"A diary of a Captive" pitch


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"A diary of a Captive" pitch

  1. 1. The Diary of a Captive Genre: Teen Drama / Suspense / Mystery / Thriller
  2. 2. What is the film about • • Summary: A girl is kidnapped and is held hostage and the audience listens to the story of her life which is told from her diary / perspective. The diary reveals that the antagonist of the story is the girl’s teacher and the audience is shown flashbacks of the teacher watching the student during school
  3. 3. Production Company We decided to use Film 4 as our production company because of the influence of our film being a teen drama / suspense / thriller genre. Our film could be compared to “The Lovely Bones” which was produced by Film4. Film4 are also known to do teen dramas as well such as “Inbetweeners Movie”. Lionsgate is another choice of an production company to work alongside with ‘Film 4’. This is because of the genres of films also they have produced and the high budget they can offer to make the film. Also the cast of these are a mixture with some nominated award winning actors and actresses. Films they have made are: • The Hunger Games Series • Saw Series • The Possession • The Cabin in the Woods
  4. 4. Box office of our supporting films Budget $65,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend $116,616 (USA) (13 December 2009) (3 Screens) £1,637,579 (UK) (21 February 2010) (420 Screens) Gross £6,193,167 (UK) (21 March 2010) £5,885,305 (UK) (14 March 2010) £5,183,763 (UK) (7 March 2010) £3,848,574 (UK) (28 February 2010) £1,637,579 (UK) (21 February 2010) $93,621,340 (Worldwide) (5 January 2013) Budget £3,500,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend $35,955 (USA) (9 September 2012) (10 Screens) £13,200,000 (UK) (23 August 2011) (475 Screens) Gross $35,955 (USA) (9 September 2012) £41,800,000 (UK) (20 September 2011) Weekend Gross $35,955 (USA) (9 September 2012) (10 Screens)
  5. 5. Box office for Lionsgate films Budget $14,000,000 Gross $69,899,892 - Worldwide Budget $130,000,000 Gross $371,700,000 –USA (22nd December 2013)
  6. 6. Actors and Actresses in Lionsgate films These are some of the actors and actresses who have been included in Lionsgate films and others… Woody Harrelson He has featured in a lot of high budget Hollywood films such as: • The Hunger Games Series • Zombieland • 2012 Jennifer Lawrence She has been the leading role in many big blockbuster films, these include: • The Hunger Games Series • Silver Linings • House at the end of the street Chris Hemsworth He has been casted for a variety of films and he films have always done well in the Box Office. These are some of the films: • Thor • Rush • The Avengers
  7. 7. Distributor We decided Universal Studios after another film which has influenced us which is called “A Beautiful Mind”. Despite Universal Studios releasing this film which is a big influence to us, it has also released other films with the same genre. These include films such as: • The Bourne Ultimatum • Safe House • Mama
  8. 8. Budget & Release Date Budget Release Date The budget for the film would be an extremely high budget because the one out of the two production companies we are using for the film is ‘Lionsgate’. This production company can pay out millions of pounds to fund this film, for example ‘The Possession’, had a budget of $14,000,000 and it can go higher than that because ‘The Hunger Games- Catching Fire’, had a budget of $130,000,000. The release dates for ‘Lovely Bones’ was 24th November 2009 and ‘The Hunger GamesCatching Fire’ was 11th November 2013. These two films are from two different production and distributor companies but are working together to produce our film. From this information we have decided to release ‘The Diary of a Captive’ on… The budget for out film will be : £5,000,000 18th November 2014
  9. 9. Kidnap Research
  10. 10. Possible Actors (Female) Emma Watson • Perks of being a Wallflower. • Harry Potter series. Chloe Moretz • Kickass • Carrie • 500 Days of Summer Jennifer Lawrence • Hunger Games • House end of the street
  11. 11. Possible Actors (Male) Ethan Hawk • Sinister • The Purge • Total Recall Robert Jenkins • Cabin in the woods • Dear John Gary Oldman • Harry Potter series • The unborn • Dark Knight trilogy
  12. 12. What the film is REALLY about The girl(main character) is diagnosed with schizophrenia in the mental asylum and the teacher is not what he has been deceived as. She has been kept in a mental asylum and has not actually been abducted y the teacher, the teacher is a doctor trying to help her with her delusions and mental health problem. However she sees him as a kidnapper and the audience will not find this out to the very ending on the last few pages of her diary are read aloud.