Diapositivas de san pedro de los milagros (1)


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Diapositivas de san pedro de los milagros (1)

  1. 1.  This municipality is located in the North sub region of the Antioquia department. Bounded on the north by the municipalities and Interiors Belmira, on the east by the municipality of Donmatías, on the south by the municipalities of Girardot, Copacabana and Bello and west with the municipality of San Jeronimo. The town is called "Northgate Cultural" and "The Sistine Antioquia".
  2. 2.  Visit this municipality called "the Sistine OF COLOMBIA", where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and lush nature that contain s plenty of environments for ecotourism and outdoor sports. The varied landscapes of our villages rich in fauna and flora, with nature trails and dirt roads, enjoying the warmth of country people.
  3. 3.  San Pedro is governed by a democratic system based on administrative decentralization processes generated by the Political Constitution of Colombia, 1991. The town is ruled by a Mayor(Executive) and a Municipal Council (the legislature). El Alcalde de San Pedro es el jefe de gobierno y de la administración municipal, representando legal, judicial y extrajudicialmente al municipio. Es un cargo elegido por voto popular para un periodo de cuatro años. El actual alcalde en ejercicio es Jaime de Jesús Echeverri Marín, elegido para el periodo 2008-2011.
  4. 4.  El Concejo Municipal de San Pedro es una Corporación pública de elección popular, compuesta por 19 ediles, elegidos democráticamente para un período de cuatro años. El Concejo es la entidad legislativa y emite acuerdos de obligatorio cumplimiento en su jurisdicción territorial. Entre sus funciones están el aprobar los proyectos del alcalde, dictar las normas orgánicas del presupuesto y expedir el presupuesto anual de rentas y gastos.
  5. 5.  Basilica of Our Lord of Miracles, built between 1874 and 1895, is a major pilgrimage shrines of Antioquia, because inside is the image of the Lord of Miracles, which is considered miraculous, pilgrims travel there to meet their promises.
  6. 6.  Calvary. Place of meditation, prayer, rest and healthy recreation for families in the municipality. It was opened by the Community Equidistant images were brought from France by Father Pedro la Croix. It has a large green area and days of prayer site. From its summit you can enjoy the panorama of the town.
  7. 7.  offer very typical dishes of the region such as Tray Paisa (usually consists of beans with rice, meat powder, pork, sausage, black pudding, fried plantains, fried plantain slices, a fried egg, chopped tomato large ripe and red, avocado, arepa and hogao). Also products like wedge Antioquia, molasses curd, straw berries and cream and in general all dairy.
  8. 8.  Ricolandia restaurant: located on the highway to Pretoria Restaurant Tweety: offers a varied menu, the main dish is Tray Paisa. Located in the main park in town. Restaurant Bar La Casona: among the main dishes are: Typical simple, breaded and grilled trout or haunch tip, located in the street parallel to San Juan. Restaurant Source Major: Its capacity is for 39 people and offers milkshakes and trays. Located in the main park.
  9. 9.  Delicatessen Tuttos: offers: spirits, juices, milo, chops, sausages, donuts and pastries. Municipal Kiosk Café: offers fast food. Located in the main park in town.
  10. 10.  Feast of the Lord of Miracles in May Feast of the milk and milk products in July. Easter, with no fixed date in March or early April National Competition Bambuco John Jairo Torres de la Pava, the first bridge of November, in the main park, artists can participate in the arrangements for soloists, duets and dance partners.
  11. 11. Quesito Antioquia, molasses curd, strawberries and cream and in general all dairyPAISA TRADITIONAL CUISINE
  12. 12.  Being the best company of all sampedreños where instill great values ​such as fairness, respect for life, tolerance, willingness to work together under one north and peaceful coexistence with man and nature, where each its citizens to be involved in the development of the municipality and where our dreams and goals lead us to build a single individual and collective project: "Improving the quality of life in our community."
  13. 13.  a municipality will be paid for services associated with educational activities and tourism, protecting natural resources and strengthened with a modern, efficient and coordinated with the community and maintain its historic tradition - cultural, where education and culture will be the axis articulator for their development.