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Smart mediamagazine winterupdate

  1. 1. Smart MediaWorking to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter Update page 1
  2. 2. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter Update Comments from The Game Leaders on HPP v2 “All right, I have to accept Changer that I am addicted to HPP v2. I am always on this website, either playing games, exploring Chirps, Chatting, Smart Mailing and using Smart Discussion. In my last 16 years of being online I have never ever spent so much time on one particular website! Yesterday I was doing a training session with around 50 people and while doing the training session I was able T to snap a picture of theirs and he vast majority of ultimate NETWORKING system put it on Smart Chirp live and people could not really in the world. they were all so amazed to understand how Smart see what Smart Chirp could In three years from now, anyone do. Simply amazing. One Media would be so large who is not using Home Page of them said that we would and so powerful as to change Pays, at least as a free user, won’t beat any social networking the world any more than they company out there, it is just a be able to be taken any more could grasp how the Internet matter of time.” seriously than if they did not would change the world in 1994. have access to email, regardless “Today was both a challenge At that time, they either hadn’t of whatever program they are and a blessing. I had a house heard of the Internet yet or else full of people who were all involved in. they laughed at the Internet as signing up, none of them trivial. At that time, most of speak English well. They Home Page Pays v2 is an entire were all going crazy with them thought that the Internet Social platform, a Networking excitement.” would not be useful or popular platform and our own custom amongst anyone outside of nerds Games and Prize Winning at technical universities. platform. Testimonial after testimonial from our leaders have Today, if you are in any business been flooding in, as this system and are not using the Internet has been obviously proven to be and email then you cannot be working right now. taken seriously Now replace the word “email” HPP v2 with Home Page Pays. As was is an absolutepage 2 mentioned on a recent Webinar, we have designed what will be the game changer
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  4. 4. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place Training Videos & 2012 Winter Update Other Crucial Links S mart Media wants everyone to enjoy all parts of THEIR Home here is a link to get you started. This link will always take you to the latest videos. • Training Videos main Page Pays, and link “ I have immensely enjoyed to really understand and use every area. This will not only playing with the various bring value in building your features on V2. The Avatar network, but give you a set of is awesome and I think both tools that will make your world young and old are going better. to enjoy this feature. I feel Some people may have not Smart Mail is also going to To make sure that this shared the following mission experience is as pleasant as critical links with their teams be a great hit and I have had possible, Smart Media has and their prospective team some fun on Smart Chat this produced a series of relaxed, mates. Here are links you will afternoon. I love seeing the easy-to-follow training videos not want to lose: updates and pictures coming that will introduce members to through on Smart Chirp. I • The “Make HPP v2 the key features in Home Page know that people will have YOUR OWN” promotion Pays. LOADS of fun! “ link If you run into something that doesn’t make sense or that you don’t understand, with two clicks you are being guided through all of the features and how they can work for you. • Smart Media Magazine Using Smart Media Training (original) Videos is how you can get up to speed faster than anyone who is just picking their way through. So optimise your time; use the videos. If you would like to startpage through these videos right now, 4
  5. 5. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter Update 10 Reasons to Use Home Page Pays to Connect to Your NetworkConnecting with others is mission critical to our size of your network. HPP v2 is an incrediblysuccess. Home Page Pays version 2 provides a effective use of technology to multiply yourvariety of the best connection tools in the world to efforts and educate your team with techniquesdo just that including: steps and tips. The more effective your team is, the more effective you are. • Smart Chirp • Smart Mail 6. Use your tools to encourage free members to have fun and become representatives of Smart • Smart Discussions Media products, increasing their incomes and • Smart Chat improving their lives. Use the tools to keep them coming back. • Fantastic Videos • Top Sites 7. Encourage members to attend webinars. These tools are a great way to distributeThe purpose of this article is not to detail their schedules.individual functionality, but to start YOUR list ofreasons that they will be a part of your business 8. Inform members of Contests and Promotions.every day. What a great way to build excitement!Why would you want to connect through 9. HPP v2 has the safest, exclusive electronic mailHome Page Pays version 2? system in the world for sharing information with your team and your prospective team.1. So you can encourage the members of your team - you never know when you will say just 10. A super way to encourage discussion and the one thing that inspires them to excel. That interaction regardless of where they are in the can’t happen world. without constant and consistent How do you maximize the use of these connection. tools in your business?2. These tools are USE THEM every day! a more efficient CONNECT to others every day! use of your time than spending all of your time on the phone to each member. Comments from Leaders3. This is a great way to send group on HPP v2 announcements - delivering important announcements this way also ensures that “I’m thoroughly impressed with HPP V2. If your team is monitoring all of the HPP v2 older dinosaurs like me can navigate through connection tools. David’s wonderful HPP V2 system, then4. Upload videos and photos. Videos can serve as ANYBODY can do this!!! branding and motivational tools and photos of group gatherings can often inspires others to This will be RED-HOT for Business people as follow your lead. they can communicate perfectly with their customers/clients through our communication5. The value of these tools increases systems without any of the usual email proportionally with the size of your team and ‘glitches’. “ page network at the same time as they increase the 5
