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  • 1. All about PowerPointTeacher : Marilyn Guerrera 林怡玲 Su-Hui Su 蘇琡惠
  • 2. slide
  • 3. • This is like a page in a book, but you can easily duplicate it, move it, and change the way it looks. On the left side of the screen, click on the slide that you want to work on, drag slides around, and right click to copy, paste and delete. Add a new slide from the “home menu.”
  • 4. Home  New SlideInsert  Text box
  • 5. Homemenu
  • 6. Use this menu to cut and paste, add new slides, add duplicateslides, change slide layouts and fonts, add shapes, add colors andlines, and find/replace. (in 2007, much of this is in the toolbar, orthe Format and Insert menus)
  • 7. Turing pictures:
  • 8. Insertmenu
  • 9. Use this menu to add clip art, pictures, videos, sound, symbols(accents), charts, tables, and hyperlinks to the slide. In 2007, alsoadd photo albums, smart art, word art, and text boxes from here.
  • 10. Animations menu
  • 11. Use this menu to do add custom animation(movements), slide transitions, transition sounds, andtransition timing. (In 2003, these is all in the “SlideShow” menu.)
  • 12. Slide Show menu
  • 13. Use this menu to view the show from the beginning orcurrent slide, set up the slide show, record narration, andhide slides.
  • 14. Undoredo
  • 15. hyperlink
  • 16. This is the cool way to add links to internet sites, other pages inthe same powerpoint, and even other powerpoints. Highlight theobject or text and find this in the “insert” menu or by rightclicking.
  • 17. RecordingInsert Sound
  • 18. Sample:
  • 19. Insert Sound Record sound
  • 20. Video:Insert Moive
  • 21. Sample:
  • 22. Q and A