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England England Presentation Transcript

  • England
    The Lake District, Nottingham, the Yorkshire Dales, Uffington Hills, Cornwall, Eden Project, Hurst Peninsula
    July 2010 – October 2010
    By Evelyn Kurg
  • The map of England
    Isle of Wight
    Hurd Peninsula (west of Isle of Wight)
    Eden Project (north-west of Exmouth)
    Uffington (South-East of Oxford)
    Sherwood Forest (North of Nottingham)
    Yorkshire Dales (North of Leeds)
    Lake District
    Hadrian Wall (near Carlisle, on the Scottish border)
  • Nottingham
    292,000 people (2008)
    Best-known companies: Boots(pharmacy and cosmetics), Siemens (electrical devices), Speedo (sport clothes and equipment)
    Main tourist attractions: Nottingham Caves, Sherwood Forest, shopping in Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, visiting the museum of the Galleries of Justice
  • Nottingham Caves – terrible smell (leather), around +10C year round, damp, dark, stuffy
  • He is said to be 35 years old and 1.55 tall.
    Nottingham Caves – made people short, age quicker and die at an early age
  • Digging out a mammoth tooth
  • The City of Caves
    The caves were inhabited already before 11th century
    Many were inhabited until 1845, when rental of cellars and caves as homes for the poor was banned
    Was used as an air raid shelter during WWII and is open to the public today
    You can learn about the appalling living conditions in the Victorian slum
    was banned – keelustati; air raid shelter – õhurünnakute varjend; slum- agul
  • The oldest inn in England, established in 1189 AD
  • Landscape near Sherwood Forest – most of the forest is cut down. Robin Hood was believed to live in this area.
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Hadrian’s Wall
    The Romans started to build it 122AD
    It took 6 years to complete it
    3) It used to be 117km long, 3-6 metres wide
    4) There were many forts built on the route
    Fort - kindlus
  • Lake District – has the highest mountains in England
  • Scafell Pike 978 metres
  • In England you can put up a tent only in private camping sites which all cost. (£5 - £20 per person). Very often there are 1,000 or more people in one camping site, each tent has to be at least 6 metres apart.
    Camping in Lake District
  • Lake District
    Mountainous region in
    North-West England
    Lake District National Park is the largest of all 13 national parks in England and Wales
    The highest peak is Scafell Pike (978 metres)
  • On the motorway, to Plymouth – you can drive up to 70 miles per hour, many people drive with 90-100 miles per hour. There are no policemen checking your speed, but many automatic speeding cameras.
  • The Isle of Wight, seen from Hurst Peninsula
  • Uffington Hills, White Horses
  • Pendon Model Railway Museum
  • Plymouth – these colourful bathing huts are owned or rented out.
  • View from the hotel, Plymouth
  • Cornwall was once conquered by Celtic tribes and a distinctive language has remained in use. All signs are in English and Cornish. Cornish is similar to Welsh language.
  • County of Cornwall: rocky, lots of pastures and some farmland, no forests, windier and chillier than in other places in England, lot of sheep
  • Eden Project, in Cornwall near small town St Austell
  • About Eden Project
    It is the world’s largest greenhouse
    The project took 2½ years to construct and opened to the public on 17 March 2001.
    There are: 2 biomes, planted landscapes, vegetable gardens, sculptures ( giant bee and a robot )
    Located in the county of Cornwall, 5km from town St Austell
  • Eden Project was built into closed quarry
  • Life without plants: no food, no furniture, no clothes, no oxygen....
  • What happens if there were no plants on Earth?
  • On the skating rink
  • The Bee
  • Vegetable Garden – can be enjoyed in restaurants and cafes and bought from the Eden Project shop
  • Tropical / Rainforest Biome
  • Rainforests
    How many? - Over 1,100 different species, roughly 16,000 individual plants grow in the biome
    How hot? - Temperature in the dome ranges from +18C to +35C, humidity 90% (on 24 Oct 2010 it was +27C)
    How big? - Rainforests cover 5% of the Earth and are home to half the world’s plant and animal species.
  • Where? - South-East Asia, tropical islands, West Africa, Tropical South America
  • In the Tropical Biome – Malaysia. High humidity causes such “fog”.
  • In the Tropical Biome - Waterfall
  • Spice Ship
  • Mediterranean Biome
    Where? – around the Mediterranean Sea, South Africa, South West Australia, Central Chile, and California have the Mediterranean climate.
    How hot? - Mediterranean climate is defined by hot, dry summers and frost-free, rainy winters, 30-40C in the summer (in the dome +9 to +25C)
    What plants? - citrus, olives, herbs and vines, aloes, poppies, lupins,
  • Orange tree
  • North American deserts, a type of aloe
  • Cork oak tree – what is made of it?
  • Tobacco
  • Raising funds for an owl hospital
  • Vineyard – characters from Greek mythology
  • Thank you for your attention!
    31 October – this pumpkin lantern was carved in Eden Projectbe- this r
    Reference: www.wikipedia.org; www.edenproject.co.uk;