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  8. 8. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place Making it YOUR HPP 2012 Winter Update Making Home Page Pays version 2 YOUR Home Page Pays T he secret to making HPP v2 YOUR personally close to you. They represent the people Home Page Pays is in personalising you want to be connected to. These are the core every aspect so that HPP v2 looks the individuals who will help you manage your Smart way you want, works the way you Discussions. Friends are want and delivers the your best source for sharing impact on others the advice as you build your way you want.. business. Personalisation begins Using Smart Chirp by creating your Avatar. frequently will make sure Avatars form a quick that everyone knows who visual recognition for you are and acknowledges other members and is you as a peer or an an important part of authority. The key is to making HPP YOURS. mix personal Chirps with Creating an Avatar business Chirps to keep that is distinctly YOU things lively and fun. This is a big part of YOUR is good place to share fun Home Page Pays. Once or exciting photos or videos you have your Avatar it that you have discovered. is time to be “seen”. Managing Smart Mail is Participate in Smart so much easier than POE Discussions. Whether (plain old email). You can you start a group, get the last Smart Mail start new topics of in a series and all of the conversation in existing info of a mailing thread is groups or just add right there in summarised comments on existing topics within the groups, format. This lets you target your replies faster with get your name (and your Avatar) out there. Make more safety and less clutter than POE. your opinions heard and share your wisdom. This is one of the most important ways of making HPP Important Tip: Two areas that allow full v2 YOUR Home Page Pays. customisation and have great impact on visitors to YOUR Home Page Pays are Top Sites and Build and manage your Friends list. This list of Fantastic Videos. Friends will share your Chirps and • Top Sites Factoid: One company we are aware of is based solely around Smart Mails. No allows you to enter an Avatar system that they have created. Now they have over 3.5 other members your favourite Million members and generate considerable revenues every month will share these website addresses from the sale of special Avatar items. (No, we don’t currently have connections. and attach icons any for sale, although this will be another way you’ll be able to These Friends are to them. Ultimatepage earn from your free members in the future). 8 not necessarily members will have
  9. 9. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter Update a special tab that will be seen by all visitors to YOUR HPP. Now, imagine if you had links to other business ventures or landing Comments from pages in this area. So, whether you use it for business or fun, it is Leaders on HPP v2 a great area on which to leave your mark. “ The gaming community are in for a treat with our• Fantastic Videos Discovery Adventure game! allow you to upload I played this game last night several of your and fell in love with it. The own videos in game keeps you on your toes this area. These and is not as “easy” as you could be product first think. Front page (entry demonstrations, to the game) has sensational personal graphics and the finishing introductions touches are dynamite. This or some type of particular game has the training you have “addictive” components (in a developed or good way) that is required to keep users playing. indeed any other type of video you I was a gaming manager would like your for 8 years and while that members to see. position was in the gambling You can see that industry, the basics are the these really are same. Hence, I know what I YOUR Fantastic am talking about and know Videos. when I see a game that hits the nail on the head.You can see that Congratulations to the team -making HPP v2 Discovery Adventure ticks allYOUR Home Page the boxes!!! “Pays is fun and “Kids and others will have soengaging, but it is much enjoyment with HPPalso important to the and especially the games.backbone of your Last night we showed a familybusiness, enhancing and they got so excited thatyour relationship they can get this system. Iwith your Social was told it makes other socialCommunity. The time media look like a dinosaur inand effort you spend comparison’’.making Home PagePays version 2 YOUR “I am still just blown awayOWN will be rewarded at the speed you guys are getting these ideas done. Itmany times over. seems like nearly everythingFinal Tip: One I and others have suggestedof the most powerful ways that anyone can make HPP v2 has been done in just a few hours. Thanks for all yourTHEIR OWN is full participation in the “Make Home Page hard work.”Pays v2 YOUR Own!” promotion, detailed later in this pageissue. 9
  10. 10. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter Update Are YOU part of the association of Closet Gamers? (and you just didn’t know it yet?) W e knew that gamers of all ages would enjoy the Smart Media games. However, what we didn’t realise was how many “I’m not a gamer...” types would really enjoy these games. As of this publication’s release date, Phase 1 of the HPP version 2 is winding down and a pleasant surprise was how many “closet gamers” were racking up high scores and spending some of their leisure time playing. The nice thing is that these games are family friendly and you can feel comfortable in sharing them with anyone in your group of family and friends. Sharing these games makes you look good. Just look at the words of praise lining the right side of this page and you will be lining up for your shot at their high scores. “I’m just going in to play the games for a while... Never thought I’d be saying that, but then 2.0 changes everything! I want you all to know that I am really finding it difficult to leave 2.0 and go “outside” to the other sites I have habitually frequented. For now, I have to just so that I can keep in touch with people there. That is a very good sign, though, as 2.0 is going to be breaking habits for sure and establishing new ones very easily. I can’t wait till I am able to invite everyone to join me here. This is like the “promisedpage land” of the Internet.” 10
  11. 11. Smart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place 2012 Winter UpdateSmart Media Working to Make the World a Better Place TM page 11 Copyright © 2012 Smart Media. All rights reserved.