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Past Simple Vs Continuous

Past Simple Vs Continuous






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    Past Simple Vs Continuous Past Simple Vs Continuous Presentation Transcript

    • Past Present Simple An action that ended at a point in the past An action that exists, is usual or repeated Cooked (regular) Bought (irregular) Aux : DID (negative & questions) Cook/cooks Buy/buys Aux : DO/DOES (negative & questions) Time clue Yesterday, last month, Every day, often, usually, sometimes Continuous Be+gerund Action that happened at a moment in the past. An action was happening when another interrupted. An action that is happening now Was/were cooking Am/is/are cooking Time clue When, while* (combined with past simple actions –long/short action-) Now, in this moment, this week, this minute…
    • Past Simple “To Be”
      • I was
      • We were
      • Wasn’t
      • Weren’t
    • Past Simple
      • Regular verbs: Base form + -d/-ed
      • Irregular verbs:(see irregular verbs list)
      Affirmative Negative Questions Subject + vb (past)+C I watched a film on TV Sbj+didn’t+verb(inf)+C She didn’t watch it Yes/no questions Did+Sbj+verb(inf)+C? Did you watch it? Wh- Questions Wh+did+sbj+vb(inf)+C? What did you watch? Affirmative Negative Questions Subject + vb (past)+C They went to Paris Sbj+didn’t+verb(inf)+C They didn’t go to Paris Yes/no questions Did+Sbj+verb(inf)+C? Did they go to Paris? Wh- questions Wh-+did+sbj+vb(inf)+C? Where did you go?
    • Past Continuous Affirmative Negative Questions Sbj+was/were+vb(gerund) They were working here Sbj+wasn’t/weren’t+gerund They weren’t working here Yes/No questions Was/were+Sbj+gerund? Were they working here? Wh-Questions Wh-+was/were+Sbj+gerund Why were they working here?
    • Past simple & Past Continuous
      • We use them in the same sentence to describe an action that is taking place while a longer one is happening.
      • Ex. I was watching a football match when you arrived .
      • 20h Football match 22h
      • you arrived
      • 21:20h
    • Subject questions
      • When a questions refers to the subject, we don’t need an auxiliary verb. The question word will be the subject.
      • Ex. Who gave you the sweet? My parents
      • Who did give you the sweet?
      • What happened? The roof fell off
    • Object questions
      • When a questions refers to the object we need to use the auxiliary verb.
      • Ex. Who did you ask? I asked him
      • What did he give you? He gave me a letter
    • Webs (Past simple & continuous)
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      • http ://www.ego4u.com/en/
      • cram-up/grammar/tenses
      • http :// www.englishpage.com / verbpage /
      • verbtenseintro.html
      • http://www.englishlearner.com/tests/past_simple_-_past_continuous_quiz_1.shtml
      • http://a4esl.org/q/h/vm/pastpastcont.html
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      • http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/pastsimpleorcontinuous/menu.php
      • http:// www.learnenglishfeelgood.com /lefg3_pastcontinous1.html
    • Reference webs
      • www.wordreference.com
      • www.englishpage.com / irregularverbs / irregularverbs.html
    • Webs (Subject & object questions)
      • http://www.english-zone.com/grammar/questions4.html
      • http ://www.clases-ingles.com/vocabulary/Subjectobjectquestions1.htm