Fanshawe CC & PR Orientation 08


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Here is the presentation from the CC & PR orientation. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact myself Sarah or any other individuals in the Fanshawe CC & PR 08 - 09 facebook group. We will do our best to provide you will all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

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Fanshawe CC & PR Orientation 08

  1. 1. Corporate Communications & Public Relations FANSHAWE COLLEGE What is CC & PR really like @ Fanshawe? Integrated Learning Diverse Experiences Constructive Feedback A Fair Amount of Group Work Opportunities to Work with Real businesses Camaraderie & a Lot of Laughs A Number of Lunches at Oasis & the Outback Shack Goes Beyond the 8 Months in the Classroom
  2. 2. Corporate Communications & Public Relations Fall Semester FANSHAWE COLLEGE COMP-6020 - Internet Research and Web Page Design CORP-6006 - Trends and Technologies in PR CORP-6002 - Presentations Skills and Multimedia CORP-6007 - InDesign 1 PBRL-6002 - Public Relations & Ethics Case Study PBRL-6003 - Writing for Public Relations PBRL-6011 - Intro to Public Relations & Corporate Comm. SKLS-6001 - Facilitations Skills
  3. 3. COMP-6020 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Internet Research and Web Page Design FANSHAWE COLLEGE HTML / XHTML & CSS coding to create: Web Pages Tables Pictures Links Inline, Embedded External Style Sheets Use of Blogs, Podcasts and other social media Utilizing Adwords Creating effective e-newsletters Teacher: Matthew Hoy Status: 1 year with CC & PR Background: CC & PR Alumni
  4. 4. CORP-6006 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Trends and Technologies in PR FANSHAWE COLLEGE Emerging Technology and its application to PR Exploration of Social Media TechAlliance Symposium rTraction Core Solutions Fanshawe College Echidna Dovetail MH New Safety Teacher: Dana Morningstar Status: 11 years with CC & PR Background: Masters in Education
  5. 5. CORP-6002 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Presentations Skills and Multimedia FANSHAWE COLLEGE Impromptu Speeches Business Presentations Toasts Eulogies Over coming nervous ticks Creating Effective Visual Aids Teacher: Ed Wilson Status: 8 Years with CC & PR Background: Masters in Education & Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution
  6. 6. CORP-6004 Corporate Communications & Public Relations InDesign 1 FANSHAWE COLLEGE Learning how to use a Mac Page layout using InDesign Inputting text and graphics Utilizing Leading, Kerning, Tracking Recreating Magazine pages Creating publications Designing Business Cards Teacher: Dean Rossetti Aka: Uncle Dean Status: 11 Years with CC & PR Background: Graphic Designer
  7. 7. PBRL-6002 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Public Relations & Ethics Case Study FANSHAWE COLLEGE Role and necessity for ethical standards in Business Case Analysis and Presentations Potter’s Box Case Study Assignments Teacher: Bob Riches Status: 11 Years with CC & PR Background: Director of Public Relations & Manager of Employee Communications for Ontario Hydro
  8. 8. PBRL-6003 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Writing for Public Relations FANSHAWE COLLEGE Grammar 101 - weekly presentations Pronouns Capitals Sentence Fragments Mixed Modifiers Pronoun Reference Error Great Big Project Teacher: Otte Rosenkrantz Aka: Grammar Guru Status: 11 Years with CC & PR Background: Freelance Journalist
  9. 9. PBRL-6011 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Intro to Public Relations and Corp. Comm. FANSHAWE COLLEGE History of CC & PR Areas of CC & PR Communication Plans Event Planning IABC Winter meeting & CAS gift Drive Teacher: Sandra King-Webster Aka: Queen of the Comm Plan Status: 10 Years with CC & PR Background: Communications Specialist with London Life
  10. 10. SKLS-6001 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Facilitation Skills FANSHAWE COLLEGE Facilitating 101 Goal Setting Problem Solving Conflict Resolution Teacher: Scott May & Strategic Planning Robin Rundle Drake Myers - Briggs Status: 4 Years with CC & PR Background: Department of Comm. & PR at U.W.O (Scott) Organizational Development Consultant (Robin)
