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Lift 2010 - Travel 2.0


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Slides for the Travel 2.0 workshop held at Lift conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Slides for the Travel 2.0 workshop held at Lift conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

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  • 09:30 Introduction Part 1In Your Pocket co-founder Travel is a topic everyone is interested in and everyone has something to say There is a shift to a new form of Travel 2.0 where we share our plans and experiences with our community. The workshop is structured in three parts which I would like you to brainstorm in smaller groups.1) Travel Planning2) Travelling Onsite3) Documenting your travel experience
  • When is the last time you visited a travel agent?Hands up!
  • Chances are your booked your flight and the hotel online. In 2009 90 Million Americans used the internet to plan their travels. 76% of online travellers planned their trips online.(Source: Travelers’ Use of the Internet, 2009)The most widely-used information source to plan leisure trips is the Internet followed by online travel agencies, branded suppliers, and other websites. (Source: travelhorizonsTM, July 2009)
  • 1in 4 of adult leisure travelers also obtain information from friends, relatives, neighbors, and/or co-workers. Guide books were the fifth most popular source, being used by 15 percent of all leisure travelers. (Source: travelhorizonsTM, July 2009)And they are looking up on average 4 different websites, comparing prices and reviews like on tripadvisor.
  • The social flightWhat if a plane flight were networked and became a social experience with its own economy? Jeff Jarvis
  • KLM used Twitter to help their stranded passengers during the Ashcloud with success.The Internet has also led to decreases in the extent to which travelers make calls, especially to a travel agency or airline, state and local tourism office, car rental agency, or hotel. (Source: Travelers’ Use of the Internet, 2009)
  • Customers are back in charge. I recently pitched for a return Geneva-Paris and Rail Europe and Air France answered.
  • How do you plan your trip?How can travel planning be improved?09:40 Breakout N°1I want you to brainstorm how travel planning can be improved, how travel planning can be made more social.09:50 Reporting back
  • 10:00 Introduction Part 2Once on site who do you follow? Guidebook sales have tanked over the past years except in developing markets. The U.S. travel book market fell 16% in 2008.Nielsen Bookscan says that travel book sales dropped by 8.7% in 2008 when compared with 2007.
  • SHOW THE IPHONE VIDEOInternational roaming and data usage is not covered under most data plan.To limit the damage: Utilize Wi-Fi instead of 3G/GPRS/EDGEWi-Fi is available in many international airports, hotels and restaurants to browse the Web or check email. 
  • Iphone applications are the latest craze.Lonely Planet has a number of city guides on the Iphone selling for $15.99During the ash cloud Lonely Planet decided to give 13 of the most popular guides for free which resulted in 3 million downloads.The price of the applications has subsequently been slashed
  • But you can get the same information for free by simply browsing Google maps.Wikipedia entries, photos and videos can all e overlayed on Google maps.SHOW VIDEO
  • Google Streetview lets you check out the place before you go.Now includes User Generated photos.
  • Augmented Reality is the next big thing. Just hold your phone towards the building and it will give you the needed information.
  • In London you can find the nearest tube station.
  • In Berlin you can re-create the wall.SHOW VIDEO
  • Theepitomy of geosocial networking is Foursquare and Gowalla where userscheck in at a location and share it with their friends.
  • Without the smartphone you would be lost.10:10 Breakout N°2I want you to brainstorm how travel the smartphone can help improveyour travel experience.10:20 Reporting back
  • 10:30 Introduction Part 3How do you document your travel?Video sharing on YoUTubePhotossharing them on Flickr and Picasa or Facebook
  • TUI cruises is using the user generated photos in a Flick group and has started to tap into this pool of photos for their next printed catalogue!
  • Here once again the smartphones make sharing easier and instantaneous. Twitpic, Yfrog let you send visual postcards in one click.
  • They also let you report what is broken like Shelley’s suitcase after here trip on Easyjet. In defence of Easyjet @easyjetcare have taken care of the issue.Not so with United airlines and Dave CarollVIDEO United Breaks Guitars8 million views and counting
  • 10:40 Breakout N°3I want you to brainstorm how we can better share our travel experience?10:50 Reporting back
  • 26158205@N04, dan4th, Caribb, james_scott, aftonhalloran, misbehave, bendodson, japokskee, carbonnyc, jcoterhals
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    • 1. Travel 2.0
      Will the smartphone become the new backpackers’ bible?
      @Luefkens #Lift10
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    • 11. How do you plan your trip?How can travel planning be improved?
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    • 21. What do you expect from your smartphone?
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    • 26. How do you share your travel experience?
    • 27. Thank you very much!
      Matthias Lüfkens
      Thanks to Flickr users: 26158205@N04, dan4th, Caribb, james_scott, aidanmcmichael, russelldavies, misbehave, bendodson, japokskee, carbonnyc, jcoterhals