Insight To Cancer Research UK’s Social Communities


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ad:tech London 2012

Insight To Cancer Research UK’s Social Communities

Sebastian Underhill, Co-founder & Director of Social, 33Seconds
Aaron Eccles, Social Media Manager, Cancer Research UK

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  • Learn how CRUK have used social media over the last 18 months to support key marketing initiatives and become the leading charity on social media in the UK.
  • Explain what a back sign is.Drove brand awareness at launch by prompting a ground swell of social engagement around sign up messages – particularly at launch through a series of compelling, creative weekly challenges. Culminated in a World Record AttemptRemember why they come to your communityEncourage them to do the things they already like doingRSVP, Photos etc*Live example of EyeEm
  • Reach – beg james for a stat
  • SHOW BRAND AD??RELEVANT RESPONSE: Insight into how we’re working in specific areasCancer informationSign postingA simple acknowledgementOther Main Campaign Objectives:Putting the work of CRUK ‘front of mind’ throughout the ‘Mass Media - DR’ brand campaign period – increasing sentiment and likelihood of donationDispel myths in terms of how our money is spent and the results we achieveDirect / signpost the community into the website to find out more, seek support, donate or fundraiseCounter negative brand perceptionsCreated a facebook landing tab which we promoted using sponsored stories and page post ads targeting our fans and friends of our fansThe 2011 Brand Campaign focused on loved ones, friends and relatives and their experience of someone close to them being diagnosed with, but ultimately surviving, cancer thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK. The social media element of the campaign focused on improving donation consideration amongst our existing social audience and their extended networks; by bringing the range, quality and impact of Cancer Research UK’s work to life in their Facebook newsfeeds. We achieved this by asking our existing social supporters (Facebook fans) to tell us their cancer story and by making a very public commitment to respond to each individually with either an impact statement, a message of support or recognition or sign-posting assistance.  By engaging with each fan’s post – CRUK was able to position a positive B2C statement in the newsfeeds of our supporters whilst also positioning a positive P2P endorsement of our brand in the newsfeeds of their friends. No mean feat! Rather than attempting a more overt traditional ‘direct’ fundraising ask – the hope was that we could create an integrated social media campaign which formed an extension of the main TV ad,working in tandem with both the on and offline paid direct response fundraising campaigns.
  • RelevanceResponding to stories and signposting – involvingSimple powerful idea, but required, significant prep and a degree of risk… The community were engaged but the campaign had such an emotional impact on all staff involved it was deemed necessary to have a wrap up and debrief following the campaign
  • *Live example of new brand creative – interactive image - - As with other advertising channels we’ve applied knowledge and optimised the campaign from last yearUtilising the new brand logo creative to embody the new brand positioning: “For you, because of you, thanks to you”Presenting user generated content alongside brand content to reflect the coming together of the #CollectiveForceJust like last year it’s extremely important to the brand that we recognise our supporter contributions, and this year we wanted to do that in an innovative, creative wayUtilising innovative interactive image technology to progressively building the new logo from supporter contributionsDirecting user content contributions by giving them a series of social media asks designed to give our fans a reason to easily spread the word for us
  • Thanks to our supporters, our social channels have come a long way in the last 18 months Five CRUK Facebook pages grew to more than 620,000 total fans, up from around 200,000 in May 2011Main @CR_UK Twitter account has grown from 18,000 followers to around 47,000Google+ page has seen huge growth in recent months with nearly 127,000 followersCancer Research UK came top of the Social Charity 100 index in September, 2011We came 4th (top charity) in a global index of brands who use social media, called the Social Brands 100
  • Insight To Cancer Research UK’s Social Communities

