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Iowa District 4 Election presentation for JOUR4953

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  • 26th state – part of the Louisiana PurchaseBird – Eastern GoldfinchFlower – Wild RoseTree – Oak (Morris Day?)Mascot – Herky Hawkeye – James Fenimore Cooper/Last of the MohicansHerbert Hoover
  • Primary – 6/5 Election 11/6Redistricting due to the 2010 Census Latham moved to avoid KingVilsack has moved to Ames to run against KingCOOK PVI – (political view index) EVENState’s population 3M –Manufacturing – Heinz, ConAgra, General Mills, Quaker Oats, 3M, John Deere, Maytag, ALCOAAgriculture – Archer Daniels Midlands, HyVee, Monsanto
  • Colbert Report - Steve King for VP with Romney
  • Major focus on fundraising – Vilsack @ 1.5M to King’s 1.2MVoters – 179K Republican, 131K Democrat – 178K independent!Democrats Red to Blue effort – she’s on the list!
  • Iowa

    1. 1. Battleground: IOWA
    2. 2. REDISTRICTING IN IOWATHEN… ODD FACT: Rep. Tom Latham(R) represented the 5th District from 1995-2003 and the 4th District since 2003 because of redistricting. He is now moving to the 3rd District to avoid running against Steve King.NOW… KING vs VILSACK
    3. 3. STEVE KING - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH… STEVEN KING – STEVE MCQUEEN – HORROR AUTHOR KING OF COOL STEVE KING – THE MAN WHO …• Considers Sen. Joe McCarthy a “great American hero”• The only member of the House to vote AGAINST a plaque to acknowledge slave labor in the construction of the Capital• Predicted terrorists celebrating in the streets if Obama won in 2008• Wants people to keep sexuality secret, if they are gay• Thinks vegetarians have an agenda for our diet• Stated that President Obama prefers black people• Jobless people are slackers because of unemployment insurance
    4. 4. ISSUES• Agriculture & Energy• Healthcare• Immigration• Economy & Federal Spending• Fair Tax• Defense & Veterans• Upholding the Constitution• Family Values
    5. 5. WHY SHOULD HE WATCH OUT FOR CHRISTIE VILSACK?• Husband is former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack• Husband is current Secretary of Agriculture• Has the potential to be the first woman elected to a federal seat in Iowa
    6. 6. PLAN• Apprenticeships - greater value than an associates degree• Conservation – supports recreationists and farmers working together• Education – focus on greater exposure and opportunity for rural areas• Energy – focus on renewable and domestic energy resources• Iowa Family Resources – aimed at literacy programs• The Fields of Opportunity – help returning veterans gain farming skills• Vision 20/20 – capital investments in rural projects to rebuild infrastructure while providing jobs without raising taxes
    7. 7. SourcesSLIDE !Iowa state bird: state flower – wild prarie rose: state seal - state tree – oak - the Hawk - of the USA - 2Flag - Map – nationalatlas.govTom Latham - - 3Steven King - McQueen – King of Cool - 4Political Profile - 5Tom Vilsack - 6Christie Vilsack - Tribune – Mike Malloy – email 4/17/2012