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  • 1. CONTENT D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein. 4 Designers Circle D&L Lifestyle From A to B, from B to C; We are surrounding it is the world of designers; by brands.D&L tells it’s designers’ circle. you the stories behind your lifestyle. 34 1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 14 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook. The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment. 30 40 “I” is the most NEW D&L See! popular alphabet that been used What's happening in the world? so far in the 21st We will show you around. Century. 44
  • 2. D&L News | Design & Life minizine D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.  01. Vitra Edition Vitra Edition is a project held by Vitra, a design furniture company founded in 1950. This project is orientated as a laboratory that gives designers or artists the freedom to create experimental furniture objects and interior installations, and to explore the possibilities and new ways of seeing design. A lot of designers have contributed objects to Vitra Edition 2007: Ron Arad, Jurgen Bey, Naoto Fukasawa, Frank Gehry, Konstantin Grcic, Zaha Hadid, Jasper Morrison, Jerszy Seymour, Tokujin Yoshioka and so on. The prototypes were shown for the first time at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, from June 13th to July 22nd, 2007. The Vitra Edition may be seen as part of the public architectural tours offered daily by the Vitra Design Museum at 12.00 and 14.00. vitra.com
  • 3. D&L News | Design & Life minizine 
  • 4. D&L News | Design & Life minizine 
  • 5. D&L News | Design & Life minizine 02. Go get your 3,000,000 Yen! Uniqlo's annual t-shirt design competition quot;UT Grand Prixquot; will be launched on August 15. The deadline is September 20. As usual, the grand prize winner will receive a 3 million yen award and also, you might have a chance to meet Sato Kashiwa, Tadao Ando or Yayoi Kusama as the judges if you win! Don't miss this chance this year! ut.uniqlo.com/utgps 11 0
  • 6. D&L News | Design & Life minizine 0. MUJI @ NY Japanese top brand of life style retailer, Mujirushi Ryōhin, as known as MUJI, is about to open up its first and second stores in New York. The first one will be in New York Times Building at 8th Ave between 40th and 41st streets. It will be its flagship store with a 5,000 square foot space. The other one will be at Broadway, between Grand and Howard. While Uniqlo is also setting up its flagship in NY, it will be interesting to see how these quot;Fuji applesquot; melt into the Big Apple! www.muji.com 13 03. Scribbled Tiger 2 A new design from Onitsuka Tiger for the fall/winter collection is announced. Tiger has done a quot;rakugakiquot; treat- ment to a selection of their classic footwear. Rakugaki is a Japanese term which roughly translates to quot;scribblequot; or quot;doodlequot; and that's exactly this selection looks like. The Mexico ‘66 and the Samatore features high quality leather uppers with a graph paper like print. Also, take a look on their website. You can design and make your own custom origami tiger. Onitsuka has collaborated with the most famous paper artist Shin Tanaka to create a unique origami design. www.onitsukatiger.co.uk
  • 7. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine Designers Circle From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers’ circle. B n re B 1 issue 06 BrenB is our guest this month! Besides his funky style of illustrators and comics, we found out he is also a humorous man, good cooker, and...Want to know more? Let's welcome BrenB from Ireland!  www.brenb.net
  • 8. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine Hi Bren! Please introduce yourself! BRENB was born in 1974 at a house called quot;Mum & Dad'squot; in Dublin, Ireland. As a boy he watched too much TV. But, as a girl he did write little plays which to be fair to him was pretty creative. Then again he did act out these plays by himself in the nearby park. Which at the very least has probably led to him to talking about himself in the third person. He continues to work in solitude as an illustrator and cartoonist. I am very enjoyed your funky style illustration with hand written typography. Is your style inspired or influenced by anyone, anything? Glad you enjoyed them. Yeah I love hand-drawn type. As a cartoonist I’ve always been fascinated by the combination of words and pictures. Artists like Dave McKean, Henry Darger & Basquiat are never far from my mind. I’m a huge fan of Nate Williams as well. I like making it look like the computer never came near it even though it always does. 1 
  • 9. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine What is the most interesting project you've done? Being involved in the recent VADER PROJECT was Are you one of the founders of Illustrators Guild of such a thrill. 25 European artists were asked to cus- Ireland (IGI)? Tell us a little bit about IGI. tomize a replica Darth Vader helmet that would then be exhibited in London at the 30th anniversary STAR No, I’m not one of the founders although I am a WARS exhibiton. Ummm, I recently completed a large director at the moment. It’s a small voluntary organi- scale series of illustrations to accompany Ireland’s sation that started out to promote Illustration in Ire- entry for the Venice Biennale for Architecture. Doing land. At present we have 50 full time members, run the cover for the birthday issue of CANDY magazine exhibitions, small book projects and host artists talks. was pretty sweet too but Vader rocks! Where do you live? Any suggested place in the city if we are visiting? I live in the center of Dublin. I’d recommend a visit to the Chester Beatty Library, amazing collection of rare books and a really nice cafe for lunch, my treat! 