  11. 11. Corporate Communications & Public Relations Winter Semester FANSHAWE COLLEGE COMP-6021 - Applied MS Office Skills COMP-6007 - Photoshop CORP-6008 - InDesign 2 PBRL-6012 - Strategic Planning & Crisis Management PBRL-6013 - Specializations in Public Relations PBRL-6007 - Writing for PR and Media Relations FLDP-6001 - Independent Study-Program Topic
  12. 12. COMP-6021 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Applied MS Office Skills FANSHAWE COLLEGE Online Course Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Weekly Assignments Weekly Web Reviews of the Programs Quizzes Cumulative Final Project Teacher: Janine McComb Status: 4 Years with CC & PR Background: Training and Development Consultant for Ford Canada
  13. 13. COMP-6007 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Photoshop FANSHAWE COLLEGE Colour Correction Photo Resolution Photo Manipulation Collaging Close Cropping Special Effects Professional Photo shoot Teacher: Dean Rossetti Aka: Kung Fu Master Super Power: Ability to catch you during the split second you aren’t paying attention
  14. 14. CORP-6008 Corporate Communications & Public Relations InDesign 2 FANSHAWE COLLEGE Advanced Mac tips Advanced Page layout using InDesign Paragraph Style Sheets Creating a Library Designing Business Cards with pictures Preparing files for saving & printing Teacher: Dean Rossetti Motto: Microsoft Publisher Sucks
  15. 15. PBRL-6012 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Strategic Planning and Crisis Management FANSHAWE COLLEGE Communications Plans Crisis Communications Plans McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message” Mediums of Public Relations Crisis Management Teacher: Bob Riches Interests: Skiing
  16. 16. CORP-6013 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Specializations in Public Relations FANSHAWE COLLEGE Government Relations Public Affairs Marketing Communications Branding Communications Audits Special Events This Orientation! Field Trip Teacher: Sandra King-Webster Interests: Biking, Skiing
  17. 17. PBRL-6007 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Writing for PR and Media Relation FANSHAWE COLLEGE Press Releases Brochures Media Kits Portfolios Press Conferences Teacher: Otte Rosenkrantz Interests: Reading Special Projects: Fanshawe SecondLife
  18. 18. FDPL-6001 Corporate Communications & Public Relations Independent Study - Program Topic FANSHAWE COLLEGE Your opportunity to put your in class learning to work while gaining valuable experience Past Placements: University of Western Ontario, Thames Valley District School Board, IABC, United Way, Parkinsons Foundation, UP, Barking Frog, The London Chamber of Commerce, London Health Science Center, London Life, 3M, Ivey School of Business, OPP & RCMP, The Grand Theatre, Ford Canada, Citi Financial, Universal Music, Hill & Knowlton, Much Music, Rogers, The Children’s Hospital Foundation, Communications for MPs and MPPs, Sport Western, Fanshawe Athletics, Redbull, Tennis Canada, Make-a-Wish Foundation, etc.
  19. 19. Corporate Communications & Public Relations Our Graduates ... Sarah Rowe (CC&PR Graduate 1999) FANSHAWE COLLEGE Assistant Director, International Projects, CEC Network Lisa Naccarato (CC&PR Graduate 2000) Consultant, Corporate Communications Group, Hill & Knowlton Canad Steve Matthews (CC&PR Graduate 1997) Emergency Response Communications Manager, World Vision International. Brad Kerr (CC&PR Graduate 2001) Assistant to the Alumni Office, Fanshawe College. Jodi Murphy (CC&PR Graduate 2003) Project Coordinator for Student Teaching, London Occupational Safety and Health Information Service. Carrie Mailloux (CC&PR Graduate 1999) Public Relations supervisor, 3M Canada Company.
  20. 20. Corporate Communications & Public Relations So Why Choose Fanshawe CC & PR? Experienced & Connected Faculty FANSHAWE COLLEGE Unique course schedule Amazing Design Classes Networking Opportunities in London Hands on experience working with real companies TechAlliance Symposium IABC Luncheon Field Placements The CC & PR family 10 years strong
  21. 21. Corporate Communications & Public Relations FANSHAWE COLLEGE A Gift From Us To You Fanshawe CC & PR 08-09 Facebook Group current students, alumni & faculty available to answers questions and help you this group will be turned over to next years class in the fall
  22. 22. Welcome ... Corporate Communications & Public Relations Chris Clark Laura Ling FANSHAWE COLLEGE B.A. Honours English B.A. Honours Mass U.W.O Communications with a minor in Music NATIONAL Public Relations London Life Coordinator, New Communications & Media Advertising