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Push notificationsppt

  1. 1. Push Notifications Mobile Communication :Section 2
  2. 2. Breakdown of Push Notes  Push Notifications are permission-based message blurbs sent to a user’s device from mobile apps to maintain a dialog between brands and their customers.  Commonly mislabeled as spam due to overuse and abuse
  3. 3. Benefits of Pushing The key to getting push notifications right is giving customers information they want. When used correctly PNs can:  Increase daily app opens  Create a faster response time than email  Increase social sharing  Drive sales and traffic  Can be used with geo-targeting
  4. 4. Types of Push Notifications  Push Service Mediator: server that sends Push Notes. Push notes can be delivered in multiple ways:  Can be in the form of an alert (pop-up text box)  Sound alert  A badge (indicator that appears on the app icon)  An indicator in the notification bar  Do not use push notifications for advertising or promotions (spam)  “Apps cannot use Push Notifications to send ads, promotions or direct marketing of any kind” – Apple
  5. 5. Push Service Mediators and Process Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) +GoogleCloud Messaging (GCM) +Windows Push Notification Service (WNP)
  6. 6. Key Components of Push Notifications Done correctly, push notes enable a brand to socialize with its best connected and engaged customers anytime, anywhere.  Timing – Don’t bother your customers at inopportune times, like when they are asleep. Be aware of time zones when mass messaging.  Location – Incorporating geo-targeting will allow for superior audience segmenting.  Audience – understand the needs of your customers and deliver messages they want. Test messages on small groups before applying to the whole.  Duration and Frequency – not all PNs stay relevant. Scheduling expiration dates for PNs will save you and your customers time. Don’t drown your customers in Push Notes.  Adjustable Push Settings – make it easy to turn on/off. If a frustrated customer can’t adjust your PNs they will uninstall your app.  Badge Count – displays the number of unread messages within your application.
  7. 7. Best Practices  Users should be informed on push notifications the first time they open the app  Must provide users with an opt-in and opt-out  Deliver relevant, useful or interesting information – Not Ads  Irrelevant or non-targeted PNs will lead to opt-outs or uninstalls. Don’t bury users with your messaging.  Segment PNs by demographic, user interests, and location as often as possible.
  8. 8. CAN-SPAMAct and Push Notes How to stay legal: 1. Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving push notifications from you. 2. Honor opt-out requests promptly Or else.. SueLawtonArt
  9. 9. Mobile CommunicationComplete! You got the message. Next Course: Email Marketing