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2000 luigi sidero all about jazz-eng

  1. 1. Review: Florian 26/01/12 17.16 AAJ: Italy search advanced search NewsletterBookmark - regular update contact - for editors Florian Lucio Ferrara Quintet (Splasc (h) Records - Italy - 2000) Louis Sidero Florian is a particular disc, a blinding light on the edge of shadows and darkness. At first listen, in fact, Florian the feeling that prevails is that of a reassuring warmth, the warmth of a live between the notes, but making more careful, you can see, between the meshes of this dress soft, angularity and hardness first escaped the ear. This is because the general atmosphere is that of a slow and peaceful journey to "the South" (also the title of a composition), as fire meant that southern soul and sultry passion, a theme of inspiration for many musicians. Eight would be the stages of this path, except that sometimes it seems that the intention of Lucio Ferrara is not to fall back to that warm sun, but to follow other directions, abandoning the path of the Mediterranean shores, and other places. An example of this is intentional lost the song "Tutatitaià" despite having a clear mind and peculiarities, is a thunderclap, or rather a definite darkening of the sound plot. If you think the clarity of "TYW", heard just before, with the catchy theme chasing bouncing between guitar and trumpet, one can not but notice the stark contrast with the stamp of the most scathing, almost rock, the fourth track. All other compositions are (more or less, except for "Brunzsezes" inspired hardbop) contours in those brushed by opening and closing songs, as if to close a series of small paintings musical "Gift in 6 / 4" and "Memories", in fact, are very similar: both rely on the lyrical soprano sax for the display of themes really well constructed and give the impression of clarity and brightness (the first, also relies on rhythmic momentum given by a time as the 6 / 4). How to trace a route, then become co-stars, along with the guitar, the trumpet and flugelhorn Piancastelli Mauritius, in a continuous into the depths of the most remote musical feeling, until you get to the slow and feline "Blat", in which the flugelhorn finds its ideal size, or sigh visions of "Florian" (with tasty guitar effects). All songs are on hold for most solo performances of Ferrara, rarely repetitive and predictable, always pleasantly seeking to paint a world known and popular, but the quintet becomes in practice, many times, a trio of guitar or sax / trumpet. Rating: * * * ! Site of Splasc (H) Records: www.ijm.it / Splasc (H) Track List: 01. Gift 6 / 4 - 5:29 02. In the South - 6:42 03. TYW - 4:20 04. Tutatitaià - 6:32 05. Blat (F. Giampaoli) - 7:17 06. Florian - 7:23 07. Brunzsezes (F. Giampaoli) - 7:19 08. Remember - 7:13 Compositions of Lucio Ferrara, Musicians: Bob Ferrara (guitar) Maurizio Piancastelli (trumpet, flugelhorn) Alessandro Bosetti (soprano sax) Giampaoli Francis (bass) Stephen Storace (drums)http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=it&ie=UTF8…reviews/r0201_040_it.htm&usg=ALkJrhgHwzDjoA1zm7TPG-8-seRlKvrVwg Pagina 1 di 2