000-2005) – several broadband projects testing various and • Assessment of learning diverse pedagogical services to schools FinNet (2005-2007) Network for teachers of Finnish as a second or foreign language Current projects Nordic Serious Game (2006-2008) a network with partners from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. A computer role-playing game is made for learning Finnish. ENVI (2006): an INTERREG project with game-based The target group is children in the age group 11-14 in Northern approach to an health emergency situation Norway and Sweden who are learning Finnish. JoinGame (2007-2009) a Norwegian research network within game technology Key partners: University of Helsinki
  14. 14. E-Health Background Telepathology (1990) : I frysesnittservice Personal e-health technology and services ble mikroskopbilder av frysesnitt overført fra Kirkenes Sykehus til Ritø. Prototypen av utstyret for frysesnittservice ble senere viderutviklet til et kommersielt produkt av Research focus firmaet Nova-Kom. • integrated technology and services Teleradiologi (1991-1997) : MIRA er et • e-health learning and recommendation systems diagnostiseringsverktøy for røntgenbilder • social network technology med innebygget støtte for flerpartskonferanser over IP. Mira, som ble • Personal Health Records (e.g. Google Health) utviklet i samarbeid med Telenor, Norut IT • Virtual Worlds (e.g. Second Life) og UNN, kom i flere versjoner i perioden 1991-1997. I 1995 overtok Telenor • smart environments and ambient assisted living InfoMedica rettighetene til Mira-III og startet kommersialiseringen av produktet. Current projects DORIS (1990’ies) demonstrated Well@Home (2006-2009) bringing MyHealthStation capturing, archiving and communication technology towards possible commercialization (FIFT) of medical multimedia information. In 2000 Well Diagnostics was founded and DORIS is now Well Multimedia. Better Breathing (2007-2009) marked and medical validation of MyHealthStation, for COPD patients in Norway, in a European wide field-trial and marked MyHealthStation (2005-2006) demonstrate and promote home validation (EU ETEN) based training and follow-up of chronicle ill patients using modern Internet technologies and smart residential gateways connected MyHealthService in Tromsø Telemedicine Lab. (2007- to the TV. 2015) R&D on personal health services for the chronically ill elderly (NFR) IS-ACTIVE (2009-2011) Inertia Sensing System for Advanced Chronic Condition Monitoring and Risk Prevention (EU AAL) Key partners:
  15. 15. Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory Centre for research-based innovation in telemedicine and eHealth systems for chronic, age, and lifestyle related diseases, 2006 – 2014
  16. 16. Personal e-health and wellness technology and services for the chronically ill Residential patient device Personalized following-up, training, education, treatment, prevention, and self management Mobile patient device MyHealthStation (2005-2006) Other patient devices Better Breathing (2007-2009) MyHealthService (2007-2015)
  17. 17. A student example Course 2007/2008 Juan did his Proyecto de Fin de Carrera developing a mobile application for patients with chronic diseases based on linux and integrating Bluetooth medical sensors. We guided him and provided him several options (basic ideas) for his project within our research lines in eHealth Course 2008/2009 Juan worked as young researcher at Norut for 6 months Now He has job interviews for PhD positions in Italy and Germany, also in Skype.
  18. 18. Our offer • 4 - 6 months position working in one of our research lines. For example: • Virtual Worlds (e.g. Second Life) integrated with sensors (e.g. accelerometers) for socializing and physical exercising for rehabilitation • Wireless Sensor Networks for environment and air quality monitoring • Web 2.0 applications and gadgets • Virtual communities for patients, relatives and healthcare workers • Mobile applications for the collection and dissemination of data and information • Around 1000 Euros (8500 NOK) + housing + flights • Collaboration with Fidetia and several professors (PFC)
  19. 19. How to apply • Apply if you are 1) creative 2) have good level of English 3) Almost or recently completed Master Level Education (Ing. Sup.) • CV (English) and academic records (Spanish) • 1 page description of a possible project with also your motivation to come (English) • Send it before the end of may send to
  20. 20. Questions ?