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  • 1. 1) The maximum annual precipitation has been 1158 mm. Whereabout in Estonia was it measured and when? (county, name of the villiage and year)2) Which waterfall is it? It has the wolrd’s longest free fall - 807 m without obstruction. The waterfall was named after an American adventurer, gold digger and pilot who had found it in 1933. A national park in the size of 2/3 of Estonia was established there where only 10,000 people live today, most of them being of Indian tribes.3) Which type of clouds are these?4) What is the name of this 55-metre high lighthouse in the photo? It is the second highest lighthouse in Spain.
  • 2. 5) The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal with its deepest part 1637 m. How many rivers flow into the Baikal?6) You can see a substance something between snow and ice which is common in glaciers. What is the exact weather term for such substance?7) What is the chemical name for water using just one word?8) What is the name of this water body? Its area is 600 km², deepest point 316 m, brininess 340‰ and length of the coastline 135 km.9) Which river flows through the following Italian towns: Firenze, Empoli, Pisa?10) The French say about “this” niege, the Italians neve, Turkish kar, Spanish nieve. What is “this” in Estonian?