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WinWholesale shares their BI story on how they got a budget and brought data to their organization.

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  • Top down history
    Historically, our BI target was executive staff.
    Served up aggregated historical financial data via Cognos.
    If an executive in Dayton sees a receivables, inventory, expenses, sales, etc., management problem in a particular local company, they will call someone who will call someone who will call the store mgr. The manager will probably be caught off gard at a most inopportune time. The resulting conversation will feed punitive to him/her.
    Executive awareness is critical, but if behavior change is needed to improve operating results, that change is needed at the local company level.
    Bottom up future
    Put actionable and insightful historical and forward-looking internal and external information into the hands of local managers and help them learn to use it.
    Quickly lead to real learning that manifests in behavior changes.
    Provide an organizational learning tool.
    Requires more than just rehashing past financial results.
    If we can put insight into the hands of that manager to help him/her see and understand the problem, they either resolve it, calls peers at other local companies, or goes up the mgt chain for particular focused assistance
  • BI Roadmap

    1. 1. BI Roadmap May 6, 2010
    2. 2. Who are we? WinWholesale is a leading supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Privately-held, consisting of more than 520 wholesaling corporations, each specializing in Plumbing Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, (HVAC) & Refrigeration Industrial pipes, valves and fittings Fastening hardware and industrial supplies Electrical equipment Pumps
    3. 3. What is our environment? Internally developed iSeries based ERP and POS Internally developed mainframe based financial system Wintel / Java based intra- and inter-net web applications Wintel based data warehouse SQL Server backend Cognos and Microsoft Data Access
    4. 4. What was our need? Top down history Historically, our BI target was executive staff Challenge Drive grass roots behavior change Bottom up future Information delivered to local company Actionable / Insightful Historical and forward looking Internal and external
    5. 5. Obstacles What were they? Data warehouse was only receiving monthly feeds Desired behavior changes required more than financial data Needed pricing, customer interaction, and purchasing. Named-user licensing scheme was too expensive to deploy for all How did we deal with them? Created a nightly invoice detail feed to our data warehouse Evaluated open source BI tools and Microsoft BI suite Settled on the MS BI suite
    6. 6. What we did Built a simple set of prompted web reports Sales and financial data provided compelling value Heavy on the graphical representation Included reporting usage of the tool Worked with our operations leadership team Developed a playbook to define how to get maximum value Then we built the plays into our reports Providing Webex training to the potential local company users Worked closely with a variety local company leaders Fine tuned the usability of the reports
    7. 7. What are the results? COO identified $2M worth of margin improvement in the first 3 months of release Usage has grown 200% since January 2010 Tool has quickly become critical to managing our local company operations
    8. 8. Where are we going? Graphical dashboards for our local companies Rolled up dashboard for operations hierarchy Drill through to details for both Monthly and Annual Projections Include external market data
    9. 9. Questions?
    10. 10. Questions?