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Paid searchadwordsppt

  1. 1. Paid Mobile Search and AdWords Search Optimization: Section 3
  2. 2. Why use Paid Search? Paid Search is an important advertising tool just like commercials or billboards for any company. Using ad space located in search engines, a company can get the word out about their brand to potential customers surfing the web.  Paid Search is a growing market for advertising space and is estimated to keep growing over the next dozen years  Paid Search is becoming a more popular way for customers to find new brands
  3. 3. Paid Mobile Search  Purchased keyword searches are displayed with a beige colored background  Higher chance for site visits & are placed at the top of a search.  Can track which keywords are being used  Can be used to estimate campaign cost
  4. 4. CommonWays of Calculating Cost and Effectiveness  ClickThrough Rates (CTR)  Pay Per Click (PPC)  Cost Per ThousandViews (CPM)  Cost Per Impression (CPI) Percentage of searchers who click on ad Cost of each individual click on ad Cost of showing your ad once to 1,000 potential customers Cost of showing an ad once to one individual
  5. 5. Tips for Successful Mobile Campaigns  Your site should be mobile friendly  Utilize as many search engines as possible (Bing,Yahoo, etc)  Display ads in addition to search ads will generate more traffic  Relevant SEO keywords from your site are crucial to clicks  AdWords is a vital resource for keyword research and campaign management
  6. 6. CommonWays of Calculating Cost and Effectiveness  Remember: you’re actually bidding on specific keywords not purchasing; you have competition  Use many different search engines to maximize reach  Analytic reports will help assess which campaigns are most effective
  7. 7. Using Google Adwords  Free tool for campaign management and research using your Google account  Measure effectiveness of campaigns and keywords  Maximizes visitor potential when used in addition to SEO  Allows you to target demographics by:  Age  Region  Device used
  8. 8. Types of ads for AdWords Google AdWords allows you to advertise your company or brand with the help of Google sharing the ad across the web. AdWords provides the user with options on where they would like to place their ads.  Ads can be placed above or to the right of the Google search page.  Image ads can be distributed across websites that Google has ad space on.  Ads can also be placed on popular sites that Google owns like YouTube.
  9. 9. Setting It Up  Each step of setting up AdWords is described on the Google Website  AdWords has an effective tutorial that goes over basics such as:  Purpose of AdWords  Explanation of metrics  Tips for proper utilization
  10. 10. Getting Lottery Certified For AdWords  Getting Adwords Lottery certified is simple and easy  Certification is free  Lottery certification for AdWords is necessary as Google has a strict policy on gambling advertisements  “Google Adwords restricts the promotion of offline gambling, online gambling, and gambling-related products. We have different requirements for advertising gambling related products based on the country that your campaign is targeting.”
  11. 11. Getting Lottery Certified For AdWords  Visit the Adwords Certification Page  Google will respond in 2-3 weeks  Be sure to have:  Gambling License Number  RegulatoryAuthority
  12. 12. Search Optimization Complete Hooray! Next Section: Analytics