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  • 1. Directors PitchConclusion
  • 2. To summarise our research I have created a PowerPoint slideshow concluding all of the information we have gathered about thevideo, digipacks and advertand why we have chosen to create each one in the way we have.
  • 3. Video.Aim: To create a narrative storyline, showing a relation between the music videovisuals and the lyrics in the song.Why: We made this decision based on the research carried out from previousmusic videos made by other artists within the same genre, along with the researchwe carried out with our target audience. For example a music video Ideconstructed was ‘So What’ by artist ‘Pink’, who displayed clear relation betweenher visuals - which denoted her anger from breaking up with her boyfriend - andher lyrics which were all about the relationship, which was shown in the title of thesong ‘So What’. Morgan also states that ¾ of her music video deconstructionsshowed various links between visuals and a storyline. For example in herdeconstruction of ‘Kelly Clarkson’s’ song called ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’, she singsthe words ‘come back swinging’, then the video shows people swinging a baseballbat. This follows this idea by showing clear link with the visuals of swinging the batand the lyrics ‘swinging’. From our target audience feedback we asked what ouraudience expect to see in a singer songwriter music video. The feedback wegathered showed that most answered with a narrative storyline being the mostexpected factor within these music videos.
  • 4. How We Will Include It: Taking this on board along with our own evidence fromthe music videos we personally deconstructed we began to think of different waysin which we could include a narrative storyline that matched visuals into our musicvideo. One of our ideas is to have our artist kiss her ‘lover’ on the cheek, then shutthe door in his face when she is singing the lyrics ‘kiss him on the cheek, thenleave him wanting more’. Stage performance was another popular answer that wefound from our target audience feedback when we asked what they would expectto see. Therefore we also plan to include some shots of our artist singing onstage, although it is not a common thing singer songwriters include in theirvideos, we have found it can be a very effective way of making the audience feelapart of the artists music because it is like they are there watching theperformance. This is a common characteristic of singer songwriter music videosand therefore is we add the stage performance scenes in we will be adding morecriteria of your typical singer songwriter music video.
  • 5. Digipacks.Aim: To create an attractive digipack using the characteristics we haveresearched from other singer songwriters digipacks so that ours fits into theexpected criteria for our target audience.Why: Due to the extensive research on singer songwriter digipacks us as a groupcarried out, we found there were specific characteristics we should consider whencreating our own. Alice states that one being that the name of the artist is clearlyvisible to read, some with bold lettering. She found this example on ‘Lady Gaga’s’digipack called ‘The Fame Monster’, which features a large photograph of theartist along with her name and digipack title. I also found this when Ideconstructed ‘Pixie Lott’s’ digipack called ‘Pixie Lott’, which also had a largepicture of the artist and her name in bold too. This features explored on bothartist’s digipacks creates a clear image of whos digipack it is, helping their targetaudiences instantly be able to read the front cover and see the large picture of theartist too. Another characteristic that Alice found was that there was a clearrelation between the artwork of the deconstructed digipacks and the personality ortheme of the digipack. She found this within ‘Adele’s’ digipack called ‘21’, whichwas all about heartbreak and sadness which was then emphasised with the blackand white colours on the digipack which connoted sadness through the dark anddull colours. Although sadness maybe not be what someone would want to
  • 6. effective. I also discovered this characteristic when deconstructing ‘Leona Lewis’’digipack called ‘Spirit’, which was also about heart-break and love. This was alsoemphasised through the use of colour. The digipack is mostly dark and black whichconnoted the same love-loss idea from the loss of bright colour, again veryeffective for our target audience as they could get a feel for the album before theyhave even listened to it.How We Will Include It: When constructing our target audience research for ourdigipack we found that our audience prefer to have good artwork on the digipackinstead of just plain boring artwork, because they feel they are getting more fortheir money. Therefore we plan to create our digipack with unique artwork that willstand out to out target audience, but at the same time keeping the idea ofemphasising the theme of the digipack through colours. We will have bright coloursto display the happy theme to the digipack, as well as a large picture of the artiston the front cover, also with fridge magnet letters to display the title of the digipackas this is one of the shots in the music video. By keeping these themes throughoutthe digipack we will be using the popular characteristics used by other singersongwriters we have researched, at the same time as setting a preview of what isto come in the music video with the use of fridge magnets.
  • 7. Advert.Aim: To create an advert suitable for our singer songwriter genre including all of thepopular characteristics that make a good advert stand out to our target audience.Why: Through extensive amounts of research into how singer songwriters tend toadvertise themselves through adverts we came up with good conclusions as towhat these common factors are. Charlotte states that when she researched intoboth Katy Perry and Jessie J’s adverts she found that both artists had put anenlarged picture of their digipack cover along with important information forexample the release and tour dates. I also found this in my advertdeconstructions, the ‘Dub’ magazine deconstruction in particular because again theartist put a picture of his album on the front cover and instead of giving releasedates it offers an insight into the new album, therefore following the same patternthat Charlotte discovered. Branding appeared to be another strong characteristic ofthe singer songwriter adverts for example Charlotte found that Katy Perry usedpictures of candy floss clouds throughout her digipack advertised so that heraudience would recognise this brand if they were to see her album or music elsewhere. I also found this within my research, an example being the way the artist‘Pink’ writes her name on her albums or in fact anything she takes part in.
  • 8. She uses an exclamation mark instead of an ‘I’ in the word ‘Pink’. This is anincredibly effective way to brand and a definite other to take into considerationwhen we create our advert.How We Will Include It: To ensure our advert fits into the criteria of a singersongwriter advert we will use all of our gathered research and create our advertwith specific required characteristics. We have decided to use the similar idea ofdisplaying the digipack cover as well as the artist, along with the importantinformation like release date of digipack, release date of download and a hitsingle that the digipack includes. We are also going to use a rounded font for ourdigipack, so therefore going to use this within our advert so our audience canmake a link between the digipack and advert helping them to recognise it as abrand. To enhance this branding idea which seems to be incredibly effective weare also going to use paint splashes on the digipack front cover as a way ofbeing colorful and attractive yet setting a sign for our target audience torecognise. This enables us to be able to use paint splashes if more digipackswere to be created, so our target audience would instantly be able to recognisethe brand and artist. All of these characteristics that we will include within ouradvert will allow us to produce a fun and attractive advertisement for our digipackand artist, as well as having the characteristics help establish what the genre ofthe digipack is.