Sylvan Math Prep for Schools


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Free service to schools provided by Sylvan Learning Centers.

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Sylvan Math Prep for Schools

  1. 1. An online math program for your teachers and students to use at school. Brought to you FREE by Sylvan Learning
  2. 2. Our mission is to equip each student to achieve. We recognize that math presents a significant challenge to many students, particularly in the middle and high school years. SchoolMathPrep is a new online program that we believe can become a valuable resource for your teachers and students.
  3. 3. • Includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2 • Provides excellent SAT/ACT prep for the math portions of these tests
  4. 4. • Contains 2,000 videos that are organized into 750 lessons • Each lesson contains practice problems, a sheet describing the concept being taught, and a self test • Includes powerful textbook search and keyword search features
  5. 5. SchoolMathPrep Facts • With a single password per school, no individual student data will be collected: confidentiality is assured • SchoolMathPrep was created by math teachers who also tutored extensively. • The program is launched on the internet – no installation or special hardware required • SchoolMathPrep is brought to you free by your local Sylvan Learning Center
  6. 6. SchoolMathPrep Student Experience • The student is in control of the learning experience…and can review a video or practice problem many times to help them master a concept – The videos average 2 minutes in length • Every practice problem has the answer and work available for the student to review • Students can also print out a worksheet with each lesson. There are 750 worksheets in SchoolMathPrep. • SchoolMathPrep is self-paced so it can help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead.
  7. 7. Ways to use SchoolMathPrep • Students can use it during free periods or study halls to review videos and gain a greater grasp of the concepts • The online practice problems feature both the answers and the work to help students understand the concepts • The printable practice problem sheets can be assigned as homework or extra work • You can use it to provide supplemental help to students who may have missed class – by directing them to specific lessons
  8. 8. An online math program for your teachers and students to use at school. Sylvan Learning