Twitter Ads self service Step by Step


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Twitter Ads self service
- Launched March/2013 (invite-only)
- Generally available april 30th for U.S. users
- You’ll only be charged when people
a) follow your Promoted Account
b) Re-tweet,
c) @reply,
d) favourite or
e) click on your Promoted Tweets

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Twitter Ads self service Step by Step

  1. 1. www.theonlinecircle.comHow to use Twitter adsself serviceTwitter Ads
  2. 2.• Launched March/2013 (invite-only)• Generally available april 30th for U.S. users• You will only be charged when people– follow your Promoted Account– Re-tweet,– @reply,– favourite or– click on your Promoted Tweets
  3. 3. www.theonlinecircle.comServicesPromoted Accounts What are Promoted Accounts?Promoted Accounts are part of Who toFollow, which suggests accounts thatpeople don’t currently follow and mayfind interesting. Promoted Accounts helpintroduce an even wider variety ofaccounts people may enjoy.
  4. 4. www.theonlinecircle.comServicesPromoted Tweets What are Promoted Tweets?• Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweetspurchased by advertisers who want toreach a wider group of users or to sparkengagement from their existingfollowers.• Promoted Tweets are clearly labelled asPromoted when an advertiser is payingfor their placement on Twitter. In everyother respect, Promoted Tweets act justlike regular Tweets and can be Re-tweeted, replied to, favourited and more.
  5. 5. www.theonlinecircle.comServicesPromoted Trends What are Promoted Trends?• Trends are popular topics happeningright now on Twitter. Because theseTrends are placed prominently next to auser’s timeline, they get mass exposure.• Can be associated with PromotedTweets• Target by geographic location
  6. 6. www.theonlinecircle.comTwitter Self Service in 4 steps
  7. 7. www.theonlinecircle.comLocationCategory *(Refer to slide 11)DeviceGender
  8. 8. www.theonlinecircle.comStep 2 - MessageNew Tweet Old Tweets
  9. 9. www.theonlinecircle.comStep 3 - BudgetPromoted Tweets set up:1) Daily budget2) Cost per actionPromoted Accounts set up:1) Daily budget2) Cost per follow
  10. 10. www.theonlinecircle.comStep 3 - BudgetPayment Details (US cardsonly)
  11. 11. www.theonlinecircle.com to start?
  12. 12.• Topical interests• There are two types of targeting.• For broader reach, you can target more than 350 interestcategories, ranging from Education to Home and Garden, toInvesting to Soccer.– EG.: if you were promoting a new animated film about dogs, you could select Animation(under Movies and Television), Cartoons (under Hobbies and Interests), and Dogs (underPets).• If you want to target users more specifically, you can createcustom segments by specifying certain @​usernames that arerelevant to the product, event or initiative you are looking topromote.• According to Twitter...”We look at a variety of signals, includingbut not limited to the followers, graphs and Tweets you engagewith, to understand your interests. This is the case across theproduct. For example, we consider your interests to determinewhich content to show in Discover or which accounts torecommend in Who to Follow.”(Slide 7*) Interest targeting: How it works?
  13. 13. www.theonlinecircle.comwww.theonlinecircle.comOnline CircleDigital