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Dot med13 Lucien Engelen

  1. Yep slides work ;-)
  2. #hellomynameis
  3. Not me ! ! Lucien Engelen (@lucienengelen) ! •Director Radboud REshape & Innovation Center •Head Regional Emergency Network •Advisory to the Executive Committee •Faculty Singularity University / FutureMed Silicon Valley ! •NOT a doctor, but extremely IMpatient •& a ‘bit’ of a rebel ;-) 360 and Above
  4. •11.000 colleagues •3000 students •1000 beds •ambition to ‚close’ 500 •Significant impact on health(care) •$1 billion revenue •First Academic Center outside US EPIC
  5. no lo gy uality use high q di sr up tiv e te ch performance nding use most dema uality use medium q quality use low 0 Clayton Christensen time
  6. Linear à 1996 Market cap of $28B Revenue ~$16B Employees 140,000 Exponential 2012 April 9, 2012 Market cap < Facebook Acquires $100M Instagram for $1B Revenue ~$6B 13 employees Employees 17,000
  7. Lucien Engelen Mobile network operators will become obsolete Cable companies will offer nationwide WiFi coverage
  8. Dorm Biotech Garage Pharma Garage Tech
  9. Exponentially Faster Smaller Cheaper Better ! ! !
  10. Google’s health venture for eternity CaLiCo Californian Life Company
  11. Grown up with a mouse In 15 years majority of healthcare consumers will have used a computer for 40 years of their live and 
 by then the internet as #1 source for Health(care)
  12. REshape Labs Demand driven relates to strategy Design Implement REshape Spinn-out Business model Scale PVI MOC’s Moments of Choice
  13. Lucien Engelen but ... the BIGGEST change will be Patients!
  14. HEALTH DATA Patient care, measurements are mostly EPISODIC & REACTIVE …
  15. HEALTH DATA … when they need to be CONTINUOUS & PROACTIVE
  16. ECG made by iPhone sleeve
  17. Diamond Concept Device Piezo-ceramic Stethoscope Electrocardiograph(( (ECG(Sensor( Posi=ve(Electrode)( Electrocardiograph(( (ECG(Sensor( Nega=ve(Electrode)( Photoplethysmograph( (PPG(Sensor)( 60 mm Infrared(Thermometer( Slide 11
  18. The ONLY constant in health(care) : PATIENT
  19. PHR COMMUNITY E-HEALTH initiative of
  20. e-health integration (i.e. for research)
  21. Augmented reality
  22. Patient at home
  23. 45
  24. #throughglass
  25. Scotty beam me up !
  26. Start NOW ! +7 years Graduate RESHAPE’S 7+7 rule +7 years
 Before ANY authority
  27. For the patient to be involved in their own health(care) can be exponential
  28. @lucienengelen
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