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Koverentsi esitlus


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Water - The Spring of LifeKehtnaBasicSchoolFrench 3
  • 2. Our every Thursday’s meetings: planning,discussion, studying, communication
  • 3. Project meeting in Spain
  • 4. Project meeting in Sicily
  • 5. Project meeting in Turkey
  • 6. Project meeting in France
  • 7. Teematilised õhtudPizza night in our Youth Centre
  • 8. Sicilian night at school
  • 9. Excursion in Tallinn
  • 10. Winter hike in Keava bog
  • 11. Water park in Pärnu
  • 12. Celebrity hunt –Estonians and peoplewithEstonian roots1) Arvo Pärt2) Carmen Kass3) Lembit Öpik4) Neeme Järvi5) Toomas Henrik Ilves6) Mark Kalev Kostabi7) Kristina Smigun-Vähi8) Age Oks,Toomas Edur9) Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu,ja Jaan Tallinn (Skype)10) Tanel Padar
  • 13. Design: Ies Concepcion Arenal
  • 14. How do you evaluate the quality?Very goodSatisfactoryBad
  • 15. How much do you consume bottledwater?
  • 16. How do you do the washing up?A.- by hand,usingrunningwaterB.- by hand,turning offthe tap attimesC.- using adishwasher
  • 17. Studying the flora and faunaFoto: Meeli Jänes
  • 18. Date Students &TeachersWeather Water Fauna5 April Katre, Meeli, Gladis,Johannes, Larsen,Hans-Martty, KenetSunny, butchillyCovered with ice,water at the shore+0.7 Cunder ice, not visible12 April Johannes, Larsen,Hans, Gladis, Katre,Edda, MeeliClear,sunny, wind0-0,2m/s,air +12 CMostly icy, water +6C, odourless,pH 6-7Chaffinch was singing19 April Larsen, Hans-Martty,Johannes, Raigo,Katresunny Mostly icy, water+5.5 C, odourless,pH 4-6, colourbrownishGrey crow, wild duck,white stork26 April Larsen, Johannes,Gladis,Meelisunny Ice has melted,water + 8C,pH 6-71 brit of a cruciancarp, commonbackswimmer, 7 wildducks, 1 common frog
  • 19. Evelyn Kurg
  • 20. Observing water birds at MatsaluNature ParkFoto: Katre Luik
  • 21. Presentations on water
  • 22. Ettekanded Eesti järvedest, jõgedest, jugadest,põhjaveest ja soodestEesti vesikonnad
  • 23. Water in us4 and a half bucketsof water / about thatmuch water does abody of an adultcontain. 2/3 of thewater is in cells, 1/5between the cells andthe rest is flowing inblood vessels,lymphatic glands andin the brain.
  • 24. Renewable natural resource -water• Water is renewable,however its resources arelimited• Fresh water is becomingmost limited• 2/3 of the Earth iscovered by water, but only3% is fresh water of which1% is accessible
  • 25. Polluted water•Rubbish drop by humansand companies* Uncleaned sewage water* Uncleaned industrial water•Acid rain• oil pollution / spillage
  • 26. AlderBeaverPondsnailKingcupMinkDragonflyWillowArrowheadCrowfootOtterWhite-throated dipperKingfisherphytoplanktoncrayfishCaddisflyBurbotBrown troutperchMussel
  • 27. Taking part in the program aboutthe Baltic Sea. In TartuFoto: Evelyn Kurg
  • 28. Veesõnastiku koostamineLaine - on võnkuv vesi, mille kõrgus võib küündida mitmekümnetemeetriteni. Lained tekivad tuule või maavõngete tagajärjel. Lainedrõõmustavad surfareid, kuid võivad takistada laevaliiklust.Wave - is quavering water. Its height can be up to tens of meters.Waves are caused by wind or by seismic activity. Waves can makesurfers happy, but also can interfere sea traffic.
  • 29. Water legendsEvita Lohu
  • 30. Photo huntAivi Ulp
  • 31. Water Week: excursion toKehtna’s water plantFoto: Meeli Jänes
  • 32. * 40 m* 40 metres deep well* NaOCl is added* 120-150 m3 isconsumed daily
  • 33. Water week: visiting waterdisposal plant at KehtnaFoto: Meeli Jänes
  • 34. Water programme at KohilaEnvironment CentreJohannesGladis Larsen
  • 35. Water Week: Testing mineralwaters
  • 36. Board games
  • 37. Playing board gamesLarsenJohannes
  • 38. Water Quiz
  • 39. Thank you for your attention!