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  • 1. London Quiz: circle the correct answer or write Name: _______ 1) What is the name of this building? A) London Dungeons, B) Royal Albert Hall; C) Buckingham Palace; D) Sherlock Holmes Museum 2) The London Dungeons is a museum of . . . A) history and torture; B) wax figures; C) earliest transport and vechicles in London; D) the Roman Empire 3) What is the name of this site? Answer: __________ 4) Where can you see Victorian Engine rooms? A) in the Tower of London; B) in the Shad, C) in the Tower Bridge Exhibition; D) in Royal Albert Hall 5) Portobello Market lies on Portobello Road. How long is it? A) 400 yards, B) 2 miles; C) 10 miles, D) 20 miles 6) What part of London is Portobello Market located? A) Notting Hill; B) Kensington; C) Greenwich; D) Chelsea 7) When was the Emirates Air Line opened? A) 28 June 1982; B) 28 June 1992; C) 28 June 2002; D) 28 June 2012 8) What is the name of the traditional coronation and burial site of an English and British monarchs? 9) What can you see in this museum? Answer: __________ 10) What is the name of this famous building? Answer: ___________ 11) When did Buckingham Palace become an official royal residence? A) 1637; B) 1737; C) 1837; D) 1937 12) What is the Ritz? A) a famous restaurant; B) a famous museum; C) a famous park; D) a famous hotel 13) What is the name of this building? Answer: __________ 14) What kind of building is known as Wembley? 15) What museum is located at 221B Baker Street? A) London Transport Museum; B) Madame Tussauds; C) Tower Bridge Exhibition; D) Sherlock Holmes 16) What is HMS Belfast?