FIDE Women's World Chess Team Championship, Astana, Kazakhstan


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World Chess Federation (FIDE) and Chess Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the honor to announce the Women`s World Chess Team Championship. The event will be held from 2nd March (arrival day) to 13th March, 2013 (departure day).

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FIDE Women's World Chess Team Championship, Astana, Kazakhstan

  1. 1. FIDE Women`s World Chess Team Championship March 2-13 2013, Astana, Kazakhstan Regulations1. Invitation. World Chess Federation (FIDE) and Chess Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the honor to announce the Women`s World Chess Team Championship. The event will be held from 2nd March (arrival day) to 13th March, 2013 (departure day).2. Participants.2.1 Federations. According to FIDE Regulations the following national Federations are entitled to send a team: China, Russia, Ukraine, India, Romania, France, USA, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.2.2 Composition of teams 4 players + 1 reserve player = 5 1 Team Captain Total: 6 persons2.3 Travel expenses: are incurred by the participating national Federations. Accommodation costs: each delegation will be provided free 6 single rooms (meals are included) in “Duman” hotel.2.4 Players` Obligations: а) all players are obliged to participate opening and closing ceremony. b) the tournament will be played according to the zero tolerance rule which is valid following the 1st July, 2009 с) all participating federations accept that they will follow the FIDE and Event rules.3. Venue. The tournament will take place at Duman hotel complex, Astana, Kazakhstan.4. Registration and Travel.4.1 The above mentioned Federations are obliged to send to the Organizer the list of players and name of a captain by 5th February, 2013.4.2 Each participating Federation has to submit to the Administrator the following information: • name of the chief of delegation • name of the team captain; • name of each member of the team (full name, additional names, surname); • FIDE id and rating of the members of the team (according to the most recent FIDE
  2. 2. rating-list); • any information required in connection with visas.4.3 Travel details.The venue is Duman hotel complex, the city of Astana. The venue is in the modern centre of thecapital of Kazakhstan. Astana International Airport takes flights from all over the world.Site: Each Federation must cover their own travel expenses to the airport of Astana. The cost ofthe transfer from Astana airport to Duman Hotel is 75 Euro both way (airport - hotel - airport)for each person.5. Terms of Payment5.1 Payment for hotel and transfer must be made before February 20, 2013.5.2 As soon as the payment transfer is confirmed, the Organizing committee will send aconfirmation to the appropriate chess Federation. Besides, all confirmed registration will bedeclared on the official web site, where Federations may check their participants` situation on adaily basic.5.3 Bank transfersAll bank commissions should be paid by sender.Bank details:«Kaz Management Group» ltdBIN 090740016700EUR KZ966010111000047398Address: 2a, Korgalzhynskoe road, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000В АО «Halyk Bank Kazakhstan»BIC HSBKKZKX6. Accommodation6.1 Full board accommodation will be offered at the Duman hotel complex in Astana booked bythe Organizing committee. At the hotel there will be free Wi-Fi access in the lobby and rooms toall participants.6.2 Accommodation cost for guests and journalists must be paid in advance. Payment will bedone only in Euros6.3 All accommodation cost for the participants will be from 2nd March (00:00) to 13th March,2013 (12 a.m.)If the participant arrives earlier or leaves later, he will pay the difference of the nights as it is
  3. 3. mentioned below. Category Standard cost Standard room 125 Euro Standard double 140 Euro Deluxe 190 EuroTo the room cost is included:Breakfast for one person at Tomiris restaurant from 7 to 11 a.m.Cost of food for the guests, journalists - 50 EUR per day.Rooms will be booked on the principle FCFS (First Come First Served). All participants areobliged to stay at the Official Hotels and book the rooms via Kazakhstan Chess Federation.7. Technical Subjects7.1 Laws of Chess:The general FIDE rules with supplements and interpretations stated by the FIDE RulesCommission have to be applied. Also there will be in force the following specific regulations forWomen`s World Chess Team Championship.7.2 System of play:The tournament will be held according to all-play-all basic; each team shall play one matchagainst every other team.7.3 Time control:The time limit is 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game. Anincrement of 30 seconds per move, starting