Eating disorders before and after by lucia raposo


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A brief presentation about famous people who suffered / suffers from an eating disorder. In their cases.. theres was hope..

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Eating disorders before and after by lucia raposo

  1. 1. Please do not be fooled by all thehype to be thin like many of thecelebrities. Their anorexic/bulimicbehavior has forced many of themto be hospitalized. Eating Disordersare not glamorous! Get Help now! A M Y W I N E H O U S E
  2. 2. A M Y L O H A NLindsay Lohan has had so much trouble Lindsay Lohan has had so much troublethroughout her life with drugs, alcohol throughout her life with drugs, alcoholand asocial behavior. Everyone really and asocial behavior. Everyone reallyhoped her younger sister Ali wouldn’t hoped her younger sister Ali wouldn’tfollow in her footsteps. She hasn’t yet, but follow in her footsteps. She hasn’t yet, butthere is one thing that the two sisters tend there is one thing that the two sisters tendto have in common – predisposition to to have in common – predisposition toanorexia. Ali Lohan is now scary thin and anorexia. Ali Lohan is now scary thin andit is all for fashion... it is all for fashion...
  3. 3. L I N D S A Y L OLindsay Lohan bulimia and anorexia Gstories have been circulating since hermassive weight loss in 2005... AEventually in 2006 Lindsay admitted to Nhaving battled with bulimia. In aninterview with Vanity Fair magazineshe said:"I Was Sick, Everyone Was Scared. AndI Was Scared Too. I Had People Sit MeDown And Say, Youre Going To Die IfYou Dont Take Care Of Yourself. "
  5. 5. 1961-1997
  6. 6. Legend Elton John isamong the manycelebrities who haveentered a rehabilitationfacility to seek treatmentfor his issues.“I had to change because Iwas frightened,” headded. “I didn’t want todie angry and bitter andsad, and that’s what I hadbecome, physically ugly,spiritually ugly, a slob, apig.”(Elton ohn, 1992)
  7. 7. Geri further says, “I can honestly tell you from personal experience, that worrying about an eating disorder really can get you down. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell suffered from binge make to your whole life if eating and bulimia since her childhood. Geri admitted you tell someone you in the past that she has always been insecure about trust. There are lots of people who want to helpher looks and body shape and this consciousness about and you really CAN’T her weight and body issues forced her to survive on fight this one on your binge eating. own. It might be a hard decision to make, to tell “There’s always going to be that pressure when you’re people and to seek help in front of the camera. When you’re famous it’s just an but, trust me it’s nowhere extreme version of reality and there’s a pressure to as hard as trying to deal look a certain way”. with it on your own.”
  8. 8.