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It's all right with me eng

  1. 1. Official Digi-Key Site Search Our Huge Selection of Electronics Components Here! Hai più di 30 Anni? Hai 30 anni e non hai la Laurea? Questo messaggio è per Te! Info ora Traduttore Italiano Traduce da/in italiano ogni lingua con un clic. Scaricalo gratis ora! Articles Reviews Events Artists Lessons Gallery New York MorePRESS : James Senese e i Napoli Centrale in "E Fernut ‘o Tiempo" al Moro Jazz Club Lucio Ferrara Its all right with me Bruno Chevillon in "Improvisation does not happen suddenly," master class at the CEMM of Busselton For your trip to the U.S., the largest book American concerts: tickets for Alicia Keys , American Idols Live , Tom Petty . Or do not miss the latest from Broadway shows such as Billy Elliott , South Pacific and Gypsy ! Multiculture X Anniversary "Contest Europe." Competition for groups across Tuscia in Jazz Live 2011 Europe to free participation. 1. Twelve bars for MB Registration before May 5, 2012. 2. Who Can I Turn To Enrolment at the 3. Perhaps European Jazz 4. Beatrice Contest 2012, now in 5. Lagos Blues its fifth edition. 6. Body And Soul Conad Jazz Contest in 7. Silver the first edition of the national competition 8. Oh Lady Be Good in search of new talents among young Italian musicians Lucio Ferrara - Guitar Jack De Johnette, Von Lee Konitz - sax Freeman, Charlie Haden, Sheila Jordan Antonio Ciacca - piano and Jimmy Owens won Ulysses Owens - piano the prestigious NEA Kengo Nakamura - bass Jazz Masters 2012 Yasushi Nakamura - bass In the Luke Mannutza - hammond organ premiere, the Nicola Angelucci - drums sensational Sarah Jane Morris presents the brand new "Cello Songs" on the occasion Guitarist of great interest and high-impact, Lucio Ferrara is the general public with this record of exquisite workmanship, great of the tenth usability and sophisticated construction. Anniversary of Multiculture 2012 The idea comes straight off the disc in an afternoon in Manhattan when Ferrara, the first of a departure for Italy, gathers traveling The winners of the companions with whom he shares the music for many years, Ulysses Owens, Antonio Ciacca and Yasushi Nakamura, to record disk referendum Top Jazz 2011: Marcotulli R., L. after the experience of many concerts together. The idea appeals to everyone, and two days later, on the night of March in the study Minafra, F.D Andrea, Kaleidoscope Sound in New York, takes the form "Its All Right With Me", guitarist, leader of the second disc from Puglia. To complete G. Falzone, Bearzatti the record the extraordinary presence of Lee Konitz , a song recorded live in Sorrento, and two talents made ​in Italy as Mannutza Luca F., L. Malaguti, E. Pietropaoli, Z. De and Nicola Angelucci , these two tracks "Roman". Rossi, MPDe Vito, F. Sigurtà Van der Noot Cultured and elegant music breathes the eight tracks that make listening to "Its all right with me", headed by interpreters rich and D. Betti S. Pastor imagination, skill and passion. Scott Colley & In addition to the extraordinary reinterpretation of five standards, among which the fantastic "Body And Soul", in which appears a Antonio Sanchez on March 5 and March 22 monumental Lee Konitz very inspired, and "Oh Lady Be Good" in which the talented Luke Mannutza Hammond B3 gives a real essay of Gretchen Parlato lyricism and excellent technique, the remaining original songs, most of the same signed by Ferrara, confirming the successful creative guests of Saint Louis in Rome side of this guitar, traveling between America and Italy, always traveling, always listening and musically never stopped. Ferrara demonstrates a refined and eclectic guitarist who knows perfectly dosed his outstanding technical qualities to the passion and lyricism to all shades giving very specific and extremely original, full of personality. The musicians that make up the rhythmic give their contribution to the success of this excellent disc with dynamism and expertise Ten Events that without ever overdoing it, or want to excel. The solos are original, with no repetitions and rich in expressiveness. The harmony and the investigate the Jazz in interplay is pure, well-balanced distribution of species in space and time variation. every nuance and every level: from January 27 to February "Its All Right With Me" is an extremely enjoyable, well-maintained and high moments of jazz, but mostly it is just another proof of what 26 edition of the Xixa the Italian jazz is alive and pulsating. Valdarno Jazz Winter Festival Alessandro Carabelli for Jazzitalia He died at the age of 88 years, the saxophonist-composer Sam Rivers. I like Likes to 8 people. Register to see what your friends like.