Facebook news feed changesMarch2011


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March2011 - Facebook changes its news feed.
Understand what's been changed.

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Facebook news feed changesMarch2011

  1. 1. FACEBOOK NEWS FEED CHANGESCurrent as at 1 March, 2011Liable to change over time.There’s no discussion about the importance of Facebook’s place in any web marketing strategy.With its over 600 million worldwide users, Facebook Fan Pages are almost mandatory for marketerswanting to increase awareness, understanding, positioning, acquisition and retention of itsconsumers and customers.People use status updates to share what’s on their minds, to tell others what they’re doing, and togather feedback from friends. However more important is exactly how Fans interact with BrandedPages.  About 85% of Consumers Fan Page interactions happen on the fan’s stream.  In short if a branded page update doesn’t show up on user’s news feeds there’s no impression, no interaction and no benefit.  And that is the point of the biggest change of Facebook’s business.For those people who like to get an unfiltered live stream of updates and news in their news feed,there has always been the option of simply clicking “Recent News”.However recent changes to the Facebook news feed system have added an extra option of filteringthis news based on the users level of interaction with the news source (Other Facebook users,Facebook Pages, etc).This option is on by default and is well hidden in the “Recent News” feed options.Now, while it may be useful for some users or annoying for others, for communities and businesseson Facebook it has quite a drastic effect.HOW DOES THIS IMPACT YOUR PAGE?All Facebook page fans that don’t interact with that page via “liking” updates, commenting or postingon the wall will by default not see ANY status updates, links or images from that page in their newsfeed.This greatly impacts the “impressions” or viewing reach of a Facebook page’s updates, with somepages already seeing up to a 30% decrease in impressions.Remember the “awareness”, “position”, “Acquisition”, etc? It will NOT happen.
  2. 2. HOW SHOULD YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE MANAGEMENT ADAPT?This change drastically increases the importance of having a healthy, active and communicativeFacebook community through quick direct communication to fans, engaging updates, and promotingcommunication between fans.The old nonsense competition for high Fan numbers without engagement is now seeing it’s end. Alarge community is only worth the level of its wellness.The solution is to create an atmosphere where your Facebook fans need to be a part of the dialogue.Understanding the demographic of your page and making your updates and other content relevantfor all ensures your main demographic connects and responds to the incentives from you. This ismandatory for your brand to stand out from over 2 million pages that exist on Facebook.Highly active and conversational communities have always been a focus of The Online Circle, as weanticipated it would be for Facebook personnel as well.