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the use of the definite article "the"

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  1. 1. The Definite Article withProper Nouns
  2. 2. I. Geographical names Water bodiesThe Atlantic Ocean,The Nile, the Thames,The English Channel,The Niagara Falls ( but :Kalambo Falls)The Ontario, the Baikal (but: Lake Ontario,Lake Baikal). !!! The Great Lakes
  3. 3.  Mountain chainsThe Caucasus,The Alps,The UralsBut: Elbrus, Everest,Montblanc, Fuji
  4. 4.  Island groupsThe Azores, the Berbudas, the British IslesBut: Madagascar, Sicily,Corfu
  5. 5.  DesertsThe Sahara, the Victoria,the Great Sandy Desert,the Goby
  6. 6.  Names of countries consisting of several wordsThe USA, the UK, the British Empire, the Republic of Belarus.and the Congo, the Netherlands,the Sudan, the Philippines, the Argentine,the Vatican
  7. 7.  Parts of the worldand areasThe North Pole, the South Pole, the Arctic, the Middle East, the Mid-West, the Crimea, the North of England
  8. 8. II. Cultural Objects Museums, theatres, cinemasThe British Museum, the Louvre,the Hermitage, the Opera and Ballet House,the Odeon, the Mir
  9. 9.  Hotels, pubs, restaurants, banksThe Hilton, the Savoy, the Zhuravinka,the Swan (pub), the World Bankbut: Maxim’s,MacDonalds (restaurants),Lloyd’s Bank, Harrods,Selfridges (shops)
  10. 10.  Sports events, namesof orchestras, bandsThe Olympic Games,the World Cup, the Cup Final; the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Beatles, the Rolling Stonesbut: Wimbledon, Henley; ABBA
  11. 11.  Names of ships, trains, newspapersThe Titanic, the Avrora, the Orient Express; the Times, the Guardian, the Daily Worker
  12. 12.  Geographical names including “of-phrase”The city of London, the Gulf of Mexico, the Isle of White, the Tower of England, the Museum of Modern Art
  13. 13. Choose the right sentence Such English names as the Odeon, the Hilton, the Plaza, the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, the Titanic, the Times are known to many people all over the world. Such English names as Odeon, Hilton, Plaza, British Museum, Tate Gallery, Titanic, Times are known to many people all over world.
  14. 14. Use the article if necessary …Statue of Liberty was …gift of friendship from … France to … United States. a) The, a, -, the b) -,a, the , the c) A, a, -,-
  15. 15.  …Pamirs, which we call …Roof of … World are in …Asia. a) -, -, the,- b) The, the, the, - c) The, -, the, -
  16. 16. Fill in the articles if necessary  We took a trip around … London and We took Houses of Parliament, … and saw … a trip around London Tower saw London, …Hide Park, … Trafalgar of the Houses of Parliament, the Tower ofand many other sights in … West Square London, Hide Park, end. Trafalgar Square and many other sights in the West end.
  17. 17.  …Montblanс is … highest peak of … Alps. Montblanс is the highest peak of the Alps. … National Gallery faces … Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery faces Trafalgar Square.
  18. 18.  The Caucasus Mountains lie between … Caucasus Mountains lie between … the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.Black Sea and … Caspian Sea. …Manila is … capital of … Philippines. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. …Lake Erie is one of … five Great Lakes in … North is one of the five Great Lakes Lake Erie America. in North America.
  19. 19. 14 15 Home task
  20. 20. 14 13
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