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    Post its at 2nd bach Post its at 2nd bach Presentation Transcript

    • Post its at 2nd Bach English
      • Blue Post its
      • Today it is Friday and it is sunny but I can’t go out with my friends because I have to study Phylosophy. What a pity!
      • The only thing we know about love, is that love is the only thing there is.
      • I’m on the beach getting tanned, with my friends and playing cards! What a pity it is not real! 
      • I came this year to this school and I’m very happy. Everybody accepted me very well. My classmates are very energetic and when I need help they are there.
      • Love makes the world go round
      • Who is one girl in class who is too crazy, is at the back and speaks very high?
      • Smile, it is important
      • Smile & be happy.
      • Learn
      • Practise
      • I want Easter holidays
      • Laughter is a very serious thing
      • I am really happy to have Janire as a clasmate! I would like to be with her until the end of the course
      • Just do it!
      • Never give up!
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school.
      • I want to finish the school
      • as soon as possible.
      • At this moment I’m ill so I haven’t got energy to think in any creative or original sentence. Sorry!
      • I like watching musical movies and I am so happy when I see videos with good actresses.
      • Yellow Post its
      • Thank you for helping at bad moments.
      • Thank you Lucía G-G for giving me a bubble-gum! I know it’s dificult for you! 
      • Lorea, thank you for explaining me Latin last weekend.
      • Alejandra, thank you for being my best friend all these years
      • Thanks to all the class for good moments!
      • Amaia, thanks for being as you are: sociable. Because since the first time that you saw me, you started talking to me and trusting on me.
      • Thank you to Alejandra for helping me in the language exam.
      • Lorea:
      • Thank you for being always happy and smiley. I think that it is very important for life.
      • Thank you Lucía Laucirica because you are a very good person and very important for me. Thank you for being here with me day to day. I love you.
      • To Amaia E.:
      • Thank you for your help in Maths. I passed the exam. Sure! I’m in debt with you.
      • Sofía, thank you for being my friend all these years.
      • Marta Aguirre, thank you for eating a sandwich everyday.
      • Rociss (Rocío)
      • Thank you for being my partner 
      • Irene
      • Thank you for going with me in the metro when I am alone.
      • Alejandra
      • Thanks for being the best sister in the world.
      • Thank you Amaia! Because you explained Chemistry exercises.
      • I don’t have to say many words: Thanks Saray for all our moments…
      • María Doce, thank you for being with me when I have got problems and also thank you for trying to solve them
      • Thank you! Because you have been listening to my problems.
      • To Sara:
      • Thank you for bringing me my homework when I am ill. 
      • Patrik, a lot of thanks for your help with my problem in Geography. I will give it back to you.
      • I thank Lucía G. for being always such a funny person. She always dances and sings, and sometimes she makes me fall, when we tell her…
      • Pink Post-its
      • Adriana
      • She speaks very well in English
      • She tells all the class many anecdotes every day
      • She is very talkative.
      • Marta G.
      • A smiley person
      • She is very responsible and she is friendly.
      • Irene :
      • Good person
      • Sunny
      • Kind
      • María G.
      • She is very happy
      • Although she is sad or with a problem, she’s always laughing
      • She has a lot of virtues
      • Lucía L.:
      • She is a loyal person, very talkative and sincere, but sometimes crazy. She likes doing many sports, as rolling skating, running.
      • Sara
      • She has got very good marks.
      • She’s very sincere.
      • She’s always happy.
      • Nikole
      • Happy
      • Friendly
      • Good person
      • Sofía
      • Funny
      • Trustworthy
      • Self-confident
      • Never change!!!
      • Lorea
      • Funny
      • She studies a lot
      • Friendly
      • Marta A.:
      • She is a very good person
      • She has got many attitudes for studying
      • She is a peaceful person
      • María D.
      • She is a nice and happy person. She is very friendly and hasn’t any problem to meet people. I like her hair a lot, but I like it best when she wears a pink ribbon.
      • Cristina :
      • Responsible
      • Polite
      • Truthful
      • Lucía G.G.
      • She is a very good person.
      • She is always happy
      • She is good-humoured
      • Alejandra
      • She is a very good person, always helping.
      • You laugh a lot with her.
      • She is very sensitive.
      • Montse
      • She is peaceful
      • She is smiley and sunny
      • She loves horse-riding and she is going to invite us to go to her horse ridig school.
      • Nekane
      • She is very smiley
      • She is very funny and talkative
      • She is always good-humoured
      • Amaia :
      • She is friendly.
      • She listens to your problems.
      • You can trust on her.
      • She’s always ready to help her.
      • Mª José
      • Friendly
      • Talkative
      • Creative
      • Patricia
      • Responsible
      • Funny
      • And she is a good leader
      • Pink Post-its
      • I admire Rocío because she draws really well!
      • I admire Amaia because she is always happy and helping others. She doesn’t have bad days (except university access problems).
      • I admire Rocío too, she is always thinking on pink bad helps you in everything. She is lovely!
      • Lorea
      • You are a very good person and very intelligent
      • I admire Nekane because she gives me clothes that she wants to throw away, and she makes me up when we go to parties at weekends.
      • I admire Lucía G. because she says to me that I’m beautiful with my pony tail.
      • I admire Lucía G.G. because I have been in class with her since I was 3 and have never seen her furious or with bad humour.
      • I admire Alejandra necause I know her since she was 7 and she is always there when I am at bad moments
      • Lucía L.
      • She always helps you when you need help, whenever she can do something, there she is.
      • I admire Sara because she is very hard working, and she works a lot to have good marks.
      • Janire is very sincere and always tries to help me whenever I have a problem.
      • Lucía G.G.
      • She is very funny, but you can also speak seriously with her.
      • Even when she aughts at you, she doesn’t do it in a bad way.
      • She laughs at her own defects.
      • She is very lazy, but not silly, she is very intelligent.
      • I admire Nikole because she always has a positive attitude at things, although things are not always good.
      • María Doce,
      • I admire you. You are so funny, creative, sunny, and intelligent. Never change! :-)
      • The person I most admire form class is Sara Lapuente because of her persitance and hard work all days. I’d like to have them and that’s what I admire, because I know how difficult it could be.
      • I admire Diana because she is a responsible person, reliable, honest and always smiling.
      • Whenever I needed help, she helped me.
      • And when we go out on Saturdays, she is very sunny.
      • I admire Marta G. for being my partner and because she stands me everyday.
      • I admire Diana because she has good marks, but she isn’t all day at home, she goes out with her friends and has great marks!
      • I admire Lorea because she is similar to me.
      • I admire Lorea because she is a very responsible and smiley person. She is always laughing.
      • I admire Lucía GG because she is always happy and she always has a solution for all problems.
      • I admire Rocío because she can do great things academically, she is delicate and polite.
      • I admire Irene because she is silent but always attentive. She is nice and hard working.
      • Cristina,
      • She is hard working and helps me. She is a good example in class. She deserves the best.
      • I admire all class because although we are very different we are well together and we have created a good atmosphere for learning. I thank you all for your partnership and help.