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Awesome games for your tablet
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Awesome games for your tablet


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Awesome games for your tablet

Awesome games for your tablet

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  • 1. Get More Information About Cheap Android Tablet,Please Visit Great Games for Your TabletFrom Google Docs to Dropbox, your tablet has thousands of applications designed to make youmore efficient and better organized. But you know what they say about all work and no play, right?Fortunately for you, the iPad and Android-compatible tablets are as well-equipped for fun as theyare for productivity. With high-resolution displays and a huge number of available games in everygenre, current-generation tablets offer a gaming experience that rivals your favorite console.
  • 2. Racing in PlaceCrave the rush of driving a luxury sports car at a very high speed? Unfortunately, there are veryfew ways to legally fulfill that desire -- but these racing games with stunning, high-definitiongraphics come pretty close. Games like “Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD,” (available on iPad andAndroid) and “Real Racing 2 HD” (available for the iPad) put you in the driver’s seat of some ofthe hottest cars around.
  • 3. Take the Pilot’s Seat Pilot’If you’d rather soar through the air, climb in the cockpit with one of these flight simulators.Serious flying enthusiasts will enjoy the realism of “X-Plane for iPad,” which offers detailed flightinstruments, planes ranging from gliders to fighter jets and realistic air traffic control chatter in thebackground. A version is also available for Android tablets. For something a little morelighthearted, check out “Helidroid 3D” (available for Android and iPad), which puts you in chargeof a radio-controlled helicopter zooming around a house.
  • 4. Learn SomethingThese educational games let you learn while you play. “Trivia by Sporcle,” available for the iPadand Android, engages your brain with thousands of tricky questions on topics ranging from popculture to geography. If world-building is more your thing, check out “Gravity 2.0” for Androidtablets and the iPad – this fun physics game allows you to create your very own solar system andgo to war against other players.
  • 5. Children-ApprovedTablets are intuitive and easy for kids of (almost) all ages to use. If you have a small child, checkout “Preschool Kitty” for Android and iPad; this app actually contains seven different learninggames with custom difficulty levels and the ability to track your child’s progress. “Dora ABCs Vol.2: Rhyming Words,” also available on both platforms, is another game that helps children learn byusing a favorite character, Dora the Explorer, to teach important literacy skills.
  • 6. Pet-ApprovedIf you’re owned by a cat, you know that what’s yours is also his – and the iPad is no exception.Friskies Games for Cats offers six games developed to work on both the iPad and Androidplatforms and designed to engage your cat’s senses. Cats love batting at the floating pieces of foodand trying to catch colorful fish, but watch out for claws; according to Friskies, your glasstouchscreen will probably be safe, but if you use a screen protector you risk having it shredded.
  • 7. Keep Your Eye on the BallThanks to the accelerometer built into tablets like the Motorola Xoom and iPad, you can get thepinball experience without having to set foot inside an arcade. Games like “War Pinball HD” and“Pinball Arcade,” available for both platforms, add a whiff of nostalgia to your game play with theinclusion of classic movie themes and exact recreations of the pinball tables you might haveplayed in the 1980s.
  • 8. Puzzle ManiaWhen you’re in the mood for something challenging, these puzzle games, available for both iPadand Android tablets, will frustrate and delight you with their many mind-bending challenges. Fansof the genre will enjoy popular physics-based puzzlers such as “World of Goo," “Where’s MyWater?” and “Cut the Rope.”
  • 9. Board GamesThe large, high-resolution screen on your tablet makes it ideal for emulating some of your favoriteboard games. Enjoy favorites like “Monopoly” and “The Game of Life” on your iPad or Androidtablet with friends using “pass and play” multiplayer mode, or play solo against the computer. Foran online multiplayer twist on a classic, check out “Words with Friends” by Zynga, which offersScrabble-like play against friends or random opponents.
  • 10. Pirates, Zombies and AliensIf you believe the truth is out there and wouldn’t dream of missing an episode of “The WalkingDead,” these action-packed strategy games will have you tapping furiously in an attempt to wardoff the invading hordes. In “Night of the Living Dead Defense,” based on the cult horror classic,it’s your job to defend against endless waves of zombies by building different structures andweapons to take them out. If you prefer aliens to the gory undead, “Radiant Defense” allows youto build and arm a space fortress to fight waves of aliens.
  • 11. Land a PlaneAir traffic controllers have one of the most stressful jobs in the country, but these apps allow youto simply focus on the fun of running a busy air-traffic control tower. “Flight Control” for iPadand Android offers online multiplayer and single-player action with 10 different aircraft and fiveairfields. For more action, check out “ATC – Air Traffic Control” for the iPad or “ATC” forAndroid tablets; both offer realistic air-traffic control simulation. Get More Information About Cheap Android Tablet,Please Visit