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Slides from "The Longest Webinar" for presentation by Lucy Brooks, FCIL, MITI on "Why you should hire a professional translator". 26 June at 12 noon.

Slides from "The Longest Webinar" for presentation by Lucy Brooks, FCIL, MITI on "Why you should hire a professional translator". 26 June at 12 noon.

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  • 1. © Lucy Brooks 25-26 June 2013
  • 2. Lucy Brooks, FCIL, MITIManaging DirectorUKQuality on-line training and CPD fortranslators and InterpretersMaia FigueroaBA (Hons), MA, MACustomer RelationsDirector, Spain(c)
  • 3. Poll/show of hands• To translate, all you need to translate is adecent dictionary…• True• False
  • 4.
  • 5. Tourte de BletteSwiss Chard, Raisin, and Pine Nut Tart
  • 6. Another exampleThis is a website for a camping site in France• Le Soleil is a lively site set among high trees and flowering shrubs withspacious pitches.Feel like slightly hungered ?You will find a catalan restaurant with delicious regional cooking and take-away food.• Feel like drinking something ?Three choices depending on the ambient, the hour and the spot: Bar in theswimming-pool (big wet thirsts) , bar on the beach (big relax thirsts), orbar at the Disco (big insomniac thirsts).and if you need something else, bazar shop: souvenirs, postcards, etc.Full of weird translations, spelling mistakes and howlers.
  • 7. Longest Webinar - agenda• Brief Introduction– Me, my career, my current work• What is translation?• What does it involve?• How do I find a good translator?• How do I know if what the translator has doneis any good?• Questions
  • 8. Lucy Brooks• Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists• Qualified member of ITI• Been in business for more than 30 years• Many of these (22) as translator• Since 2010 have operated eCPD Webinars– Training for translators and interpreters
  • 9. What is translation?• The process of translating words ortext from one language into another:• A written rendering of the meaningof a word, speech, book, or other text,in another language.• The translation of literary works is considered aliterary pursuit in its own right.• As literature is a culture-dependent subject field,the work of literary translation and its productsare not necessarily linguistically transparent.
  • 10. What does translation involve?• In the commercial and technicalfields, my work involves:– Very good knowledge of sourcelanguage– Expert knowledge of targetlanguage (own native language)– Writing ability– Strong background knowledge ofthe subject– Intuition and diplomacy
  • 11. What does translation involve?• In the literary field translation involves evenmore:– A highly developed awareness and in-depthknowledge of the culture of the source language– A talent for writing excellent prose
  • 12. Why is it so important to find aqualified translator?
  • 13. How do I find a good translator?• “This cat food does not contain conservatives”• “If the front is closed pleaseenter through the backside”• “Let part D screw in to the posterior of part C”
  • 14. Twelve Golden rules forchoosing a translator12
  • 15. 1. Examine what you want translated• Check suitability for international audience• Rewrite if necessary
  • 16. 2. Study your options• Language student ? NO
  • 17. 2. Study your options• Language student ? NO• Teacher? POSSIBLY
  • 18. 2. Study your options• Language student ? NO• Teacher? POSSIBLY• Professional translator DEFINITELY
  • 19. 3. Check Qualifications
  • 20. 4. Native speaker• Best is a native speaker• Next best is a translatorliving and working in thetarget language (for somelong time)• Avoid two-way translators• Watch for regionalvariations
  • 21. 5. Experience
  • 22. 6. Know (even meet) your translator
  • 23. 7. Purpose
  • 24. 8. Finalise
  • 25. 9. Glossaries of special terms
  • 26. 10. Allow time for questions
  • 27. 11. Ban Bing and Google!
  • 28. 12. Allow Translator to make a finalcheck of typeset materialsLondon 2012
  • 29. So where are these translators?• - ITI• – CIoL• - ATA
  • 30. And how do I know if my translator hasdone a good job?
  • 31. Poll/show of hands• Have your thoughts about translation andtranslators changed after my talk?• Yes• No
  • 32. ContactsFor translation services: (German into English)Lucinda.brooks@btconnect.comFor webinars and training courses for
  • 33. And finally …