    2. 2. Contents • Who we are • How CRUK used social media to support marketing initiatives (becoming one of the top charities using Social Media in the UK) • 4 Campaigns: 1. Race for Life 2012 2. Plain Packaging: The answer is plain 3. Brand Campaign: 2011 + 2012 4. Stand Up To Cancer • Summary of achievements2 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    3. 3. WHO WE ARE1
    4. 4. Who We Are and How We Work Together AARON ECCLES SEB UNDERHILL SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER AT CANCER RESEARCH UK DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MARKETING AT 33SECONDS• Who we are: • Who we are: • Cancer Research UK is the worlds leading • A specialist Social Media Marketing and PR agency independent charity dedicated to cancer research • social media for brands and organisations • PR for social tech companies • relationship building between brands and European tech community• Role within the organisation • Services we provide to Cancer Research UK: • Oversee all social media activity and strategy across • Social media marketing strategies the charity • Campaign Implementation • Co-ordinate social media stakeholders • Creative Production • Community manager of main CRUK channels • Consultancy 4 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    6. 6. Our approach to social media • Social media sits within the Cancer Research UK communications team, but works closely with the digital and brand teams • In some cases, specific products such as Race for Life have their own community managers • Integrated within all campaigns, from fundraising to lobbying to health and awareness • Long term view of social media allows for year on year campaign optimisation • Regular Social Media Managers Forum sessions – information sharing, co-ordination • Agencies brought on board for individual campaigns when necessary • 33Seconds is our retained social media agency and works on big campaigns like Race for Life and our annual brand campaign • New technology spotlight sessions delivered to Social Media Managers Forum by 33Seconds • How this works in practice…6 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    7. 7. RACE FOR LIFE 20121
    8. 8. Race for Life 2012 What is Race for Life • The UK’s largest women only fundraising event • 250 events nationwide • 18th year What were the key goals • Drive brand awareness (particularly around launch) • Drive race entries & supporter fundraising What we did: • Channelled enthusiasm and positive sentiment • 100k Interaction Challenge • Equipped the community with a set of tools to engage • Encouraged photo sharing & location specific engagement (Partnership with EyeEm) • Supported earned activity with a modest paid budget8
    9. 9. Race for Life 2012 Results: • Created 100k+ positive interactions and 10m+ impressions around the 2012 campaign launch • Met and exceeded sign up KPI’s from social activity overall • Equipped Race for Life with a best in class photo sharing tool which can live on for future campaigns9
    10. 10. THE ANSWER IS PLAIN2
    11. 11. The answer is plain…11 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    12. 12. The answer is plainA tough sell and a powerful opponent • It’s about protecting children • Government opened consultation on whether cigarettes should be sold in plain, standardised packaging • We needed to show the power of brands and explain that cigarettes are one brand our kids can live without • Primarily a social campaign • We worked across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • We engaged bloggers and social advocates • Media spend allowed us to promote the video through seeding and Facebook ads • PR and social media “Baghead” stunt brought life to the campaign • Results • 257,000 video views • 79,000 petition signatures • More than 5,500 public mentions of the campaign on Twitter and in blogs (not including retweets) • 6 paper bags lit on fire by friends of the tobacco industry • Learnings • People who disagree will be the most vocal – be prepared! • Petitions need to be accessible via mobiles!12 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    13. 13. BRANDCAMPAIGNS 3
    14. 14. Brand Campaign 2011 – Share your story with us…14 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    15. 15. Brand Campaign 2011 – Share your story with us What is the brand campaign? • Biggest annual promotional campaign, across TV, radio, print & digital marketing channels • An opportunity to bring the brand to life • Demonstrating who we are, what we do and why we need the support of the public What were the main objectives of the campaign? • To build a deeper relationship with supporters • Drive direct supporter engagement with the brand • Build loyalty & consideration to donate amongst our existing social audience and their extended networks; • Create a halo impact on fundraising What We Did: • Using the TV ad as inspiration we asked supporters to share their cancer story with us on Facebook & Twitter… and made a promise to respond to every story with a relevant response15 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    16. 16. Brand Campaign 2011 – Share your story with usThis was a huge effort which brought teams from across the charity together How We Prepared: • Execution of a predefined content plan designed to direct and inspire the stories we received • Dedicated community management support around the clock • Prepared staff with an arsenal of information • Two sign off levels – to ensure accuracy and brand integrity • Wrap up session with all involved to reflect Results • Hundreds of stories shared • Community growth: 23,545 new fans in 2 weeks • Halo impact on fundraising16 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    17. 17. Brand Campaign 2012A new brand positioning and creativetreatment that lends itself to social media: What are we doing: • Utilising the new brand logo creative to embody the #CollectiveForce against cancer which the new logo represents • Presenting user generated content alongside brand content to reflect the coming together of the #CollectiveForce • Delivering this through innovative interactive image technology to progressively build the new logo from supporter contributions • Soliciting user content contributions by giving them a series of social media asks17 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    18. 18. STAND UP TO CANCER4
    19. 19. Stand Up To Cancer19 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    20. 20. Stand Up To CancerThe Challenge: Create a massive social campaign and community in two months What is Stand Up To Cancer? • Massive US telethon • Brought to the UK this year as part of a partnership between CRUK and Channel 4 • On air October 19th How do we get people on side? • Coordinated push on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube • Targeted ad spend • Support from current CRUK and C4 communities • Famous faces • Messages of hope How we’re doing so far • 51,000+ Facebook fans • 1,100 Twitter followers • 10,000 video views Challenges • Lots of partners – CRUK, C4, US SU2C (sign off can take a while) • Content – when the show hasn’t happened yet, you start to run out of content pretty quickly! • Growing Twitter – Facebook growth can be complemented by ad spend but Twitter is more difficult • Finding our own voice – tone must be different from CRUK, C4, US show, etc 20 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    21. 21. SUMMARY
    22. 22. Summary 620K Google+ Community size Twitter Community size 127KFB Community size 47K 200K 18K May11 Sep2012 May11 Sep2012 May11 Sep2012 Cancer Research UK came top of the Guardian Social Charity 100 index 2011 Cancer Research UK 4th (top charity) in the Social Brands 100 2012 22 Wednesday, 19 September 2012 AdTech London
    23. 23. @aarontecc FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @globalsebAaron