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Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
Thought 4 Food
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Thought 4 Food


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For Sal!

For Sal!

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  • 1. Thought 4 food A dorky little guide to healthier eating! By Lynndee Field
  • 2. Good Morning!
    • Depending on your taste.. And your preference there are a few bran cereals to choose from!
    • All Bran – 40% of your daily fiber value in ½ cup
    • Fiber One - 57% of your daily fiber value in ½ cup
    • 100% Bran – 36% of your daily fiber value in ¼ cup
  • 3. Need a snack?
    • Think low sodium
    • Moderation
    • Try Organic Multi Grain Pretzels!
    • Pre-portioned snacks are a good idea if you tend to “over snack”
  • 4. Thirsty?
    • Drinks are a great way to curb a craving!
    • Here are some tasty thirst quenchers!
  • 5. Healthy tips!
    • Fish is very good for you.. Tuna makes a great sandwich or wrap!
    • Low Sodium soups fill you up and are great with brown rice. Much better for you than regular soups.
    • Light butter, spray butter, salt substitute and veggies are just a few great habits to get into using and enjoying.
  • 6. Condiments
    • Stay away from high fat, high sugar and high sodium! Condiments are tasty.. But not really necessary – so go with healthier options!
    • Mustard is very good for your digestive system!
    • Fresh salsa is far better than canned – because of the preservatives!
    • Hot sauce can add a spice with just a few drops!
    • Make your salad dressing! That way you control how much oil and salt you add! Also, less preservatives means less sodium!
  • 7. Seasoning!
    • Pepper, salt substitute and garlic powder are great alternatives to unhealthy seasoning!
  • 8. You have choice!
    • Enova oil is delicious and is better for you than vegetable or olive oil! Less of the oil is stored in the body as fat!
    • Vinegar can be very tasteful on sandwiches, salads or veggies – good for you too!
  • 9. Eat less carbs!
    • Cut out those carbs by cutting out the pasta!
    • Brown rice is a great substitute!
  • 10. More snacks?
    • Raisins are sweet and good for you!
  • 11. Late night craving?
    • Decaffeinated tea with a splash of milk and splenda ….yum!
  • 12. You can do it!
    • Healthy foods not only will start your weight loss – but get you into the habit eating and living HEALTHY!