  • 10. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine 21 0
  • 11. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine Do you cook? What is your comfort food? Yes I love to cook. My house is full of cookery books. If I’m feeling like a treat I’ll cook my sweet chilli peppers stuffed with mushrooms and sausage meat. I’m getting hungry now… What do you do in your leisure time? Well when I’m not working, which is all the time, I’m a bit of a movie buff. I used to watch 4-5 movies every day now I’m lucky if it’s 4 a week. I watch a lot of football on TV, I like to shower, laughing is good, read magazines, drinking alcohol, started going to the gym a lot recently probably because of the previous replies. Could you choose one interesting object from your everyday life and tell us why you like it? I’m afraid it’s going to have to be my IPOD. I find it hard to sleep at night so I listen to podcasts on my IPOD and eventually I get my 2 hours sleep. But we also bought this crazy vegetable slicing machine 23 recently that is totally addictive. I’m spending a lot of time using that. What is your dream project? I have a few...I’d love to work on a book with Mark 2 Murphy Design. I’d love to do a line of Vinyl Toys. I’d love illustrate a Harvey Pekar comic strip. I’d love to be commissioned to do a New Yorker cover. I’d love to be commissioned to do a series of book covers for Penguin. But basically I’m happy working with clients who are excited about their job and are enthusiastic about the possibilities.
  • 12. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine 2 Do you think if there is any unique design style in Ireland?  I think Ireland has developed a very eclectic style. It’s a European twist on America with a big shake of the UK. Up until recently we have been a poor country that exported it’s talent, now we are rich (kinda) so everyone is staying and we are much richer design wise because of it.
  • 13. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine If you have 1 month vacation, where are you going to spend? Well I’ve just come back from a month In New York, so if I couldn’t go back there it would have to be Florence, Italy. 2 What kind of music do you like? Any favorite band?  I like good music, almost exclusively, although my girlfriend would probably disagree with that. Favorites at the moment include Anthony & The Johnsons, Bettye Lavette, Bonde De Role, CSS, Battles, Hot Chip, Interpol, Modest Mouse, Postal Service, THE KNIFE, etc etc
  • 14. Designers' Circle | Design & Life minizine 2 Many designers would love to have their own coffee shop. If you are going to have a shop, what would it be?? Any words for your friend Jon Burgerman? I like to own a shop that sold screen printed posters MONKEY PIRATES! and small press books, maybe a little gallery space and a couple of tables for coffee. It would have to be in Florence though, can you make that happen? Is Thanks for the interview! This chapter is  that my fee for the interview? designers' circle, and we hope you can introduce one of your friends, and will be interviewed in the next issue! Who will be the victim? :D What does Design & Life mean to you? World champion book illustrator and all round hot stud…Oliver Jeffers! Striking the right balance! Hopefully someday I’ll achieve it.
