50 Things You Won T Find Out About Me On Facebook


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50 Things You Won T Find Out About Me On Facebook

  1. 1. 50 things you won’t find out about me on Facebook
  2. 2. My family nickname is Rabbit
  3. 3. My husband calls me Maddy
  4. 4. I hate being called Mad!
  5. 5. My Dad joined the Navy aged 13
  6. 6. My Mum was accepted in to both the Royal College of Music & St Martin’s College of Art
  7. 7. My Brother is a six foot six gentle giant
  8. 8. My Brother is married with three beautiful little girls
  9. 9. When I was young I wanted to be a classical ballet dancer
  10. 10. When I was 11 I danced in the Nutcracker with the London Festival Ballet
  11. 11. I also danced with Nureyev at the Sadler’s Well theatre in London
  12. 12. In 1983 I was Junior Dog Trainer of the Year
  13. 13. I had a dog who literally eat my homework, my school shoes & my car
  14. 14. I had a cat who once stole the dinner I was cooking right out of the fry pan
  15. 15. I wrote off my first car crashing in to a fire hydrant
  16. 16. I flooded the Prime Ministers Lodge when I crashed my car
  17. 17. I’ve broken almost every toe in both feet – that’s what you get for dancing on point
  18. 18. I broke my nose doing a magnificent tumble turn off a mini tramp by missing the mats & forgetting to put my hands down
  19. 19. I can trace my family back to the Doomsday book
  20. 20. My Great Aunt served in the Women’s Royal Army Corp in Europe through World War II
  21. 21. My first career choice was as an artist
  22. 22. As an artist I discovered I made a much better designer
  23. 23. As a designer I found I made a much better project manager
  24. 24. Through uni I worked at a jewellers stringing pearls
  25. 25. My first job as a designer was designing bar codes for shampoo bottles
  26. 26. I was an AFA Trainee at Lintas in 1993
  27. 27. I transferred to Ammirati Puris Lintas London in 1996
  28. 28. I left London for New York on the day of the Soho nail bombing
  29. 29. In New York I lived in a fifth floor walk up with no air conditioning through the hottest summer on record
  30. 30. I’ve shot commercials on Hollywood movie sets, mountain ranges in Alaska & the sand dunes of Botany Bay
  31. 31. My favourite book is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
  32. 32. I am currently listening to anything by Beethoven or Prokofiev
  33. 33. My most out there adventure was trekking with chimpanzees in Tanzania
  34. 34. My scariest moment was when Frodo the chimp went on a bit of a rampage pulling up trees and drumming his fists on anything he could just because it was raining
  35. 35. Nothing scares me more than the prospect of something really bad happening to my family
  36. 36. My most heart wrenching moment was learning that my cousin had died in a car accident aged 19
  37. 37. I will never stop thinking how incredible it was for my son to have kidney reflex diagnosed in utero - which saved him from the prospect of needing a kidney transplant
  38. 38. My husband fell in love with me in New York over pizza, beer & videos
  39. 39. I first met my husband when I was four at a neighbours swimming pool party
  40. 40. My two boys think I make the best pancakes in the world
  41. 41. I love seeing my children discover things for the first time in their life
  42. 42. I can make a dragon costume out of 3 pieces of cardboard, an egg carton & a red ribbon
  43. 43. I can turn a scribble, a piece of string or even a pea into a story of great adventure
  44. 44. I can turn any leftovers in to a meal
  45. 45. My kids will eat anything I make for them except roast beetroot risotto
  46. 46. I love gardening
  47. 47. I hate capers
  48. 48. I love chocolate
  49. 49. I don’t know how to do fractions
  50. 50. I love a good old fashioned conversation with good friends
  51. 51. I can’t spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious