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online examination management final presentation
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online examination management final presentation



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Course code: 3606 Course title: Software development II sessional
  • 2. Online University examination management system Submitted by MAISHA MAIMUNA ID: C111202 SHAHRIN SULTANA ID: C111230
  • 3. Introduction • Online examination will reduce the huge work done by teachers, administrators and also students. • Responses by the candidate will be checked automatically and instantly. • Reduce paper work. • Result will shown immediately that reduce student anxiety. Objective
  • 4. Introduction • Its design for university. • Design to facilitate administrator and user. • Can be used anywhere anytime as it is web based application. • Useful for teachers for managing question paper and exam. • Online exam can be conduct any time. Scope
  • 5. Existing system • The whole process of assigning exam and evaluating their score after the test was done manually till date. • Processing result i.e. make question paper, schedule exam, check exam papers, prepare result is a lengthy process and time consuming. • Difficult to analyze the exam manually. • Fatal error may occur as all the process is done manually
  • 6. Proposed system • fast, flexible, and less prone to errors and reduce expenses and save time. • generated result as soon as the student gives the exam. • The logs of appeared student and their marks are stored in database for future use. • Result will be very precise and accurate.
  • 7. Technology & Tools Used Programming Language : PHP,CSS,HTML Database Used : MySQL Server Used : Apache Software Used : Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
  • 8. Context diagram The Administrator can do the following:          Create/delete accounts. Change password. Create/ delete/update semester courses. Insert questions for courses. Upload exam schedule. Specify the answers. View all records (student). Update/delete specific record. View result of student. Administrator Student On-Line Exam system
  • 9. Context diagram The Student can do the following:  Create account.  Update optional info (contact no., address).  Register courses.  View registered course.  Choose exam.  Review answers.  See exam mark.  See total GPA.  Download exam schedule and other material.
  • 10. Class diagram
  • 11. Use Case Student registration Use case  Managing students information by the system  Taking all the information of the student  Verify by required fields  verification signalized message checking error is by error  if verification doesn’t return error, user successfully registered
  • 12. Use Case Student profile use case  viewing profile  student can view her information and edit  view semester courses and registered courses  view examination schedule  set for examination, view result and logout
  • 13. Use Case Admin profile Use case script  Managing details  admin adds, edits and removes questions  view student detail edit or delete  upload logout schedule,  activate exam so that students can run it.
  • 14. Appear for exam Use case  Start an Exam  student can choose one of available exams  after student finishes test, its result is being viewd and saved  system sets time of exam and process result  system sets time of exam and process result
  • 15. Student registration activity
  • 16. Give exam activity
  • 17. Generate result activity
  • 18. ERD
  • 19. Screenshot homepage
  • 20. Screenshot registration
  • 21. Screenshot User profile
  • 22. Screenshot exam
  • 23. Screenshot result
  • 24. Screenshot Admin login
  • 25. Screenshot Admin profile
  • 26. Limitations  Current system provides only multiple choices but single correct answer selection.  Incase questions or answers need to be in graphics, current system has no provision.  Unregistered users can only access the home page not anything else like semester courses, type of exam.  No information about total amount needed or how and where to pay.  Student only can see her result. Top score is not displayed.
  • 27. Future plan  Develop a student profile that have the fetcher of upload profile picture, view the notifications given by the faculty, view classmate list, view academic calendar, notification before examination etc.  A user friendly interface in an enhanced version.  Divide admin panel into teachers and administrator who will mange it.  Make more protected and secure from spam, unwanted data hazard, secure user profile.
  • 28. Conclusion