  • 15. The Moment | Design & Life minizine The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment. Day dreaming 31 Hot, hot, a summer day Run, run, to my dreamy land My dearest, my sweetness White dresses, white skirt marvelously happiness A Ve n t i c u p o f h o t c h o c o alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto / vrioon, insen, revep Window seat, one alone with rainbow through the wall Nice experimental records from alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto C30 + M50 www.raster-noton.de / www.sitesakamoto.com without ticket and my suitcase K50 M25 + I a m f l y i n g t o Ve n i c e Y100
  • 16. The Moment | Design & Life minizine mop - modern organic products - basil mint shampoo Organic shampoo with fresh smell www.mopproducts.com Matsuyama grapefruit+lemon handsoap Organic handsoap www.matsuyama.co.jp
  • 17. D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine D&L Lifestyle We are surrounding by brands.D&L tells you the stories behind your lifestyle. 3  the art of home appliance Amadana is a Japanese home appliance brand, founded in 2003. “Amadana” was originally an area in Japan during Edo Period (1603~1867), where gathering lots of lacquer workers and wholesalers. The lacquer craft combining the technology of Japan and its beauty can be as the basic design symbol and philosophy of Amadana. The director of Amadana is Shuwa Tei, who was born in 1968. In 1996, he established Intentionallies with Jiro Endo and Shin Ohori. Later, he cooperated with Toshiba to start up this home appliances brand, Amadana. (He also worked with the Wallpaper founder, Tayler Brule, building a stationery brand called Craft Design Technology.) ※ Please use it with equal doubl
  • 18. D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine 3  Coffee maker Home appliance is used to be made for function with cold material, such as steel, iron, and plastic. However, the products of Amadana are more like furniture than just functional machine. Amadana uses natural elements, such White oak is used for the handle of the bottle. There is no heater to keep your coffee warm so that the taste as white oak and bamboo, to balance and soften the feel of its products. This is a wisely idea to create a modern of coffee is fresh. With stainless filler, it’s economical and no more paper smell in your coffee. Please read the interior without hiding your microwave in the kitchen corner. With modern design and Japanese traditional lacquer instruction manual of it web page. The description is funny and interesting. (The instruction paper of their product techniques, Amadana is definitely one of the most innovative lifestyle brands in 21st Century. is also one of their great ideas to catch your eyes.)
  • 19. D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine 3 Stick type cleaner This is the most elegant home appliances I have ever seen. The shape is designed  without occupying too much space, and it’s only need a space wide that enough for two pairs of shoes. Furthermore, it’s like a piece of art and you can display it everywhere in your house. Electronic Calculator This calculator has 10 unique conversion unit functions that usual ones don’t have, such as centimeter to inch, We belive that AMADANA has shown us yard to meter, and pound to kilogram, etc. It feels great when you hold it. The key top has slight dents to fit their sense of design, influenced our daily your finger, and the touch of it gives you satisfaction, and the color combinations of these calculators are well life and improved our living environment. designed and fashionable.
  • 20. 1/2 Recipe | Design & Life minizine 1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook. 1 t ast for two d on gosalad Tuna Sala & eg 0 I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. I always put my imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to my vision. My cooking rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always busy, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play.
  • 21. 1/2 Recipe | Design & Life minizine Hint ! This is a much healthier salad recipe without cheese, and you can taste the sweetness of corn and a little bit acridness of onion. If you can find Kewpie Mayonnaise in grocery, please buy it and try it once. Egg salad is another simple but delicious side dish. You can also use it as sandwich filling. Try to make it without any ham, cheese, and vegetable. Believe it or not, you will make it as often as you can. STEPS TUNA SALAD 1. Mix all ingredients up. 2. 1 can of solid white tuna in water (80g) Place tuna mixing on the toast. 1 t fresh lemon juice 3. Toast in the preheat 350 deg 1 1/2 T mayonnaise ree oven for 5 minutes. 3 T corn 1 T finely chopped onion 1 t salt 1 t pepper 3 STEPS EGG SALAD eggs. Use fork to mash hard boiled 1. 2 boiled eggs 2 1 T mayonnaise 2. Mixing up with mayonnaise. Salt and pepper 3. Season with salt and pepper
  • 22. D&L See! | Design & Life minizine D&L See! What's happening in the world? We will show you around. Like some luxury brands, Uniqlo has gone beyond fashion and embraced new product categories with their Hotels Homes line of home and personal accessories. The modern packages are designed by Kazunari Hattori. They also have a growing collection of goods for everyday life, from a full line of body and hair-care accessories to linens for the bedroom. We expect to see more from this new concept of Uniqlo.  hotelshomes.uniqlo.com