from 1 move will be added after each move. Thegames have to played using FIDE approved electronic clocks.7.4 Scoring:The place of each team in the order of the classification will be determined by the number ofmatch points it has scored (won match = 2 points, drawn match = 1 point).7.5 If any teams finish a match with equal match points, the tie shall be interpret as thefollows:1.By total game points (each individual win = 1 point, each individual drawn = half point);2.If in that case the results are tie again, the scores obtained by the tying teams against eachother will be decisive;3.If in that case the results are tie again, then the Berger system must be used ;4.If the results are tie again, the decision must be made by board count (the Berlin system) asfollows:A win on board 1-4 pointsA win on board 2-3 pointsA win on board 3-2 pointsA win on board 4-1 point
  4. 4. In case of drawn games these points are shared.If the board-count results claims no victory for each team, then the board points on Board 4 arecancelled and so on upwards until the tie is broken.5.If in that case results of the teams applying for the medals are still tie, these teams has to playa match against each other at a fast time-rate (15 minutes per player for the entire game);6.If this match is indecisive, lots have to be thrown.7.6 Trophy:The winning team at the World Chess Team Championship for Women gets a special trophy.7.7 Medals:Each member of the winning team (players, reserve players and the captain) gets gold medals.Similarly the team which has taken the second place, gets silver medals; and the team, whichhas taken the third place, gets bronze medals.8. Tournament scheduleDay_1 Saturday 02.03.2013 ArrivalDay_2 Sunday 03.03.2013 Round 1Day_3 Monday 04.03.2013 Round 2Day_4 Tuesday 05.03.2013 Round 3Day_5 Wednesday 06.03.2013 Round 4Day_6 Thursday 07.03.2013 Round 5Day_7 Friday 08.03.2013 Free dayDay_8 Saturday 09.03.2013 Round 6Day_9 Sunday 10.03.2013 Round 7Day_10 Monday 11.03.2013 Round 8Day_11 Tuesday 12.03.2013 Round 9 and Closing CeremonyDay_12 Wednesday 13.03.2013 Departure9. JournalistsAll journalists who wish to participate in the event may contact the organizers and should beaccredited. The press room will have an ADSL internet connection as well as other facilities.10. PromotionAnyone who wishes to rent a promotional stand should contact the organizers for rentalconditions. Without approval of Chess Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan no one (exceptFIDE and Asian Chess Federation) will be allowed to use promotional space to have stand formerchandise or other services.11. Information about visas11.1The Federations or players who need assistance with their visas are asked to contact the Organizing Committee before 5th February, 2013. Participants should send scanned copies
  5. 5. of passports and questionnaires.11.2If possible, the Organizing Committee will assist in the issuance of visas on arrival at the airport.11.3The Tournament Director will provide official invitations only after all payments are effected (transfer and accommodation fees for each additional member of the delegation).12. Weather conditionsIn March it is cold in Astana, around -5 to -15 ° C, snow and rain is possible to fall at this time.13. ElectricityThe standard voltage in Kazakhstan is 220 Volts. Twin round plugs are commonly used.14. Prizes14.1 Teams who have taken 1-3 place, get the following prizes• 1st place: 9375 Euro• 2nd place: 7000 Euro• 3d place: 2375 Euro14.2 Players assigned to the same board number in their respective team lists will be incompetition with each other for an individual board prize. For the purpose of this award, theplayers` percentage scores from their games will be compared. Only the following will beeligible for board prizes:Players who took part in at least 60% of the rounds;Reserve players who took part in at least 50% of the rounds.Total 7,500 € (Euro) prize fund shall be divided between as follows;• Each Board 1st place: 750 €• Each Board 2nd place: 500 €• Each Board 3rd place: 250 €15. Other matters15.1 The prize fund and any grants shall be paid by the organizers at or before the closingceremony.15.2 FIDE and the Organizer shall not be responsible if any national tax has to be deducted fromthe prize money or for any tax obligations of the participants in their respective counties.15.3 At any time in the course of the application of these regulations any grounds that are notcovered or any unforeseen event shall be referred to the FIDE President for final decision.16. Contact informationThe Tournament Director: Ms. Mukazhanova AliyaPhone: +77172 791518 Mobile phone: +7701 5887622E-mail:, kaz-chess@mail.ruAll listed above Federations are responsible to send their player information and details withtravel itinerary to the Tournament Director.